NFL insider gives Baker Mayfield injury update after Week 6 loss

Baker Mayfield suffered an injury late in Week 6 that will require x-rays to determine its severity.
Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Injury was added to insult during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers loss to Detroit in Week 6.

Not only did the Buccaneers look completely out of sorts during the 20-6 loss, but quarterback Baker Mayfield was injured near the end of the game.

He was injured a few times, but the hit he took on his final pass of the game seems to be the one that sent him to the x-ray room after things had wrapped up. Mayfield spoke with the media, calling out the offense and owning how bad he played in the loss, but that wasn't all the postgame action he saw.

Mayfield reportedly underwent x-rays to determine the extent of the injury he suffered and to clarify exactly what he ended up injuring since there seemed to be some initial confusion.

NFL insider gives latest Baker Mayfield injury update after Week 6

ESPN's Jeff Darlington reported after the game that Mayfield underwent x-rays and the team would know more about the extent of the injury after further evaluation.

Later, Ian Rapoport from NFL Network reported that the x-rays were negative and that the team believes Mayfield is dealing with a bruised hand. It's still unclear how serious the injury is, but the good news seems to be that it's to his non-throwing hand which might not take him out of any action.

Mayfield was banged up a few times in the loss, but it was the last hit he took that caused some concern. Initially, it appeared he had injured his shoulder, as Baker left the field with his arm dangling a bit. This fear was reinforced when reporters spotted him after the game heading into the Bucs locker room with his left arm immobilized

Rapoport's report seems to eliminate this fear, but the Bucs aren't out of the woods yet. Mayfield dealt with a hand injury earlier in the game when his finger was visibility bloody on the sideline and the same hand looked to be injured on the final play.

Tampa Bay has a full week of rest ahead before hosting the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday. The loss to the Lions doesn't know the Bucs out of first place but it makes next week's game against Atlanta one that could flip the standings in the NFC South.

Having Baker Mayfield healthy -- and ready for a bounce back game -- is key.

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