Offensive Breakdown: Bucs vs. Redskins

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Potential for the Backfield


Several young Buccaneers made a strong push to be selected for the active roster.  Running back, Mossis Madu, may have had his best game of the preseason.  Before facing the Redskins, I was almost certain that his talents would probably be displayed elsewhere due to his lack of production.   Madu rushed for 41 yards on 8 carries, averaging 5.1 yards per carry.  His longest run was for 28 yards.  He also had caught 3 passes for 20 yards.  Although he didn’t record any touchdowns, Madu contributed to reviving the offense and aiding them in their comeback.


Coaching Staff Has Tough Decisions for Receivers 


After the first preseason game, the name you probably heard the most was Dezmon Briscoe.  Over the course of the last three games, the name you’ve probably heard growing louder is Ed Gant.  Gant had an AMAZING game.  He may have only caught the ball twice, but those two catches were for a total of 121 yards, one for a 96 yard TD.  He also gave the Bucs their first lead when he caught a 2 point conversion pass.  Maurice Price and Preston Parker both had pretty good games too.  Price caught 3 passes for 49 yards, and Parker had 2 for 42.  All three receivers have looked like they could make a strong push to stick around.


Lorig A Valuable Fullback


Since when does Lorig get 2 catches for 32 yards?  I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed Lorig on the field.  Well, I have, but not like I did this last game.  Lorig looked like a lighter-skinned Blount against the Redskins.  He even did one of those hurdles over tacklers like Blount does.  Lorig looked good in pass protection and offered the quarterback an extra set of hands and very mobile legs.  If he continues to progress at this rate, we could have a serious duo in the backfield with Blount and Lorig.

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