Can The Bucs Trade Michael Clayton Part Deux

Pewtermatt is definitely right in his last column about Michael Clayton; there is about a -50% chance of the Bucs finding a willing trade patner for the bum known as Michael Clayton.

There is a possibility that Matt didn’t bring up though, and its the likelihood that Clayton gets released.

During the Q&A I had at One Buc Place with Mark Dominik a few weeks ago, he made a statement that I thought was hilarious.  He actually prefaced the opportunity for the fans to ask questions with this caveat about Michael Clayton.

Michael Clayton’s name is on the depth chart in pencil.

He further expounded upon this point by talking about the players that we have brought in, and the fact that if Clayton doesn’t prove himself worthy of a roster spot in camp, he won’t have one.

So while I agree wholeheartedly with Matt that we will not trade MC, who the hell would want him, I think there is a better chance he is a FA before the start of the season, then of him sucking it up through another season for our Buccaneers.

  • pewtermatt

    Good call Dustin, they may release him, it seems that the management is tired of him already and may just release him. I just find it hard that they would just out right release him, his contract right now is a big one, the Bucs would be losing quite a bit of money if they just cut him. The trade will not happen, no one wants a declining receiver, T.O. can’t even find a job. Either they release him, which will hurt the money situation or they keep him on the roster and have him keep the bench warm, whatever they do, Clayton’s time in Tampa is coming to an end I believe.

  • http://PewterPlank Dustin

    I think releasing him real late with be the ultimate F you to a guy who hasn’t lived up to the money he’s being paid, and ultimately the money that we are going to lose by cutting him.

  • pewtermatt

    True, I think releasing him will better the team, yes the receiving core gets younger, but isn’t really losing much, he is just taking up space right now. He is simply a bust of a pick and keeping him in the pewter is a slap in the face of everyone.