Buccaneers Draft Rewind

Before I proceed with a little breakdown on the guys that we did draft I must make a few comments.  When posting my final mock draft with my draft guru John Crimmins, I made one overall point to him about Saturdays’ first and second rounds:  the only thing that would make me upset would be drafting Josh Freeman.  Not only did we draft him, but we traded up to get him.  It’s not that I don’t think the guy could be a good QB in this league, he seems to have a lot of the qualities of a great QB (other than mediocre completion %’s), I just feel, and have stated this many times that I think the Bucs had more pressing needs than at the QB position.  Judging by some of the comments coming out of our front office, they apparently thought much differently.  There have been numerous leaks from either the Freeman camp, or our front office, that the Bucs signed Byron Leftwich just as a smokescreen, and that Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich have at most one year to prove their worth, if they wanted to get traded to a team.  Raheem Morris did say he was married to Freeman for god sakes.  

Watching teams like the Pats and Ravens masterfully move around the draft, moving backwards, and only moving forwards to get guys they targeted pains me as I watch my team unnecesarily trade up to get a guy in two different rounds.  I don’t think that moving that 7th rounder or that 6th rounder (6th in the Freeman deal, 7th in the Kyle Moore deal) will hurt us, because I don’t feel like we have that many open roster spots, but I also don’t feel like either of those trades were neccesary.  The Pats m0ved back numerous times and got a guy who I thought would have looked great in a Bucs uni in Ron Brace, and than proceeded to get another guy who would have been great in a Bucs uni in Darius Butler, and they got them both in the 2nd round.  Watching our new regime throw picks away to move up  2 spots in the 1st and 4 spots in the 4th, was a smidge confusing to me.  

Onto the players drafted.  

Josh Freeman – Obviously the main prize for the Bucs front office this weekend was the player they consider to be their QB of the future.  Raheem has a lot exeprience with Freeman after he was the defensive coordinator with the Wildcats in Freeman’s 2006 sophomore season.  I am concerned about Freeman’s subpar performances against the Big 12′s better teams.   Against the 5 best teams in the Big 12 (Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska) Freeman was 89 for 170 for 218 yards a game with 5 TD’s and 6 INT’s and a combined 0-6 record.  Now I’m fully aware of the sucktitue of the Kansas State team, but those are not numbers that scream NFL Qb to me.  

Roy Miller – Miller seems to be a perfect fit for what Jim Bates is looking for in a DT.  A big 300+ guy that can clog the middle and stop the run is an integral part of Bates scheme.  The guy is a freak in the weight room bench pressing 500+ and 700lb squats.  This is not going to be a guy who comes in and gets sacks, but is in more of the Casey Hampton mold.  These kinds of players are not exciting on the stats sheet, but are an important part of a defensive scheme such as ours.  I think he will immediately be in the roation at the DT spot and might even end up competing with Chris Hovan for a starting position.  

Kyle Moore – Moore, like Miller is a guy who fits Jim Bates scheme to a T.  6’5″, 270 lb ends are right up Bates alley.  Seems like a solid to above average end at both rushing the passer and stopping the run.  I think he has the potential to be a Greg Spires like player in our new system.  Never will eye popping numbers but will have the chance to be extremely consistent.  Should compete for snaps at the LDE position with Greg White and Jimmy Wilkerson

Xavier Fulton – I can’t pretend to know much about this other than what I have read since yesterday.  I think that the Bucs are looking for a more agile player at the RT position where Jeremy Trueblood currently starts.  If Jeremy Zuttah were moved to RT, a real possibility, Fulton seems like a poor man’s Zuttah in his ability to be a swing offensive lineman.  He was formerly a defensive tackle, so he has experience moving roles and changing positions.  In my mind I thought the Bucs would go after a combo Olineman like this in the hopes of Zuttah starting at RT.  This will most likely move Trueblood to a backup LT and RT role if this were to happen.  

Mel Kiper has the Bucs 15th in his draft grades on ESPN.com.  

The Bucs could’ve stayed where they were and still gotten Josh Freeman, so I don’t understand the decision to trade up for him. He has a lot of upside, but he’s a risk/reward type of player because he isn’t as polished as some of the other top quarterbacks in this draft. The Bucs made some very solid picks throughout the draft, including defensive endKyle Moore in the fourth round and wide receiver Sammie Stroughter in the final round.

