Dec 28, 2013; Orlando, FL, USA; Louisville Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (5) warms up before facing the Russell Athletic Bowl at Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremiah: Multiple NFL Teams Don't Think Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater is a First Round Talent

Daniel Jeremiah of, and a former NFL scout, tweeted an interesting bit of information on Wednesday evening that should raise some eyebrows as to how the top of the draft may unfold.


Whether it’s due to his lack of ideal height and weight or his questionable competition at Louisville, there are NFL franchises who believe Bridgewater isn’t a sure-fire prospect.

If the concerns are about Bridgewater’s size, those same teams likely would pass on Johnny Manziel as well, meaning Blake Bortles and Derek Carr would be the two top quarterbacks according to those teams.

And if the concerns are about size, the Buccaneers are unlikely to be one of the teams to balk at taking the player widely accepted to be the best in the 2014 draft class.

Jeff Tedford coached Aaron Rodgers at Cal, and remains in contact with him to this day. And if Bridgewater were to hit an NFL weight room and gain 20-30 pounds, he’d be virtually identical to Aaron Rodgers physically.

Add in the similarities to their playing style, and it’s likely the Buccaneers’ new offensive coordinator would jump at the chance to add Bridgewater to his offense, and allow him to help turn around the worst offense in the NFL in 2013.

This is all speculation at this point, because any of the teams ahead of the Buccaneers (except for the Falcons) could take a quarterback. It’s unlikely that the Texans, Rams, Jaguars, Browns and Raiders are all included in the list of teams who are low on Bridgewater. In fact, it’s almost certainly not the Browns, as they’ve had a long-rumored infatuation with Johnny Manziel.

But don’t count the Buccaneers out of the hunt for a franchise QB at the top of the draft. If any of the top options slide to number seven, Jeff Tedford will likely have his head coach and general manager’s ear to get an upgrade under center.

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  • Elgin Howell

    Got the chance to watch him play in the bowl game against Miami in person. I was impressed. Since I happened to be in the same stadium that UCF used to play in at the time I flashed back to some of the QBs I had seen play there at the time and he made me think most notably of Drew Brees who I saw take it to the Knights in 1999. That is not in depth analysis but that was what my gut was telling me at the time.

  • Jayson Kaplan

    Two points…

    1. Jeremiah is another of these guys like Adam Schefter or Chris Mortensen. They are essentially trolls. They throw out these “stories” that are designed to facilitate sports-radio style “debates” over things which are entirely subjective and they do it hiding behind their so-called sources. Every now and again it’d be nice if they named a source instead of constantly just making us believe they have them. All they really do is regurgitate beat reporters’ work and add their own speculation.

    2. I love this part of the offseason, where all the TV “draft experts” start pontificating as if they know which of these prospects will make it and which ones won’t. Let’s pull some tape and see what some of these experts had to say about Blaine Gabbert or Jimmy Clausen or Brady Quinn and then I’ll listen to them debate Bridgewater, et al. They may all know what a team might do with its picks. Not one of them (or any scout for that matter) knows which prospects will make it and which ones won’t. Doesn’t stop them from pretending they know. It’s hilarious (and sad).

    • joe f.

      Very good point.

    • LeoTPP

      To play Devil’s Advocate:

      1. Jeremiah was reporting rather than hiding. He has Teddy as a top-10 talent. He supports that on his big board. It doesn’t serve him well to say that teams don’t view him as a first-rounder while ranking him 10th if he’s trying to build in an excuse.

      2. It’s the job of anyone who writes about sports to pretend like they know what’s going to happen, and present it as some form of fact. My whole job is to do that, and in fact I do it in the article above. I thought Sabby Pisctelli was going to be a really good football player. I was wrong. Lots of people thought Ryan Leaf was going… well, you get the picture.

      • Jayson Kaplan

        Thanks Leo. I love this exercise.

        #1 – What’s he truly reporting though, that “he knows several teams that don’t agree he’s a first round talent?” What does that mean really? Does he know a single personnel guy on each team that thinks that? Does he know several teams’ entire personnel staffs think that? Has he seen “the big boards”? He’s being as vague as possible. Why? He should name a team. Just one. Or he can name a reason that team is low on Bridgewater. Something besides present low-hanging fruit and percolate the Manziel vs Bridgewater debate until the month-later draft this year.

        #2 – The obvious difference is that you don’t publish under the pretense that it’s anything other than you’re personal opinion and analysis. There’s a difference between analyst and journalist and Jeremiah and the other so-called “insiders” try to obscure that difference and hope we don’t notice.

        • LeoTPP

          I would say that Jeremiah’s job is more draft analyst than insider, meaning his role is not much more different than mine. But you make good points, I just think Jeremiah is more of a stand-up guy who comes up with information and analysis on his own, but in this case he wanted to point out that his opinion stood out from that of some NFL executives. Most draftniks know NFL front office members through the Senior Bowl.

  • joe f.

    The Buccaneers needs a quarter back badly so maybe this is a good opportunity for the BUCS. But can some one please tell me what the Buccaneers are doing or going to do with Jordon Rodgers? I believe he is still with the Bucs.

  • Tony Brown

    That’s because he’s not. I guess some NFL teams agree with me that he’s overrated. Although ‘not 1st round talent’ is a bit too far. I’d still put him around the top 3 QB prospects in this year’s class.
    Anyone else thinking Johnny Manziel would look good in red and pewter?

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  • Reinald Vallejo

    File this one under “The Draft Experts Are Always Wrong.” Remember any USC QB ever.

  • Reinald Vallejo

    Brent Hundley is better, IMO.