Report: Bucs Interested in Lofa Tatupu

Did the Bucs make an offer to Lofa Tatupu?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have severed ties with Barrett Ruud, opting not to offer him a new contract. Ruud has since chosen to sign in Tennessee. The Bucs did re-sign Adam Heyward, and they are high on Mason Foster, but many people feel that the current mix of players in the Bucs middle is not going to be able to handle the many, nuanced responsibilities necessary of Buccaneers MLB.

Now there’s two parts to this, there’s the legitimate news report from Pat Yasinkas hinting that the Buccaneers may be looking with interest at Lofa Tatupu, and then there’s a report from a controversial source saying that the team has made a significant offer. First ESPN’s Yasinkas writes that Tatupu fits the Bucs mold and would shore up a potential trouble spot.

Tatupu’s presence on the market could intrigue the Bucs. He’s a three-time Pro Bowler and is only 28. Although he came into the league with questions about being too small to play middle linebacker, he answered those quickly. The Bucs generally prefer smaller linebackers with good speed.
Now the shakier part of this. This is just rumor, I’m not reporting this as fact quite yet, but I feel it has at least a little credibility given the track-record of the source. If you’re on twitter a lot you may have seen the arguments between fans and some media-types and supporters of a sports-radio personality at WFAN660 in New York who goes by Incarcerated Bob. There’s a lot of debate on this guy’s credibility, but he is in a position to have good contacts (probably more on the player-side) and he has been right quite a bit.
**UPDATED FA NEWS**Source: Tampa Bay Bucs have made the first significant offer to Tatupu (Giants / Eagles / Pats / Browns) all interested
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