Apr 22, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik talks as cornerback Darrelle Revis (not pictured) is introduced at the press conference at One Buccaneer Place. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Dominik: Buccaneers Can Win With Mike Glennon as a "Game Manager"

There may not be a more backhanded compliment than to call a quarterback a “game manager.” But that’s exactly what General Manager Mark Dominik did on Wednesday in defense of his team’s decision to start Mike Glennon at quarterback.

Jim Corbett of USA Today spoke with Dominik, who told him that the Buccaneers could defeat the Cardinals with Glennon acting as a game manager.

But why move on to a game manager, and away from your franchise quarterback? Here’s what Dominik had to say about Josh Freeman:

The main thing for us was the performance of the team the last nine games was 1-8 and that’s tough. He hasn’t played well. That’s a part of it. If you don’t have a quarterback in this league, you don’t have a shot. We felt like we’d seen enough of what we needed to see.

Dominik is brutally honest here, and essentially is telling USA Today that Josh Freeman already played his way out of a contract extension, and the team cannot possibly get any worse with Glennon under center.

Freeman has not played well over the last nine games, and he’s also not received much help. That will have to change if “game manager” Mike Glennon will be more successful than Freeman. Pass catchers cannot drop passes, and playcalling must improve if the rookie from North Carolina State has any chance of surviving.

Dominik did state in the interview that Josh is the number two quarterback, meaning that he’s still ahead of Dan Orvlosky. That means an injury to Mike Glennon would bring Freeman back into the fold, and that would be borderline catastrophic. Dominik admitted that they’re not going to hold Freeman captive, either, so he did leave the door open to a trade.

Do you agree with Dominik, and believe the Buccaneers can win with Glennon as a game manager? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Jayson

    I’m still sure that Schiano made the call…yes true we do not see what is said behind closed doors. This is all true but seriously take the open source information that is out there 1: Schiano was never sold on freeman in the first place 2: Schiano wanted “while at Rutgers” wanted Mike Glennon to be his freshman QB so already he had the eye set on him in the first place. 3: Yeah for the cameras they had a good relationship but back to the idea of “behind closed doors” we honestly do not know how Schiano really felt about freeman. 4: Can we honestly really BLAME freeman? I know they say the accuracy is a problem but seriously, look at the top 10 QB’s right now…you know why their QBR is so great? They have the following things…WR’s that catch…a TE who makes plays…WR’s that get separation AND IS NOT FROM RUTGERS! Look at all the players that Schiano has brought to the league since his arrival…coincidence? Now as far as the inaccuracy, for those who never played football either recreationaly or whatever have you…lets put it like this…you have a defender coming towards you…your WR is covered but you have faith in him to GO TO THE BALL and make a play…so you through it off so where either he can catch it or no one else can…BAM there goes the “inaccuracy” now im not saying that he throws a perfect ball every play but just take things like that into consideration….all in all….this season is done

  • D-Rome

    In my opinion this issue with the Bucs goes way beyond Josh Freeman. Josh Freeman’s performance is merely a symptom of a much larger organizational problem.

    Did you hear the rumor that Gerald McCoy got into a fight with Mike Sullivan? Yeah, me neither because it didn’t happen. Yet, we keep hearing all of these other rumors about how Darelle Revis is unhappy in how he is being used. We keep hearing rumors that the players only meeting was to discuss the player’s distaste for Schiano. We keep hearing rumors about how Dominick and Schiano aren’t getting along. All of these are denied publically. Well, all of these rumors start somehwere right?

    NFL players don’t have respect for college coaches. I haven’t seen anything out of the offensive playcalling over the past three weeks that would suggest to me that Mike Glennon is the answer for all the Bucs ills.

    I’m a Bucs fan! I’m not a Freeman fan or a Glennon fan. I want to see the team win and I don’t want to go through another rebuild.. My gripe is that it would appear agendas and favoritism is the order of the day at One Buc Place.

    • Jayson

      No doubt about it that “where there is smoke, there is fire” Stuff said and brought to light HAS to come from somewhere…NFL analysist and reporters just dont “make up” these stories…the intel HAS to come from somewhere. It’s just the bucs KNOW how to cover their tracks. I can bet a my paycheck if you check out the history of rumors with the NFL about something said or happened and how that person was interviewed then denied the whole thing and how weeks later it would then turn out it was the truth, you can look it up with how many times that has happened. I am a Bucs fan as well, I however am not a RUTGERS FAN…this isnt a RUTGERS team…look at the players added since Schiano regime came in…do the research on how he wanted Glennon back in college but missed out and he went else where….this whole organization is slowly about to break and i see it coming then we will go back toanother rebuilding year BUT BY TIME that happens i can again bet a paycheck to say that most of our star players will jump ship! Mccoy will leave, L.David will leave, Zuttah will leave…Martin will leave eventually…we will lose all our players eventually if we go through another Rebuild 6 year program again

  • Shark64

    So let me get this right. We can win with Glennon as a “game manager”. So does that mean Freeman lost the first 3 games for the team? Form what I recall we lost the first week because of a bonehead play by David. We lost in the second week because our kicker can’t make a relatively short field goal (let’s not forget a long touchdown pass that was called back because a lineman can’t lineup properly) And as far as last week, Freeman lost 17 points because NFL players couldn’t make NFL plays (again Lindell can’t make a relatively short field goal; Wright can’t haul in a perfectly thrown pass in the back of the end zone; and Jackson drops a perfectly thrown pass deep in New England’s territory). Who knows what the outcome of the game would have been if these plays were made. My point is simple, if other players (who are not being benched) had done there job, Freeman would have this team 2-1 and possibly 3-0.

    • Jayson

      exactly Shark….exfreakingactly

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