The Morning After Hill: Bucs Lose a Heartbreaker to RGIII

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Mandatory Credit: Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE

Every morning after the Bucs play, editor Josh Hill gives you a dose of analysis with the gift of hindsight, breaking down the good, the bad and the horribly ugly from yesterday’s game. Grab a warm glass of milk and get ready to take your shot of The Morning After Hill.

If you had the Bucs heading into their bye week 1-3, you couldn’t have been more dead on — and that has little to do with their overall record. Tampa has looked very “eh” all season long and have shown flashes of being a good football team, but also have shown waves of underwhelming and horrible football to cancel out progress.

But that being said, even though the Buccaneers are struggling in large aspects of the game, they are improving ever so slowly. Josh Freeman said after the Bucs 24-22 loss to the Redskins yesterday that there is no such thing as moral victories. While I couldn’t agree more-so with that sentiment, and the Bucs did deserve to lose that game on Sunday, it’s hard to get too mad at them.

Unlike previous losses last season where the Bucs looked utterly helpless for 60 minutes, the losses this season are like walking through wet cement: it’s not yet impossible to get out of this funk but it’s insanely hard to get to the goals and it continues this way, the Bucs are going to be stuck in a lost season.


Mandatory Credit: Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE

The Good: Mark Barron and the Defense

Once again the Buccaneers defense looked pretty incredible. When they didn’t look impressive (like that last drive of the game) it wasn’t due to a lack of talent it was due to a lack of gas. By the end of the game, the offense’s utter inability to get anything going downfield had the defense running on fumes.

At times, the defense looked sluggish but right out of the gate the Buccaneers looked razor sharp, pressuring RGIII and stuffing the run.

That didn’t last long but we’re going to pin that on the offense in this game and the little time they spent on the field. If this defense was well rested during games, they’d be able to close out. That wasn’t the case today and RGIII wore them out, taking advantage of how often the defense was on the field.

Take the last drive for example: the defense looked gassed, but mason Foster was still able to deck RGIII on his game clinching scramble. If there’s a sole bright spot on this team, it’s the defense and it’s incredible growth. If last year’s defense was on the field yesterday, RGIII may have put up 50+ on the Bucs. The reason it was a two point loss is 85 percent credited to the defense and their efforts. 

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