Nothing To Do With Football – Just Classic

I hadn’t seen this picture on the FanNation 10 Spot on Si.Com, but once I saw it today, I could not keep from laughing my ass off. 

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  • Jeanne

    Nothing to do with your post:

    I am going to be going to the Jaguars/Bucs preseason game with my boyfriend. It is my first away game ever and I figured it would be pretty relaxed because it is a preseason game and the Bucs and Jags don’t exactly have a strong rivarly. What should I expect from the Tampa fans?

  • Sec119RayJay

    We are kind of mean to be brutally honest.  It is a preseason game though, so nobody will give a shit.  Regular season different story.  You could come out and drink with me and my peoples before the game if you’d like though.  Let me know. 

  • Jeanne

    No reason to be mean! We’re up in the nosebleeds and we’re quiet people.

    Maybe we can come meet you up. However, I have no idea what the parking situation is like there. What is offered and what should be expected?

  • Sec119RayJay

    20 bucks for a short walk, if you get there early enough. If not, 10-15 for a trek!!!  Give me a holler though, come eat some food with us.  We won’t be mean, I promise!

  • Jeanne

    Well on some occasions I walk a mile to and from for the Jaguar games. Downtown Jacksonville is not conductive to parking.

    Send me an e-mail at [email protected]. We’ll talk about meeting up and contact informations and such. I do warn you though. I am a youngin’. This is my first year of actually being able to legally drink at a game.

  • Mike J

    I went to my 1st game in the erstwhile Gator Bowl c1958. I have seen high school, Gator Bowls, regular season college games, NFL & AFL exhibition games,AFL All-Star games, minor league games–the gamut. Getting there & back out has never been a pleasant experience. Then I move to Tampa & oh! the joy of a suburban setting, w/ acres of parking, good surrounding roads, room to tailgate,easy access–just a fun experience.
    I think (OT) that the difficulty going to Jax Municipal is one of the unmentioned problems the Jags have selling tickets; the media just drives up to reserved parking, & stay 2 hours after the game, so they dont notice what a pain it is for the hoi poloi.