Jared Allen To The Bucs

Multiple media outlets have been reporting that the Chiefs have been in talks with both the Vikes and the Bucs for franchised DE Jared Allen.  The Vikings obviously have a better pick to offer up (17th) as opposed to our 20th pick, we might have some pieces that could fit in with the Chiefs.  I have been saying for months, that we have too many guys on our roster, and we will have to make a move at some point, this might be that time.

Would Greg White, Chris Simms, and a 2nd round pick do it? 

What about Jovan Haye, a 1st and a pick next year?

I’ll post these scenarios to our Chiefs blog at Arrowhead Addict, and see what they say. 

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  • Zach

    Chris Simms?? Serious???? You can keep him!

  • mike j

    I would love to see the Bucs get Allen. He is just turning 26 this month. But he may be a DWI away from a one-year suspension. Also, the Chiefs dont want to pay him. Therefore, the offer should not be too high IMHO. A 1st & Haye, or a 1st, a 5th, & a 5th next year maybe. Frankly, I am not thrilled by anybody who will be avaiable at #20, & Allen is a proven commodity, not a prospect. So the effort should be made.

  • Sec119RayJay

    When your QB’s are Brodie (I was trained by Mike Shula) Croyle, and Damon Huard, I woulnd’t be discounting any QB’s. 

  • bannyc9

    If you truely think you can get away with not giving up at least a 1st and 2nd, you are out of your mind.

  • kc

    As a Chiefs fan I would rather have the draft picks. A 1st and 3rd would work. I think that is what the Vikings will have to give up. Carl is trying to play hardball and go for a first and second. The players you are talking about don,t really jump out to me.