Will The Bucs Now Jump Back Into McCutlerGate

I have been trying to be cautiously optimistic about the potential for Broncos Pro Bowl QB Jay Cutler and their new Head Coach Josh McDaniels not being able to resolve their differences.   The Bucs seemed to be the team where Cutler would have been headed had the Broncos and the Buccaneers moved a little quicker on the Matt Cassel trade front.  

Team owner Pat Bowlen has been unusually quiet throughout this whole saga, in my mind, probably just hoping that the whole thing would blow over by the time voluntary workouts begin tommorow.  By the comments that Bowlen made today, not only does it not seem to be blowing over, but it seems this marriage might be coming to an abrubt end.  

“I’m very disappointed,” Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said Sunday. “I’m disappointed in the whole picture, not just disappointed that we might lose our star quarterback.”

MIGHT LOSE OUR STAR QB!  I love it.  It appears the differences between McDaniels and Jay Cutler are not going to be resolved.  It would seem odd to me that an owner would come out and make such a bold statement if Jay Cutler was not about to be traded, other than one last ditch effort at a guilt trip.  

Personally, I don’t think Cutler has overeacted to the situation.  Multiple sources close to Cutler and a few talking heads that have spoken to him or his agent Bus Cook have all said the same thing, if McDaniels would have just come clean about attempting to move him for a QB he is more familiar with, that things could be resolved.  Instead, McDaniels has taken the ever fragile approach of, well, just lying.  He still claims the Broncos made no attempt at trading Cutler, and to be honest, we all know at this point that is BS.  

So, now that it appears like Cutler will be traded, what would the Bucs be willing to move in order to bring in Cutler.  It is being reported everywhere that Cutler wants a new deal, which the Bucs can certainly do with the amount of cap money we have left.  Would Luke McCown and the 19th pick in the draft be enough to persuade the Broncos to move on?

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  • http://www.annjacobs.net Ann

    From what I’ve read, having been following the off-season news as research for a new book series, I think it would be a mistake for the Bucs to go after Cutler. He apparenty has issues with immaturity and a temper/personality that makes him difficult to deal with. I’m afraid he’d be a locker room nightmare in spite of his ability to throw.

    Why not bring in some other quarterback to compete, maybe Josh Freeman in the draft, and give Luke McCown a chance to show what he can do? It seems to me he might be what the Bucs need: a strong arm, the will to win that he showed against New Orleans in late 2007, and the ability to lead without distracting, much like Eli Manning, another younger brother in the NFL.

  • David D

    This is why girls arent allowed to like sports :)

    Just kidding Ann!

    Good thoughts, and that certainly is a concern for anybody that forces their way out of a situation like he seems to be doing but my personal opinion is the opposite. My whole outlook on the offseason happenings gets reversed and there would be optimism if we brought in Cutler.

    Youre right about about wanting to see how McCown & Freeman can handle the QB duties but in Cutler, you have more of a proven product. And a higher ceiling. Those other two QBs are a crapshoot at best.

  • j.kiz

    Sure… lets trade them a last yr 3rd string QB, a 19th overall pick, for a pro bowl qb that almost took his team to the playoffs while losing 94 running backs last year. Lets be realistic here, nothing is going to go down no matter what the media says.

  • Mike J

    Been trying to follow this soap opera.Cutting to the chase, I have read that Detroit wants Cutler for their second #1–the Bucs select before that, no? OTOH, I’ve read Denver doesn’t want a pick, but a player.( McDaniels seems like a pouty kid himself, wanting his Cassel).Also that the whole thing is sort of orchestrated by Cook to get Cutler a new contract. So I dunno; seems very iffy to me.So I am watching, but not holding my breath.

  • sam


  • MIke J

    ESPN’s John Clayton believes the cost for Jay Cutler would be a first-round, second-round, and third-round pick.

    Clayton is basing this on the price to acquire rocket-armed 26-year-old Jeff George back in 1993, the last time a quarterback of Cutler’s caliber hit the market in his prime. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels has stated that he’s not interested in a draft-pick return, leaving him without a quarterback. He might not have a choice.