Apr 22, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis (second from right) poses with a jersey at a press conference with general manager Mark Dominik (left), owner Bryan Glazer (second from left)and head coach Greg Schiano at One Buccaneer Place. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Glazer: Greg Schiano Tells Tampa Bay Buccaneers Players They're Stuck With Him

Is it possible that the owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t see things the way that 90% of the fanbase do? Or have they given the “dreaded vote of confidence” to Greg Schiano?

Rather than speaking publicly about the state of their franchise, the Glazer family reportedly met with Greg Schiano, who in turn met with the team to inform them that they’re “stuck with him.” This report comes from Jay Glazer (no relation) via Pro Football Talk.

What could this mean? And why is this the only sort of information we’ve heard from the Glazer family? The team is mired in an awful losing streak and is the laughingstock of the NFL. Attentions have shifted away from the struggling Jacksonville Jaguars, who seem to have a plan in place, to focus on the wasted talent in Tampa Bay.

Fans in Tampa are sick of Schiano, as every poll on the topic that’s posted online receives 80 to 90 percent support for firing the second-year head coach for Tampa Bay.

Even national media types and fans of rival teams see the issue with Schiano. Take for instance the top comment on the Pro Football Talk article linked above:

  • Saints fan here, I feel for you bucs fans. Hang in there.

For the sake of the future of the franchise, we should hope this confidence from Greg Schiano is just his interpretation of some sort of ultimatum from the Glazers about his future.

Becuase if the Glazers are committed to Greg Schiano beyond the 2013 season, the Tampa Bay fanbase is going to turn against the franchise in a serious way. That will cut into profits as the fans lose interest in supporting the team that they perceive is being poorly run despite a wealth of talent.

Every day that Greg Schiano remains the head coach of the Buccaneers is another day that we all must wonder if the owners trust him to remain the leader of this team for another season. Logic tells us that Schiano does not have a future with the team, but logic would also say that firing Jon Gruden and promoting Raheem Morris to head coach doesn’t make sense.

We’ll keep you updated as new information on this situation is made available.

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  • Michael Hunt

    Schiano doesn’t make it out of this year — but honestly what happens if you fire him now? You put Wannstedt and he wins a few games down the stretch, now you lose the top draft pick and if say he goes 4-4 is he suddenly in consideration to be the head coach? Honestly the season is lost, I’m almost for just keeping Schiano in place and trying to get the top pick in the draft.

    • roy cagle

      As much as I hate to I must agree. At least we may have a good chance at a real franchise qb

      • Rod Lum

        I would rather get a proven FA QB, and not hope/pray for some kid to develop. Bucs need big time help on both lines; take your pick.

  • Rod Lum

    No way. This organization must show some pride and honour.

  • Joke99

    A bit irresponsible to put that in quotes in the headline. I haven’t seen anywhere where Schiano was quoted, just third-hand comment from PFT describing what Jay Glazer said Schiano said.

    • Jayson Kaplan

      The headline is entirely ethical as is. It states that Glazer is claiming Schiano said this, and he is. If the quote is false it’s on Glazer, not Leo.

      • Joke99

        Quotation marks should be reserved for actual quotes. Show me somewhere where Jay Glazer has represented those words as a direct quote from Schiano. Because that wording is_nowhere_ in the source linked to in the body of the post.

        • PINN

          I whole-heartedly agree with your sentiment. I brought this up another blog. The argument that I got was the since it came from a “reputable” and “respected” reporter and there’s no evidence that it wasn’t said, it MUST be true. **I do like Leo’s posts and opinions for the most part. Several other sites followed the exact same practice. It’s one that I don’t respect though.

        • LeoTPP

          I stand by my original headline, as I don’t believe your first statement is true, and I don’t have a stylebook for this site so my discretion as an editor is to use quotations as I see fit.

          However, I went ahead and changed it, although the “damage” is largely already done.I don’t want it to seem misleading at all, nor do I want to misrepresent anything.

          • Joke99

            While “I don’t have a style book” strikes me as an odd approach to take (and of particular concern when self-editing), I thoroughly appreciate your willingness to accept feedback and engage in even-tempered discussion. Thanks.

          • LeoTPP

            I guess I should clarify:

            I don’t abide by AP stylebook standards or anything. Fansided has content standards. I have personal standards. I don’t feel like the title, as written, violated anything I perceive to be misleading or incorrect.

            There are plenty of stylistic ways to use quotation marks. But if this is something that may confuse others I will take that under advisement.

    • LeoTPP

      I was quoting the report, not Schiano. I cannot simply post the same headline and quote as PFT and Glazer. So I have to quote as I am attributing that to PFT and Glazer, not to my own interpretation of the situation.

      You’re correct, there has never been an exact transcript with those words from Schiano. But there is a transcript with that quote on PFT, which means they’re not my words.

      Makes sense?

      • Joke99

        Yeah, I understand what you did, but it’s still irresponsible. In particular, you changed pronouns. So instead of “stuck with him”, which is a quote of what PFT said, and reads in their voice because it’s referring to Schiano in 3rd person, you’ve got “stuck with me” which would be a quote of Schiano and would read in his voice because it’s first person.

        Since it’s in quotation marks and is preceded by “Schiano tells”, it reads as a direct quote, which it absolutely is not.

        • LeoTPP

          How is it irresponsible? I’m quoting PFT, who said “Schiano also told the players that they are stuck with him.” I changed the pronouns to fit better in the title I had constructed.

          I am not going to steal that phrase from PFT, so I quote it to point to PFT as the source that that language “stuck with (Schiano).”

          Nothing about what was done here was meant to mislead anyone. I really think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill here.

          • Joke99

            I don’t doubt there was no intent to mislead, but it does. If you polled your readers (who haven’t read this discussion), I’m sure 9 out of 10 would think you were quoting what Schiano said. That’s just how your headline reads, simple as that.
            There are plenty of ways to write it so that it doesn’t, e.g. _PFT: Schiano tells players they are stuck with him_.

            I don’t know what your definition of a mountain is, but all I said was “A bit irresponsible to put that in quotes in the headline”. Sounds like making a molehill out of a molehill to me.

  • Shark64

    Is anyone else thinking that this is playing out perfectly for the Glazers. If Schiano stays and keeps losing as he has, the fans will stop coming out to the games. Then they can claim lack of fan support and move the franchise to London.

  • Dan Daman

    Hmm, lets see. Put in a crappy coach, make the fans hate it. Commissioner wants a team desperately in London, Owner is from London where his soccer team is… And will not even have to change its logo. Well unless you change it to the London Mutineers!