Sep 15, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis (24) reacts as he leaves the field after they lost to the New Orleans Saints at Raymond James Stadium. The Saints won 16-14. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Darrelle Revis Unhappy with Greg Schiano’s Rules and Schemes

Things are on the verge of going very, very wrong in Tampa Bay, because now yet another star player has something to be upset about.

Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports reported on Fox Sports Live that Darrelle Revis is upset with Greg Schiano’s rules, and the amount of zone coverage that’s being played in Tampa Bay. Check out the video below.

I will give full credit to Sander at Bucs Nation, who expressed concerns over the offseason that Greg Schiano did not commit to using Darrelle Revis in the typical “Darrelle Revis” fashion. Acquiring the best cornerback in the league, who is dominant in man coverage, and then running zone defense seems to make about as much sense as getting an athletic quarterback and not allowing him to run or get out of the pocket.

(See what I did there?)

This is big news, and further evidence of where the issues in Tampa Bay seem to be coming from. As I wrote not so long ago, Greg Schiano just doesn’t seem to “get it.”

He has some of the best players in the world on his team, and he’s continually failing to put them in a position to succeed. Using Darrelle Revis in zone coverage, not utilizing Josh Freeman’s mobility and running bad stunts on the defensive line are all symptoms of the same problem.

Greg Schiano does not prepare his team based on their abilities, but rather on his own ideals.

And that’s fine in college, because many players are run-of-the-mill average athletes who can succeed when placed into a certain role and allowed to exceed expectations because they’re being used in a specific way that hides their flaws.

But in the NFL, players have elite skillsets that must be used to gain an advantage on the opponent. Darrelle Revis is the best cover corner of this generation, and one of the best in the history of the NFL. Using him in zone more often than he wants to be used in zone is absolutely unacceptable.

It seems like Greg Schiano’s welcome is wearing out very quickly in Tampa Bay. So far, it’s all just reports and rumors. But those generate from somewhere, and where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Schiano needs to be careful, or he will lose this locker room in a hurry, if he hasn’t already.

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  • Steven

    Incorrectly written article

    • LeoTPP

      Bold statement with no support. What’s incorrect about it?

      • Bronco Bomma

        It’s only incorrect in his eyes because you didn’t blame Freeman.

        • LeoTPP

          Well played as well.

      • Shark64

        Leo, I think I see the mistake. The use of the word “if” in the last sentence. Is there really any doubt that he has lost the locker room? Time for Schiano to go.

        • LeoTPP

          Well played.

      • Steven

        Because the article says “revis unhappy with schiano” with no concrete evidence supporting it, good job getting some extra views with it though, you suckered me into the article

        • LeoTPP

          So you have concrete evidence that says it’s not true?

          A report from a national NFL reporter is sufficient evidence to start a discussion. Sorry you don’t like what the report says.

          • Steven

            Lmmfao!!!! An NFL reporter said it? O so it must be true, get outta town

  • RussMillerWY

    Also the whole “toes on the line” slogan about team discipline has vaporized. What happened in training camp that guys like Mike Williams and Demar Dotson have suddenly forgotten the basic fundamentals? Or have refs suddenly banded togrther to bury Schiano under a pile of petty, questionable penalties? Why is incompetence in things like late offensive subs that cause delay of game penalties the new norm? Why can’t Schiano find ways of making the best of the talent he’s got, instead of trading away budding stars for chump change after he’s run them down? He seems far too comfortably secure in his job for someone who is failing in so many ways.

    • LeoTPP

      Absolutely. Well said, Russ.

  • caradoc

    “But those generate from somewhere”

    Apparently that “somewhere” is your anus.

  • PINN

    All of these stories kill me. In 2011, the Team had “no discipline” and “spiraled out of control” because “the coach lost the locker room”. In, 2012, the new head coach supposedly fixed those issues and improved the W-L record by 3 games.
    Here in 2013, 2 games into the season, the coach that “rules with an iron fist” and is a “micromanager of all things” may “lose the team” because his practices aren’t suited for the same grown men that he turned from a laughing stocking to potential threat a season ago….?? I get the feeling that none of this would matter had there been a WIN on Sunday.

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