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Update: Latest on the Arrest of Da’Quan Bowers

Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times has tweeted new details on the situation surrounding the arrest of Buccaneers’ defensive end Da’Quan Bowers:



Holder seems to imply that Bowers brought the gun he legally owns to NYC on accident, leaving it in a travel bag that was checked on his departing flight. His return trip, which was unfortunately originating in New York City, was the unluckiest of times to discover he was in possession of his firearm. It appears Bowers may have made the most simple of mistakes with the worst possible item he owns. Everyone leaves items in suitcases after coming home from a trip. But the perfect storm of the item being a firearm, and his trip being to New York, makes this a serious situation with almost certain legal ramifications.

Most journalists on Twitter have been speaking to Bowers’ character today, assuring Buccaneer fans that this is unlike Bowers, and likely a mistake. However, New York, and particularly New York City, have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to illegally possessed firearms. Bowers appeared in court this evening, and likely posted bail if the option was made available to him.

It will now be up to the justice system to determine his fate. It is encouraging to hear he has been cooperative with law enforcement, because unless he is able to find a way to prove his innocence of a fairly cut-and-dry law, his cooperation will likely assist in any sort of plea bargaining. I believe that this is the case of a young man making a boneheaded mistake that might cost him dearly. Hopefully this situation can be a warning to those who own a firearm, or are considering purchasing one. Guns are a massive responsibility, and failing to account for your weapon can cost you dearly. If Holder’s tweets are true, and Bowers made an honest mistake, it would be a shame if he were to receive jail time. But Da’Quan would have no one to blame but himself. I wish him the best, and hope that at the very least he has learned a valuable life lesson.

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  • RussMillerWY

    A plea-bargain to probation would seem like the most likely outcome. It’s a very different situation from Plaxico’s, who deliberately took an illegally owned firearm into a nightclub and accidentally proved how dangerous it was when it went off and shot him. That’s someone everyone would agree had a life lesson coming to him. Where I live now, in the Rockies, it’s quite common for people to take hunting rifles, etc., in checked bags to the airport. They then notify the bag check in counter about the firearms and follow special procedures, put on special tags, etc. I’m finding it impossible a jury of actual humans would send him to prison. Only a rabid, publicity-seeking prosecutor and an incompetent defense attorney could allow that to happen. The public is more than a little bit hysterical and possibly vindictive about guns at the moment. That’s the only wildcard that could turn this into something akin to a witch hunt. Stranger things have happened, though. Ask Massachusetts daycare workers.

  • wmcritter

    It’s time “we the people” stand up for our rights and get rid of stupid, evil laws like these. The gun was not a threat to anyone and Bowers never hurt anybody. It is unconstitutional and just plain evil to make the simple act of owning a piece of property a crime. The only crime here is the evil Empire State trying to destroy a man’s life without cause. When will people stand up to this tyranny?

  • Jim Walker

    Do people in the USA realize we are quickly catching up to the old Soviet Union’s gulag system in terms of incarcerations and no country currently surpasses our incarceration rates? In the US we have over 2.3 million inmates or 730 per 100K people, under the tyrant Stalin they had about 800 per 100K. Rawanda, Cuba, and modern Russia only have around 500 per 100K. Germany has 87 per 100K persons, England 154. Only 8% of people in US federal prison committed a violent crime. Only 55% in state prisons. It costs 60.3 Billion dollars to care for these mostly non-violent offenders. Are we that rotten of a country that we need that many people in prison? Do we need Bowers in prison as well?

  • feastfirst

    This happens all the time in NYC. There is a federal law protecting people traveling with firearms through NYC airports. Firearms must be declared during check in. NYC authorities then arrest them when they declare their firearms.. Authorities know the law but they don’t care. There is a lawyer in NY who specializes in these cases. He always wins. The NYC authorities are stupid and they are fascists.