The Morning After Hill: Who Let Raheem Morris Back on the Sidelines?

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The Ugly:  Josh Freeman and the Offense

I’ll get to the horrendous play-calling in a minute as that’s ultimately the reason the Bucs failed on Sunday but Josh Freeman did all he could to use the bad plays as an excuse to be an awful quarterback.

First off, if you’re ready to jump off the Josh Freeman ship, please take all your belongings with as you won’t be permitted re-entrance. Blaming this solely on Freeman is so insanely stupid of a notion it’s mind boggling to try and conceive.

Facts: Freeman is 24. Freeman is in his third year as a starter. Freeman is working with a new system and yet another quarterbacks coach and playbook. No one came into this thinking this team would be a well oiled machine, there are going to be growing pains and Sunday was that very thing.

But that being said, Freeman is only defendable to a certain extent. Taking into account all that is factual about Freeman’s situation, he still should have played a bit better than he did.

I want to highlight one play that was particularly troubling to me. On a third down and long Freeman called a draw play up the middle, which in of itself is outrageous. But the reason it was called is incredibly troubling to me and needs to be taken note of. In his post game press conference, Freeman said he called that play because his radio transmitter in his helmet shorted out.

Josh Freeman stepped up to the podium and stopped short of saying he panicked and called a stupefyingly idiotic play on a crucial third and long.

That depresses me, it honestly does. Sure there’s growing pains involved in this process but that’s supposed to involve the playbook, not Josh Freeman’s mentality. It’s his third year as a starter and he should know by now that a third and long situation inside your own territory isn’t the time to call a draw.

That’s very troubling. I want to chalk it up to being a one time thing, but who knows how many times that radio shored out and Freeman panicked and called a run play. Not only does that not show intelligence as a quarterback, it shows Freeman doubts his arm and his skills.

Hopefully this all changes but it’s going to cause some sleepless nights this week. 

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