5 Buccaneers to blame (and 3 to praise) after 27-14 loss in Week 11

Things didn't go great on Sunday, but some guys looked worse than others.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Francisco 49ers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v San Francisco 49ers / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Winner: The Timeout Fairy

It was another bountiful day for the magical Timeout Fairy, who once again celebrated additions to their collection.

Wait...you haven't heard of the Timeout Fairy?

The Timeout Fairy is a magical creature that speaks to special coaches who gift them with timeouts that aren't used during games. Much like angels getting their wings in It's A Wonderful Life, every time a coach goes into halftime with timeouts a Fairy gets its wings and grows in power. Coaches who feed the Timeout Fairy are rewarded with good luck, and coaches who use their timeouts are cast aside as big meanies who upset the Timeout Fairy aren't allowed into the fantastical kingdom once their coaching careers end.

Not many people know about the Timeout Fairy, which is why there's always so much anger and confusion when Todd Bowles goes into halftime with a full set of timeouts rather than using them to preserve time. He's done it in key spots against the Falcons and Bills, and his connection to this magical creature dates back to last season like when he saved his timeouts in a game against the Browns.

Whenever the Bucs don't use their timeouts to try and get aggressive before halftime, the team usually loses. This can be particularly frustrating when the defense starts to build momentum only to have the offense bow out and concede rather than play for points. But you don't need points where coaches go after they're fired, you just need the good will bestowed upon you by the magical Timeout Fairy.

Bowles once again carried all three timeouts with him into halftime, which did the team no good but at least we all know why he refuses to use them.