Jeff Garcia Begins His Whine-A-Thon

All my readers are very aware of my general disdain for QB Jeff Garcia.  Not only is he an average at best QB, but he is a fu#$%n baby.  I figured after Jon Gruden’s firing it was only a matter of time before he spouted out some toxic whining out of his mouth…it took about a week.  

“I know for me personally, going through that with him was a very difficult time, disappointing time. But the one thing that I always tried to look back on or reflect on was that I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last. If it continues to be this way with players, it is going to get to a point where somebody who is above or in control will say ‘Enough is enough.’ I think that’s what it got to. There are players who were here in the past before I got here who had their own experiences of how they were treated or how they were misled. For the two years that I was here, I enjoyed my experiences on the field with coach Gruden but there were some things that obviously rubbed me wrong and I’m sure they were not easy to deal with. But I’m just one guy. Whatever the reason was that they made the change, they felt it was time to make the change.”


If this guy comes back to Tampa, I will be in a real pickle.  My allegiance is to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, first and foremost, not any player, not any coach, not any part of management.  I support the team when we suck, when we’re good and when we’re mediocre.  I can’t support Carmella anymore.  

Mark Dominik, please do not resign Jeff Garcia.  His arm is puny, his legs are overated and his mouth is large and filled with crap.  I have supported this team since I was a little child, through thick and thin, through Trent Dilfer and Vinny Testaverde and Rob Johnson for gods sake.  I will not support Jeff Garcia as our QB or even as a cheerleader for the Bucs any longer.  Two years was painful enough.  Please here my plea.” – Dustin Staggers, The Pewter Plank

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  • Joe

    this article is bias! Therefore, it doesn’t really matter.
    p.s. It sounds like you are throwing a Whine-a-ton as well.

  • Sec119RayJay

    It’s definetely biased!  That is the point of this whole thing!

  • Esco

    They sound just dump Happie Feet.. He still sees Jammer in his Dreams.Ask Carmella???? T.O told me…

  • Joe

    Just remember where the bucs were without Jeff. you Ungreatful writer/”fan”. I hope he doesn’t come back to Bucs, he deserves better. Let’s see how the bucs do next season without Jeff.

  • Sec119RayJay

    I remember precisely where the Bucs were without Jeff, and I’m ready to go back there.  If we have to struggle for a year integrating a new player who is capable of leading a team to the championship at the QB spot, I’m all for it, because if memory serves me right, Jeff hasn’t led any team to shit. 

    As far as the inference that I’m not a fan, and maybe just a writer, you got it backwards my friend.  You don’t know a more diehard Bucs fan than me, my bank account (years of tix), tattoo (huge Bucs ship on my leg) and time I put into this website should make that pretty apparent. 

    I hope he doesn’t come back either Joe.  Why does Jeff deserve better than someone criticizing his pedestrian stats, he doesnt, hes a paid athlete.

  • MIke J

    I thought Garcia did a good job w/ his feet in 2007, saving a lot of sacks. But this past year, he many times bailed when he had a good pocket forming–perhaps because he couldnt see, I dont know. I understand he greatly irritated Jon because of this, not going through his progressions. Im not wild about the idea of his returning, to be honest. The club simply needs to move in a different direction. & I was in favor of his signing originally.