DPD Mocks Up New Uniforms

Our FanSided brethren over at Dawg Pound Daily have been passing the off-season by mocking up new uniforms for NFL teams. A couple of weeks ago they got to the Buccaneers and had some interesting ideas for a few tweaks to the uniform. Namely, they have dropped the red as a primary color and gone back to the Creamsicle that represented the Bucs futility as a franchise for several decades.

I personally love the Creamsicle, but I like it as a part of the throwbacks. It looks good with the red and the white, I think that’s a fantastic throwback uniform. I don’t know that it goes as well with the Pewter, and I’m not a huge fan of changing the logo from red to creamsicle. But it is an interesting look and worth some discussion. So… what do you guys think?

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  • Joyce Sweeney

    Don’t change. Love the colors the way they are.