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Ya, ya…Jon Gruden loves collecting QB’s, this is apparent.  I think the real reason he loves collecting them though, is because he hasn’t found one that can run his offense as efficiently and productively as he would like.  For all the hoopla surrounding Jeff Garcia’s Pro Bowl season, his numbers were quite pedestrian.  We went into the draft and got a guy who I desperately wanted, made a trade to bring in another QB, and there is lots of rumors swirling around lately about our interest in one Mr. Brett Favre

Currently on the Roster – Jeff Garcia, Brian Griese, Josh Joshson, Luke McCown, Chris Simms

Gauranteed Roster Spots - Jeff Garcia, Brian Griese, Luke McCown, Josh Johnson

I know that carrying four quarterbacks is kind of taboo in todays’ NFL.  Hell, some teams like the Colts and Pats, carry two QB’s.  They also have the two best QB’s in the league, so that is kind of a silly argument.  Barring a holdout by Carmella Garcia, or a trade for Brett Favre, I think this team will finish camp and the preseason with 4 Q’s on the roster.  Jeff Garcia, as stated earlier, barring a whine fest, will most likely start the season as the QB.  He finished ’07 with 13 Td’s and 4 Int’s as well as something like 80 total yards for the year!  I think for anyone who reads this site knows, I don’t really like Jeff Garcia that much.  I think he is an adequate at best QB, and does not have the arm to make enough throws in today’s NFL.  Luke McCown got a chance to play last year and showed some real skills.  He has some wheels, and a laser for an arm.  If he can cut down on the mental errors, and there weren’t a ton of them, I truly believe he has the chance to be our QB of the future, at least until Josh Johson develops!  Brian Griese is an efficient, and in my opinion, underated QB.  He can make most of the throws, and is very accurate.  Ya he sucked in Chicago last year, but they had a bunch of jamokes at the skill spots.  Josh Johnson will not see the field, barring some 2006 like injury fluke.  He will though, be attached to Jon Gruden’s hip, learning every single piece of information he can. 

No Chance – Chris “I’m a Hostage, but not like Jon McCain was” Simms


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  • MIke J

    Well, I think Garcia did well under the circumstances: 1st year in a complicated O, not the greatest set of skill players, poor to awful pass-protection….He undoubtedly could have put up bigger numbers taking more chances–that is where the 4 picks comes in;he managed the game. I liked McCown even before the season; he was awful at times in 2007  at ball security, but so are many inexperienced QBs when they finally get to play. He needs to cut down the turnovers for sure, but has a strong arm, good accuracy, & whereas Garcia can scramble, McCown can motor.McC. had a 91.7 passer rating & 117 rushing yards last year. Johnson I dont know about; he brings a problem of sorts as if he shines in the pre-season, it might be dangerous to put him on the PS.Dont be surprised if J.J. doesnt play a lot in the exhibition games. Griese is a nice addition; he knows the O & did well in it before, & IMO never should have left. Solid if not spectacular.

  • Mike J

    NO JOSHING: Gruden says the Bucs have no plans to play rookie quarterback Josh Johnson tonight against the Dolphins. Maybe, maybe not. The plan is for Johnson to be on the 53-man roster by the time they tee it up for real at New Orleans.
    The Bucs are preparing to start the regular season with four quarterbacks — Garcia, Griese, McCown and Johnson.
    The thought is that once Johnson gets into a preseason game, even against fourth-stringers, he is going to make a lot of plays, and it’ll be hard to sneak him through waivers and onto the practice squad.

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