Aug 29, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano talks with quarterback Mike Glennon (8) against the Washington Redskins during the first half at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Schiano May Have Benched His NFL Coaching Career By Sitting Josh Freeman

Greg Schiano said during his Monday press conference that “Josh Freeman is our starter.”

Things changed quickly, didn’t they Coach?

There is absolutely nothing positive that comes from proclaiming a player a starter, and within 48 hours sending him to the bench. Unless Josh Freeman was arrested or literally quit on his team, there is absolutely no reason to say one thing and do another on such short notice.

Greg Schiano always talks about his proven program, and “Trust, Belief, and Accountability.” Yet he betrays his own comments within two days of saying them, and benches Josh Freeman in favor of Mike Glennon despite saying the opposite was true.

That’s a bold move for a head coach who won’t survive a losing season. As I wrote last week, former players think that Schaino doesn’t have the respect of the players to continue to run his hard-nosed system while losing eight of his last nine games. There is no way he can keep the locker room while losing most of the games remaining in 2013 while grooming a new quarterback.

Not to mention, Schiano is putting his general manager at risk by benching the starting quarterback he drafted to be the face of the franchise, as Mark Dominik also likely finds himself looking for a job if the Buccaneers don’t have a much improved season than the 0-3 start indicates. And if Greg Schiano thinks a new GM is going to keep him in town with a high draft pick and a need for a franchise quarterback, he’s delusional.

This is an incredibly bold move for Greg Schiano, and one that I just cannot see paying off in the long run. But he obviously believes that the quarterback he’s coveted since he was in high school is the answer to his offense’s problems.

He must hope that the star he saw in high school is the change his team needs to save his job. Otherwise, he’ll find himself back in college, where he can recruit whatever quarterback he wants.

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  • D-Rome

    Nice take on the situation, Leo. Honestly I think the only person who should be benched this Sunday is Greg Schiano. Glennon was not good enough during the pre-season against guys who were never going to make an NFL roster. Does he really believe that everything will fall into place over the course of the season with that vanilla offensive game plan with Glennon at the helm?

    If winning is what matters most in the NFL then Freeman, despite the bad start, still gives the Bucs the best chance to win. It’s not as if the receivers are going to start catching all those passes for Glennon that they dropped for Freeman.

    I’m not some Freeman honk. All I care about is seeing the Buccaneers win. Freeman right now is the worst QB in the NFL but I believe that’s because they are not playing into Josh’s strengths and becuase their offense lacks any creativity. It’s as if they’re running the basic playbook offense in Madden 25. If I didn’t know any better (and I probably don’t) it almost looks as if Freeman was setup to fail.

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  • Michael Mahony


    I have no idea how or why you would have such
    an ax to grind with Schianno. Bottom line is the Bucs have spent a significant
    amount of money on this team to improve and they have not improved so let’s
    blame the coach who is in the beginning of his second year?

    If this is the case than there are
    plenty of coaches in the NFL and have been successful in the NFL that should
    have been fired, yet they were not and have had a pretty good career.

    There are obviously some people on
    this team internally that feel as though the previous coach and staff were not
    given a chance so they are a cancer and need to be cut out. It is beginning to
    look more and more ( missing the team picture, not being voted team captain)
    that Freeman is one of them.

    I view this as managing a workforce
    in business today. If people are not doing what you are requesting them to do
    the way you need it done, find someone that will. It is very clear this year
    that they are not running correct patterns, covering the right gaps and or
    getting dumb penalties just to name a few.

    So replace them this is not
    something that you can do in 12 months.

    The disadvantage Schiano has is that
    his first year they improved market ably and this year has been difficult because
    he lost the first two games in total of 20 seconds and now you want to point
    the finger at the coach, I recall just a couple years ago the giants won the super
    bowl but what everyone forgets is the first half of the year the NY media
    wanted coughlin fired!

    Amazing how new is fit to print when
    it means chaos but not when it is status quo.

    Winning takes time which also takes consistency of which
    the Bucs need at this time and not another change which will give players
    another excuse as to why they did not get it done.

    It is time for
    players to be accountable for their action and performance!

    But why do I bother writing this you are probably in agreement with all the
    park sitters that complained to everyone that the world is not fair since they
    did not get a job paying them 50K per year out of college just because they got
    a degree. “they are owe” Hilarious.

    Go Bucs!

    • Joe

      So we arent supposed to blame Schiano on bringing in a kicker who only made 60 percent of his kicks last year, cutting Tiquan Underwood for Kevin ” stonehands” Ogletree, paying Darrelle Revis 16 million just to keep playing zone defense and going conservative and running the ball on 3rd and six against the Jets? I guess that is Freeman’s fault as well. Greg Schiano is a stubborn idiot and is a bad coach. 63-63 at Rutgers isnt anything to brag about

      • Michael Mahony

        Now the money that is paid is Schiannos fault?OMG. Tiquan is still looking for a job last I checked, so I guess a the other 31 coaches are fools too. Stubborn idiot? Lot of people say the same about a head coach in New England( not comparing schianno to him , making a point about giving a true chance) College record means nothing, plenty of caoches had much better reocrds but failed in NFL(Spurrier, Saban)…My point is if the Bucs were 2-1 the conversation would not even be happening about Schianno.

    • LeoTPP

      You said “Bottom line is the Bucs have spent a significantamount of money on this team to improve and they have not improved so let’s
      blame the coach who is in the beginning of his second year?”

      That’s the whole point. The Colts, Seahawks, Falcons, etc. all turned things around very quickly under new coaches with infusions of talent. Schiano has regressed from year one to year two, and there’s frustrating among the players.

      • Michael Mahony

        The first two teams you mentioned had two isssues to resolve with thier team and that was a QB. They both seemed to have got them thus they are winning and not whinning. Falcons? Try again, they have done nothing but what Dungy(who was fired) did get to the playoffs and lose, as a matter of fact, they are 1-2 so far 1 game better than the bucs? I say sign Smith for another 5 years immediately!
        Mike Smith was 11-5 the first year and regressed the second year and missed the playoffs, guess they gave him more time than you are willing to give Schianno… Players are frustrated? I must have missed the quotes by players in your article.

        • LeoTPP

          Again, you’re proving yourself wrong. “Mike Smith was 11-5″ what did Schiano do in his first year, again?

          And this is more than just a QB league. Flacco and Eli aren’t elite quarterbacks, and they’ve won rings. The Colts had NO talent after Peyton left, and they turned things around incredibly quickly.

          • Michael Mahony

            Maybe your ax should be with Dominik and not Schianno, Dominick gets the talent. You can say what you want but in all of your examples especially those three teams they were by far better than Tampa in regrads to talent after Raheem and Gruden got done! Quite a mess to clean up and to do it in 12 months is ridiculus.

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  • Jayson

    Bring back Jon Gruden! Lol, I’m still sore about him leaving…Schiano is making this a Rutgers team…that is a fact…look up the roster additions since his regime commenced…facts dont lie