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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Won’t Be Extending Josh Freeman’s Contract This Offseason

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to Josh Freeman’s future in Tampa Bay. Fans have gotten on his case for his bi-polar play, as Freeman can be lights out perfect as often as he’s bone chillingly awful. We saw both the best and worst of Freeman in 2012, which leads to the question: what will we see in 2013?

Whatever it is, it better be pretty damn good, as according to the Tampa Times the Buccaneers have no immediate plans to extend Josh Freeman’s expiring contract. Freeman’s deal expires at the end of next season and unless he plays so impressively that the Buccaneers are forced to give him a long term deal, next year could be the last we see of Freeman in Tampa.

It’s been speculated that Greg Schiano, who inherited Freeman from the Raheem Morris regime, wants to restart with his own quarterback that he hand picks from the draft. Schiano hasn’t come out and said as much, but history suggests that a new head coach with a questionable quarterback would want to start over.

So if the Buccaneers aim high and take a guy like Landry Jones in this upcoming April’s draft, the writing for Freeman will officially be on the wall.

One strategy the Buccaneers could have would be to let Freeman play his contract out, slap the non-exclusive franchise tag on him and let a team sign their offer sheet for the quarterback. If this happens, the Buccaneers would receive two first round picks in exchange for a guy that many teams in the NFL would like to get a crack at.

But the question is, would a team give up that much on Freeman?

Tampa Bay would likely settle for less when it comes to Freeman, as the alternative would be to let him walk for free. Tampa Bay could trade Freeman this offseason and Freeman, sensing impending doom, could holdout in training camp to ensure he has a job after 2013.

It’s been hinted before that Freeman’s days in Tampa may be numbered, and as the days pass, it’s looking more and more like that might be the case. If anyone was looking for peace of mind when it came to Freeman’s situation in Tampa, news that the Bucs won’t be extending him isn’t it.

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  • Ryan Iverson

    If you take Landry Jones then I am out

    • Leo

      I don’t like the idea of Jones in particular, but I do like the thought of drafting a quarterback to put the pressure on Freeman. Or bringing in Tebow. Either way, don’t let Josh feel like he’s earned the job outright, but remind him that he’s got to fight for snaps.

  • stephjac5

    If we get rid of freeman we will never be good.

  • stephjac5

    And he will be the next Doug williams, Steve Young, Vinny testaverde. Give him time in one system and see what happens!

    • Leo

      He’s no Steve Young, that’s for sure. Freeman could go elsewhere and be a good player, but that is true of a lot of guys in the NFL. Sometimes a player and a team just don’t match up. Freeman is going to get a chance to prove himself in 2013. If he isn’t good enough to re-sign, then the Bucs did everything they could do.