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  • jester

    Freeman is 2-0 against Texas. And if you really had the opportunity (my case, suffered the punishment) of watching Ron Prince’s Wildcats; you would understand why folks don’t blame Josh for his record. Josh can be a terrific competitor when given time in the pocket. He’s had to learn to improvise due to KSU’s weak offensive line and undicisplined route running. That will have to be toned down, but nice to know he can make plays when things break down. In terms of physical skills, he can’t be matched. Will be interesting to see his development with quality team mates and coaching.

  • http://www.annjacobs.net Ann

    The Bucs may need a franchise quarterback, but I don’t believe they have one in Freeman. I pray they don’t start him in 2009 and maybe 2010. By 2011 he may have grown up enough to keep his arm busy and his mouth shut, and maybe with that much time he’ll have been able to master Jags’ playbook unless it has to be dumbed down for him even after that much time.

    I’d rather have Luke–he’s got all the tools, plus he has class and can represent the team as something fans can all be proud of.

  • Mike J

    Freeman (aaarrrggghhh):

    Analysis from 3 draft pubs:

    Pro’s: big; looks good getting off the bus.(OK, I made that part up)

    Con’s: (actual quotes): “…must improve his footwork…inconsistent
    accuracy…must improve reading defenses…inconsistent throwing on
    the run…prone to turnovers…makes poor decisions…lackluster
    production.” (“Lindy’s”) “Struggles at times with accuracy on
    intermediate/deep passes…not consistent in his overall
    accuracy…needs a lot of work…a gamble.”) (The War Room) “Far from
    a complete player and will be a huge project…up and down
    career…does not put good touch on throws and does not play like he
    has a good feel for pressure.” ( “USA Today”) Other than that…….

    And Oh! BTW–8 of those 20 TD passes he had in 2008 (in 12 games) came
    vs. No. Tex., Montana St., & La.-Lafayette; 4 were against Iowa St..

    Junior QBs are almost always flops, & guys that can’t complete over 60% of their college passes ditto.
    Would make a nice TE, or beef him up as a DE.

  • Mike J


    They wanted to get bigger at DT?? 6-1 300

    Lessee–not listed by The War Room in the top 33 DTs. “USA Today” &
    “Lindy’s” #20 DT.Not in “Pro Football Weekly’s” top 10 DTs,ability-
    wise, & a mid-fourth round “need” projection.

    Looks like a great value (face twisted in sarcasm).

  • Mike J


    A projected 4th-5th round guy by”Lindy’s” (“capable of
    contributing”) & a fifth-rounder by The War Room, which opines, “a
    solid backup.” 4th round per “USA Today.” #122 player per “Pro
    Football Weekly.” So he more or less went where he should have.

    Decent choice; will be a DLE.

  • Mike J


    Some divergence of opinion about X.F.. “Lindy’s” has him as a fourth-
    rounder,as does “USA Today,” but a 7th per The War Room.Not a top 10
    tackle on “Pro Football Weekly’s” skill list, but a projected mid-
    fifth round selection based on need & value.

    In general, said to be raw (a converted DT) but very athletic, with a
    ton of potential, but a team will have to be patient with him.May wind
    up on the PS. I haven’t seen Fulton play, but his reports make him
    look like a possible LT on down the road a bit, & them critters are
    hard to find.

  • Mike J

    Biggers (who?):

    Not a top 35 corner per “Lindy’s”.Not a top 40 corner in The War
    Room’s rankings, or the top 47 as rated by “USA Today.” Didn’t even
    make “Pro Football Weekly’s” Priority Free Agent list.

    Wonder if this is one of Doug Williams’ choices??

  • Mike J


    “Lindy’s” #30 WR; “More quick than he is fast.” Has return experience.
    Rated a 6th-rounder by The War Room; “… a dependable, experienced
    target…defeats jams…runs clean routes…has the potential to
    contribute as a third-down possession receiver out of the slot.” Rated
    a 5th or 6th-rounder by “USA Today;” “Quick, elusive player…”.”Pro
    Football Weekly” has him as a mid-fourth guy on their value/need
    Has had some personal problems & a history of injuries,which,
    IMO, my have forced him down a bit.

  • Mike J

    The bottom-line good news coming out of this draft is that the Bucs will be able to entertain offers from clubs wanting to move up to take Bradford or McCoy, Draft Day, 2010.
    Don’t count on a lot of W’s the next couple years.

  • Mike J

    2nd try disappeared too. Something about links this software doesn’t like.

  • robet

    I like Kyle Moore. He is going to do good in the NFL.