Spotlight: Ryan Purvis

Step into the spotlight, Ryan Purvis.

The spotlight series has selected is next player of focus, this week’s choice, Ryan Purvis, the tight end out of Boston College. Purvis is 6’4” and 260 lb. tight end that was once the favorite target for Matt Ryan (now a hated enemy).

Purvis is currently playing in the shadow of Kellen Winslow and had no catches last season. Yet despite his lack of production last season, Purvis is still an interesting player that has potential. While at Boston College, Purvis was a great pass catching tight end that runs crisp routes and using his size to battle for field position and reliable hands that any quarterback would enjoy.

Purvis has good speed off the line, but not the most explosive straight line speed. He runs excellent routes and has good hands. His size allows him to shield himself from defenders and fight for the ball, something he will have to rely on because he does not have the speed to break away from a defender. He is decent at blocking, but spends most of his time on special teams.

Purvis is low on the depth chart, behind Winslow, Stevens, and others. He has the potential to become a solid target for any passer in the league and the work ethic to continue to learn and get better at the pro level. He had a good college career and hopes to continue his success, but for now has to wait his turn in the spotlight, but not here. This time, the spotlight is right on Ryan Purvis and hope he is able to find some playing time this season.