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Tedford: "Premature" To Say Mike Glennon is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Moving Forward, Need More "Speed In Space"

In an interview with “Fan Interference” on 98.7 The Fan in Tampa, new Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford had some interestingly vague things to say about rookie quarterback Mike Glennon.

When asked about the potential for Glennon to be the Bucs’ starter moving forward, Tedford said it was “premature” to say that, and that things would become clearer once he got a chance to sit down with Lovie Smith and whoever the GM will be to discuss the roster.

Tedford heaped on the same praise for Glennon that he offered during his introductory press conference, saying he likes his arm and his decision-making and vision. He said that the NC State product has tools that can continue to grow over time and possibly develop into a good QB.

But there was no commitment to Glennon, meaning at the very least, Tedford knows this isn’t a decision he can make on his own.

Tedford mentioned that he’s excited to break down film and take a look at the rookie quarterback class, and pointed out a key aspect of scouting college players. Tedford reminded the hosts of the show and the listeners to ignore scheme and system and focus on the player. This is a trap many fall into when evaluating certain college quarterbacks who wind up being busts or surprises in the NFL.

The new offensive coordinator for the Buccaneers also said that the team will be looking to add more speed to the roster, as they want to live by his motto of “speed in space.” One of the things Tedford mentioned is that the running game can be complimented by quick throws to athletes who have the ability to make a man miss in the open field, but the Buccaneers don’t have many athletes who can do that on a regular basis.

But Tedford isn’t making any excuses, either, and said he must use the personnel he has to their potential, something he also mentioned during his first press conference. It will be interesting to see what the new GM of the team does to help provide Tedford with more weapons to turn around an offense ranked last in the NFL in 2013.

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  • Jayson Kaplan

    Is he just saying a few cliche things he feels like he needs to say at this junction in time, or are we to actually believe that he considers Glennon’s “decision-making” to be an asset? I am more than willing to believe he’s being diplomatic at this point in time, but anyone that thinks “decision-making” is one of Glennon’s strong suits doesn’t need to be anywhere near an NFL offense. It was, by a wide margin, his absolute biggest weakness.

    • Tom Weissmann

      Followed closely by his accuracy and progressions, or lack thereof. His progressions were look for V-Jax, If he’s not open, Wright, and then throw it away or take a sack. Overall I agree, his decision making is horrendous even for a rookie.

      • Jayson Kaplan

        I’d have been happy with “throw it away” but Glennon didn’t seem all that capable of doing that either.

        • Tom Weissmann

          Well at least it’s better than Freeman just throwing blindly into coverage with no pressure whatsoever. Glennon limits his mistakes (turnovers) but doing so makes the offense bland and predictable thus easier to defend. I’m not saying get Manziel but I wouldn’t mind a McCarron in the later rounds.

          • Jayson Kaplan

            And this is where we part company as far as agreeing.

            I do not prefer Glennon to Freeman. I tend to look beyond Freeman’s 3 starts this season and the body of work shows a QB far more suited for the NFL. I love how many Bucs’ fans (not you Tom or Leo) are willing to say 9 starts isn’t enough to judge Glennon, but 3 starts this season is all they go on to dismiss Freeman as if last season never happened.

            Obviously, it’s all moot since Freeman is gone, but that was a debacle that was entirely Schiano’s doing. On no other team in this league would Freeman have been benched that early for a guy that was not ready to start, and he sure as hell wouldn’t have been traded for virtually nothing.

            As for Glennon, perhaps he limits pure turnovers, but not mistakes which are equivalent. Every time it’s third and long and he doesn’t see the wide open receiver 12 yards down the field and instead dumps it to Leonard for a 1 yard gain, that’s as good as a turnover.

            Every time it’s 3rd down and he throws it away because there’s a pass rush coming when he could stand there for another second, make the pass and take the hit like any other QB in this league, that’s as good as a turnover.

            PS. Glad you’re not saying get Manziel because I just don’t see that working in the NFL and would much rather see some other team suffer that setback.

