Evan Dietrich-Smith fined $16k for antics vs. Falcons

Last Thursday was brutal for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but it was a loss felt even heavier by center Evan Dietrich-Smith. Following the loss, the Bucs center was notified that he was being fined a rather large amount for two separate and stupid penalties against Atlanta.

According to Greg Auman from the Tampa Bay Times, Dietrich-Smith was slapped with $16,536 worth of fines from Thursday night’s loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

Even in the context of a 56-14 loss, last week’s Falcons game was a rough one for Bucs center Evan Dietrich-Smith, who had two snaps count as fumbles — one lost — and now has been fined $16,536 for a pair of unnecessary roughness penalties in the third quarter.

One penalty saw Dietrich-Smith headbutt Falcons linebacker Paul Worrilow after the whistle had blown. That came after a play where the Bucs center basically body slam defensive end Malliciah Goodman as he was laying on the ground face-down after the whistle.

Tampa Bay did a lot of things wrong this past week but chief among their errors were stupid penalties. Dietrich-Smith is paying for his mistakes, but the Buccaneers as a whole need to stop shooting themselves in the foot with stupid penalties that result in lost yards on either side of the ball.

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