Byron Leftwich Is Now Sluggo

I don’t have much to this post other than just reading something that had me cracking up.  I’m out of town in Louisville so this was said the other day by QB coach Greg Olson, but I had to put it up for everyone’s amusement.

Byron (Leftwich) has great experience, and he throws a great deep ball,” said Olson. “He sees the field very, very well. But he’s an awful athlete. He claims he scored 59 points in a basketball game, but I want to see the boxscore. We call him the slug. He’s got slow feet, a slow delivery … all those things you beat him up on.”

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  • Mike J

    We have discussed this for a few days in the NG.
    Here’s what I said:

    They may be trying to motivate Leftwich to get into better shape. I
    posted something about his weight loss in another thread. &:

    Actually, here in J-ville I saw Leftwich play quite a bit on TV.
    Batted passes weren’t the problem you might think, but there were very
    few 3-step drops.Like I said, he isn’t a West Coast QB.