Donovan Smith committed another hilarious penalty for Chiefs in Week 2 (Video)

To be fair, this one wasn't totally his fault.

One of the many things that went wrong for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season was the litany of penalties that stunted forward momentum.

Donovan Smith was the poster child for all of the mistakes, mostly because he oftentimes found himself as the main culprit. Whenever it seemed the Bucs were about to get something going, a flag on Smith ground everything to a halt and sucked the energy right out.

The failure of last season extended well beyond a handful of penalties on Smith, but it was the context in which they happened that added to the death by a million mistakes that sunk the season. It was something that led the Bucs to be okay with letting him go in free agency this offseason, cutting Smith as part of drastic measures that needed to be taken to fix the salary cap situation.

Smith wound up signing with the Kansas City Chiefs, providing an opportunity to get back to the player he was when he helped the Bucs win a Super Bowl three seasons ago.

Just two games into his Chiefs career, Smith has been on the wrong end of two penalties that have Bucs fans thanking their lucky stars he's not committing them in Tampa Bay.

Donovan Smith commits another brutal penalty for Chiefs in Week 2

A week after his drive-killing holding penalty in the Chiefs first game of the season, Smith was flagged again -- this time for something truly wild.

Smith was flagged for illegal touching since he wasn't an eligible receiver on the play. To be fair, this wasn't really Smith's fault and he probably saved Patrick Mahomes from throwing a pick-six. If Smith doesn't catch this ball, or tries to duck out of the way to avoid the penalty, it's probably intercepted by Andre Cisco and returned for a touchdown.

That being said, the optics of Smith committing some sort of weird penalty in back-to-back weeks with his new team is a tough sight.

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