Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 15 greatest pass rushers in franchise history

Warren Sapp, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)
Warren Sapp, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images) /
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Ronde Barber, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Ronde Barber, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Ronde Barber. 7. player. 48. . CB. (1997-12)

Anyone questioning Ronde Barber being on this list due to his position needs to take a closer look at just how effective the star defender was throughout his career with the Buccaneers.

Unlike a few players already discussed, Barber was fortunate to spend all 16 years of his playing career in Tampa Bay. This seems unheard of these days when looking at all the teams that eventually move on from star players due to age and money.

Without Barber, the argument can be made that Tampa Bay would still be in search of that first Super Bowl title. He was not only one of the most skilled leaders on defense, but also was known for being a key leader of the team.

For the most part, Barber was known for his coverage skills to keep the football out of opponents’ hands as much as possible, but watching him blitz the quarterback from time to time made his presence even more valuable on the football field.

Believe it or not, there were only two years (although it’s tough to count his rookie year in 1997, since he only appeared in one game) in which Barber failed to get to the quarterback. He finished his 16-year NFL career with 28 total sacks.

These numbers won’t seem as impressive to some football fans, but underrated statistics like this add to the list of reasons behind Barber arguably being one of the top defenders from his time. It’s safe to say he always made it as difficult as possible for opponents.