I Finally See Eye to Eye With Rick Stroud

St Petersburg Times Bucs/sports writer Rick Stroud is a journalist whom I don’t normally agree with.   It’s not that I dislike the guy or anything, he’s just a guy whom I don’t normally agree with on just about anything for that matter.  

Today’s piece on the Bucs though is quite different, Tampa Bay Buccaneers have bigger needs than at quarterback.”  Stroud is spot on in this short piece.  The Bucs have much bigger needs, especially on the defensive side of the ball than the QB position.  I understand, and Stroud obviously does too, that without a permanent fixture at QB, that a bad cycle develops in that regard.  My thinking though is that the Bucs have to see what Luke McCown is capable of.  We traded a pick for the guy, invested a lot of time into his development, and resigned him this offseason.  He is a QB who has all the physical tools to get the job done (arm, legs, size) and if we draft a QB in round 1 and Luke McCown does perform, than we have a predicament.  We don’t want to be forced to play a guy because of a contract, and disregard the skills of the guy who previously played in front of him.  

As I just mentioned, besides lettting Luke play, we need defensive help.  DT’s and DE’s that fit Jim Bates scheme do not currently exist on our roster.  

“We’ve got obvious needs,” Raheem Morris said. “We want some defensive tackles. We addressed a lot of our needs, obviously, in (free agency) on offense. We feel good about some of those positions. But in the draft, you’re thinking D-tackles, you want to add corners, you want to add some players at those positions.

I like Raheem’s thinking.  I’ve always been of the mindset that DT’s, OLineman, DE’s, CB’s are the most valuable players to draft at an early time.  They are the scarcest in the league as far as quality is concerned so high picks should generally be spent on those positions.  

Stroud bring up a point that I talked to a friend about this morning, trading down.  I know this is the craze for all teams right now, and most of the time the rumors are about trades in the top 10, but generally trading out of the top 10 is impossible.  Trading out of the 18-32 area though is something that happens every draft day.  If Peria Jerry from Ole Miss is too small to fit our scheme, than trading back into round 2 and drafting a Ron Brace type might be the better option for the Bucs.  

Regardless of what position defensively we draft, drafting a QB is something I don’t want to see the Bucs do.

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  • MikeJ

    I agree 100%. McCown needs his chance, & if he flops, look at drafting a QB in 2010 (& I’m like Gruden, I am a Tebow fan–not a Gator fan either).But I like Luke. I think he will do OK.
    As the local Jags’ writer says, I like taking big guys early–there are only so many of them on the planet.They tend to have high success rates, too, (unless Tony Dungy is drafting them (Kenyatta Walker; Marcus Jones & Regan Upshaw (same first round!); Jason Odom; Kenyatta Walker; Cosey Coleman, etc..)Corners seem to do well too, & that is where the value in this draft is starting to look good, at #19.
    Trading down is my preference, if the Bucs can find a buyer. Second round players are fiscal bargains, & a lot of good players have been chosen there in recent years. In particular, this seems to be where the “sledgehammer” DTs are in 2009.
    Whew– a lot to type for me!!