July 28, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan talks with the team during training camp at One Buc Place. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Buccaneers Fans Aren’t Joking With Bill Sheridan, Show Up at 5:20 AM for Film Study

Bill Sheridan decided to try to inject some sarcastic humor at the expense of the Buccaneer fanbase last week when he stated that fans could stop by and see what he goes through to set his defense for the coming week.


Fans took him up on their offer, because this isn’t a joke to those who pay hard-earned money to see this team lose every week.

I’m glad that Bill Sheridan is in a good state of mind to be able to joke and have fun at the podium, but to do so at the expense of the fanbase was uncalled for considering the awful product being put on the field this season.

Sheridan’s defense has progressively allowed more points over the course of the season, and many have commented about his use of Darrelle Revis and his defensive line stunts which are used too often and used in the wrong situations.

And ultimately, there are serious questions as to whether or not the Buccaneers’ coaching staff uses their players properly, and doubts as to their ability to manage a game.

The lack of results on the field hurts the fans far more than it hurts the coaches. Those fans who took action, showing up to One Buc Place at an hour most don’t see during their waking lives to sit down with the coach and attempt to understand his rationale.

Because next season, Bill Sheridan can find some cushy job as a defensive assistant for some random team in the NFL, or drop down to college and run a defense in the Big 10 or AAC conference. But the fans don’t get back the money they paid to see this talented team lose its first six games.

So if Bill Sheridan, Greg Schiano, and the rest of the Tampa Bay staff are smart, they’ll humbly work hard to improve their team’s performance over the next few games, rather than making jokes about the fanbase that is done with jokes and it calling their  bluff.

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  • Destro

    I’m sorry but this guys head needs to roll. Either the Glazers or Shiano need to sacrafise him to the fan base. Its Shiano’s defence anyway it won’t hurt the team in anyway

  • KeithInTampa

    As a “charter” season ticket holder, I couldn’t agree more with you more Leo! I am going to be surprised however, if Mr. Sheridan and Mr. Schiano have a job come Saturday morning, October 26th. (And I truly hope that Sullivan is escorted to the door too!) Enough is enough! There is too much talent on this team to be “Zero Dash Seven” which I surmise we will be on Friday morning, and the Glazers need to go forward with removing at a minimum, the Head Coach. Wannestedt or Davis can fill in as interim Head Coach until the off-season.

    • LeoTPP

      Davis won’t take the job, because it would end his severance pay with UNC. Wannstedt and the aforementioned Sullivan would be the most likely to take over.

      I favor Sullivan because it allows the best chance to see what Mike Glennon has in store. No more Schiano rules, just Sullivan’s offense as it should be. Glennon either sinks or swims, and the team starts all over next year with a totally new staff and 13 weeks of tape on Glennon, including 9 without Schiano around.

    • LeoTPP

      But I certainly feel bad about the money you’ve dropped into this team to see them in the state they’re in. It’s sad, really, and the coaches should be held accountable.

  • Mickman22

    so how many fans showed up? I have to admit what he said was pretty funny. I mean you have to be kidding me, the press nowacts like they know more aboutdefense and football than someone who has been coaching for some time? Have you ever thought there may be a medical reason why revis is not always playing man on man maybe they do not want to tell the whole world that he can not do it yet due to his rehab.

    ah yes we all should tell the truth because the press is important and know all? give me a break. you guys hate this whole coaches group because he shuts you out…you may have to work harder to get something done. maybe as the pats reporters how they do it. you are lucky Schianno is losing otherwise you would have nothing negative to say. ala belicheck.

    • KeithInTampa

      Good Point Mickman22….Schiano does resemble Belichick in that for years, Belichick never reveals diddly to the media, including injuries and especially anything remotely leading to strategy or who may be a starter or who may be in the dog house, other than what is mandated by the NFL.
      I also sympathize with the Buccaneer Organizatioln and Coach Schiano in that there have been a number of “issues” that have arisen this year, that were unforseen. The whole MSRA Staff Infection, which I think has been downplayed by the Bucs (and to some degree, the media) and how this has affected the team, but more importantly, the whole Freeman debacle, which in my opinion, and based upon what I have been able to glean from the media, (including the Pewter Plank, JoeBucFan, TBO, etc.) the Buccaneers handled this issue as best as they could, and as good as any other NFL Club could have handled the situation! Freeman created this problem, and if there is any criticism on the Bucs and Schiano on how the Freeman issue was handled, it was that the Bucs didn’t part company with Freeman at the end of last season when they saw trouble brewing, but I understand the reluctance and the hope that Freeman could have matured and “manned up”.
      Leo I agree that Davis won’t come out from the shadows as long as he can keep drawing from UNC Chapel Hill, unless the Buccaneers made a rather lucrative offer, and I don’t see that happening either. It should be Wannastedt, and I just don’t see how the Glazers can continue with Schiano if we lose tonight…..
      Final thought: I know that this will seem ludricrous to most, but I really believe that the Glazers ought to broach Gruden and convince him to come back! I know that Gruden has a cushy lucrative deal going with ESPN, and the Glazers would have to swallow some pride as well as loosen up the purse strings to convince Gruden into coming back, but what a story! I think Tampa may very well be the only coachng job that Gruden would even consider at this point in time, because of the way he left!