Fortunately Mark Dominik is a lot better at scouting players than he is at looking tough.

Bucs Extend Dominik, For Real This Time

The Buccaneers have already expressed that Mark Dominik was a huge part of their future plans and despite the uncertainty over next year felt good about picking up options for two more seasons, after the end of a very successful 2010 season. Now, the Buccaneers have gone beyond just picking up an option and given Dominik a legitimate extension tallying four years.

This is something Mark Dominik has earned. Over the last two season he has taken an aging and atrophying Buccaneers team and infused them with talented youth and seemingly limitless potential. Last year’s work on the draft was among some of the best of any NFL executive in recent memory with all but one of the Bucs’ 2010 picks (a punter being the lone exception) contributing, including the rookie leaders in rushing and receiving. Dominik is an absolute stud GM and now he’ll be in Tampa for the foreseeable future.

“I’m appreciative of the confidence the Glazer family has in the direction of the franchise,” Dominik said. “I’m looking forward to working into my 20th year as a proud part of this community and organization. The mission is to continue building this team into a lasting contender and to bring championships back to the Tampa Bay area.”

Congratulations Mark, and great move by the Buccaneers. Dominik isn’t the type of guy you merely grab the option on, he’s the type you pay handsomely for and give the keys to the castle to. To their credit, that seems to be something the Glazers realize.

“It’s been a pleasure working with and getting to know Mark, so it’s gratifying to witness his success,” said Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer in a press release. “Mark is dedicated to delivering the winner our fans deserve.”

Now if this federally-imposed mediation goes somewhere this will be a good week.

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  • Matthew Levanduski

    I hope that Raheem gets a better contract now. He’s only making half of what Harbaugh in San Francisco is making. I agree completely with the write up Patrik, Dominik is a stud GM. The NFL changes and Dom is young enough to change with it, the man works the free agency and draft pools very well. Now lets hope this means that he is allowed to go and pay people, we need to resign Joseph, Black, and Blount

  • Mark McKenna MD

    I also like this move in that he can continue to be bold with signing players and in the draft without having to worry about if he will have a job from year to year. Having a good GM is important for long term success, and the Bucs appear to have one who constantly has the team going in a forward direction.

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