Jason Licht weighs in on Buccaneers potentially drafting a quarterback

Who better to hear from than the man in charge?
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Like the James Bond movie -- or the Justin Bieber song -- never say never when it comes to the NFL Draft.

That's the mindset Jason Licht is taking into this year's draft, which shouldn't be surprising to anyone who has watched him cook over the last decade. From drafting Mike Evans with his first pick to the important pieces he'd added along the way, Licht has a knack for finding talent no matter if experts are seeing things his way or not.

We saw a perfect example of that last season. The Bucs were rumored to be looking at an offensive lineman at No. 19 overall or potentially trading up for a quarterback. Yet, when they went on the clock and Will Levis was still on the board, Tampa Bay took Calijah Kancey to beef up its defensive line.

That could be something that happens again this year, except with a different position. Baker Mayfield signed a $105 million deal this offseason, but rumors are floating around that the Bucs could dip their toe in the quarterback pool and grab someone in the right spot.

With rumors flying around about what the Bucs will do, who better to hear from than the man making the decisions?

Jason Licht comments on whether the Bucs will draft a quarterback this year

Licht spoke to the media on Thursday and among the many things he discussed was what the plan might be at quarterback. He didn't outright say the Bucs would be adding a quarterback but didn't rule it out.

“We look at all the quarterbacks,” Licht said. “I will never say we won’t draft a quarterback.”

This seems to be bad news not for Baker Mayfield but for Kyle Trask, although the writing has been on the wall with him for a while. The idea of the Bucs drafting a quarterback this year is rooted in offering the team a do-over for how it botched -- or misjudged -- the development of Trask.

He was drafted in the second round to sit and learn behind Tom Brady, otherwise why take him that high? Rather than be a viable replacement option when Brady retired, Trask was merely a backup as the Bucs were forced to look at the free agent market instead.

It turned out to be a blessing, as the Bucs ended up with Baker and the rest is history. Meanwhile, Trask only saw action after Mayfield needed to miss a few snaps in a loss to the Colts, and doesn't seem to be in the long-term future.

That's something Licht's comments further suggest, although nothing is locked in. If the Bucs do draft a quarterback, though, he'll be a replacement for Trask and the team might be able to develop him better than they did on their first attempt to secure a key piece for the future.

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