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Josh Freeman Impressive In Thursday OTA

Apparently, Josh Freeman made a pass in today’s OTA that had a lot of those watching as well as those on the field in awe.  It was a downfield bomb that was perfectly spiraled and perfectly on the money.  It’s hard to take too much from this time of the year, but the few things that have been leaking out of the OTA’s about Freeman thusfar have been impressive.

“You saw a big-time throw by the guy,” acknowledged Head Coach Raheem Morris just a few minutes later. “That’s what we knew he could do. That’s what you’ve got to ask him to do when you get a guy like that. He just had to make a good decision and he made a great decision. It was a big-time throw and it was a big-time completion, and that kind of stuff fires you up.”

“His understanding of the offense, his ability to make better decisions [has progressed],” said Morris. “I’ve seen his footwork get better, I’ve seen his pocket presence become better. I’ve seen him move up and not be such a stand-there guy and expect the protection to work for you so much.

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  • Mike J

    The “PFW Preview” opines that footwork is the most underrated aspect of NFL quarterback play.

  • http://PewterPlank Dustin Staggers

    Makes sense. It’s what makes Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning so great. All of them are slow as dirt, but all of them have ridiculous footwork.