          • Steve Batchelor

            I agree with some of what you are saying….But…When you are a rookie QB shoved into the starting job 4 games into the season with hardly any snaps with the first team, 1 viable WR, no TE, a carousel at RB, a turnstile for an OL, a OC that belonged in the Lingerie League and an idiot as a HC what did you expect…Tom Brady? From what you are saying you would have rather seen Glennon force passes which would have made his stats look the reverse than what they ended up.

            I agree partly with what you said about Freeman but it’s partly Freeman”s fault. I think Schiano kept riding Freeman’s ass because he wanted him gone, which got to his head and he finally just gave up like a little girl. If Freeman had showed some fire and got in Schiano’s face I think they could have coexisted but he put his head between his legs and kissed his own ass. Will Freeman ever be a viable starter in the NFL again? Big question and the only one who can answer that question is Josh Freeman.

            I think Manziel is going to shock quite a few people. The best thing he has going for him is his fire and will to win. He was a much better in the pocket this past year after spending time with George Whitfield and I expect him to be even better by the time the combine rolls around. Do I want him on the Bucs…Not really because he just ain’t my shot of Patrone.

          • Jayson Kaplan

            No, I’m not at all saying I’d rather see Glennon force passes. Glennon DID force passes, plenty of them. The stats mean nothing to me. Glennon doesn’t know when to just throw it away.

            As for Manziel and his “fire and will to win”… see also Tebow, Tim. Those are meaningless platitudes. If he succeeds in the NFL I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong, but if he succeeds it will be because of strong play, not some nebulous concept best saved for the biopic of his life.

            Ps. Whether or not Freeman stood up to Schiano to your liking or not, you should try not to equate quitting with sex/gender. As the father of a girl, I’m raising her to be no less tenacious than any man. Just because we’re here talking about football doesn’t mean we have to be cliches. And yeah, my kid loves the Bucs too. Just like any boy her age.

          • LeoTPP

            I think there are better options than McCarron in the later rounds, but I agree with the sentiment. There needs to be some kind of competition for Glennon. He can’t be given the keys to the offense without a fight.

          • Steve Batchelor

            All this draft speculation is just that…speculation….until we see what Lovie does in FA…

            These are my hopes for FA:
            1.Jared Allen… good possibility seeing as how he has played his whole career for Frazier as either DC or HC.
            2.Alex Mack…would solidify or offensive line and be the QB of the OL…another good possibility as his OL coach was Warhop and he played for Tedford at Cal.
            3. Peanut Tillman…cheapest of the 3 and would solifify the DB and I can see him wanting to play for Lovie again.
            4.A QB
            Shown the door:
            1Penn…unless someone can light a fire under his backside and he gets in shape.
            2.one of the 2 guards…I would hate to see Nicks have to retire but as it stands now it doesn’t look good but his cap hit is going to hurt…I am up in the air about Davin Joseph…I think he never got back completely from his injury but cutting or trading him will free up cap money.
            3. Luke Stocker…Just a wasted roster spot

          • LeoTPP

            I think everyone agrees on Allen or someone like him. Not sure the Frazier connection should mean much, because if there’s a better player with a better contract out there, he should be the guy. Allen isn’t a long-term solution, but he’d be good in the short term.

            I do like Mack, but it calls into question what to do with Zuttah. I am not in favor of getting rid of Nicks, and I am not sure Zutt can play RG (I would hope he can, and if he can, then there’s no problem).

            If Tillman comes cheap enough, he’s a perfect addition.

            Penn got a bit of a bad rap this year, I think. Offensive system was bad, Glennon had a slow trigger finger. He deserves another shot, in my books.

            Joseph needs to go unless there’s solid evidence that he’s going to actually start to fully recover and return to his old self.

            and Stocker is almost certainly done, although his contract is so cheap that he’ll probably hang around for a while (read: into camp) before being let go.

          • victorbarney

            I can’t disagree with your thinking at all…

    • LeoTPP

      Tedford is a fascinating blend of coachspeak and honesty. He’s a tough one to read. Very entertaining guy tho.