Is An OTA No-Show A Big Deal?

I have heard through the grapevine (as I am in Connecticut) that talk radio and some local media members in Tampa are a little perturbed by the fact that newly signed TE Kellen Winslow was a no-show for the teams first OTA.  He apparently was in the process of  “moving” his stuff from his old home to his new home.  

While this might seem ridiculous to some people, there is a chance that this excuse was a valid one and the new regime didn’t have an issue with it.  

I don’t neccesarily have an issue with the actual excuse itself, its the act of not showing to the teams first OTA after receiving a contract that made him the highest paid TE in NFL history.  Let’s be real here, Winslow is not exactly a choir boy.  There was a lot of talk amongst, well, the talking heads, that the main reason that the Browns decided to ship Winslow to the Bucs was because they were apprehensive about giving a head case a big fat contract.  This is not exactly the way for Winslow to quiet any of those critics.  

Even moreso, is the act of an excused no-show to an OTA even a big deal?  Like to get your guys feedback on this.

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  • Joshua

    I personally dont think this is a big deal at all. The guy has a family, I personally have moved recently and it is a long and stressful process. Give the guy a break, if he had this excused by the team, then he gets a pass from me.

  • Mike J

    I don’t think Winslow’s absence is justified, or justifiable. He has less excuse than Ruud, who is angling for more money. Winslow’s missing the OTA, when a new offense is being installed & learned, is sheer arrogance on his part.He well knows he has a place on the squad.
    These are “voluntary” practices, but they were instituted in part to help w/ the mental part of re-acclimating to football, in lieu of 71/2 weeks of summer camp, six preseason games, & in the case of coaches like Ray Perkins, three-a-days. Players shouldn’t slough them off willy-nilly.
    The NFL is in danger of becoming a league of self-indulgent prima donnas, which is whet turned many people off the NBA.

  • Mike J

    Well, Sapp had the same attitude as I. In response, Winslow seemed genuinely contrite & regretful. I am keeping an open mind.