Change Must Be Made, Radio Must Go

radioI have been complaining for over 4 months now about the direction that I thought this team was moving in.  Anyone who reads this site, knows that I think only with the removal of Raheem Morris as head coach, will the Bucs have a chance in the coming years.  The guy is clueless, and I think the making of the same mistakes every week, coupled with his lack of any logical reasoning behind the same mistakes being made, is sign enough that the Buccaneers most move on.

As we all know, Radio lacks the ability to talk about anything in a logical or coherent way, and this week’s comments were some of the best yet.

“But (Sunday) on offense, you can question some of the effort,” Morris said. “You’re right about doing that.”

“I don’t think it’s a matter of effort,” Morris said. “(Sunday) had some of those Giants-like implications to it, where we were just physically outmatched or a guy just flat-out beat a guy.”


He was also asked some questions about Josh Freeman, and the answer that he gave, I still don’t even really understand, even after reading it a few times.

“You’ve got to calm him down a little bit,” Morris said. “You’ve got to establish your offensive identity as far as the run; you’ve got to get him some easy completions. You’ve got to get back to his hard-core, play-action pass.”

So according to Radio, we’re supposed to run to set up an offensive identity, the same identity that he said would be the Bucs staple this year, the same identity that currently has us ranked 27th in the league in rushing attempts.  It’s a tired statement from a guy that I’m quite frankly just sick and tired of.  We don’t run and we don’t really try, and the stats clearly indicate that, although I know Radio says stats are for losers.

The quality of play from the Bucs on Sunday was awful at best.  We gained one first half first down, which if you told someone who didn’t see any of the game, he would most likely laugh at and think you were trying to pull his leg.  I would think it was funny myself, if it wasn’t the 2nd time this year that it happened.  We gained 25 freaking yards of offense in one half of football.

The Bucs players have given up on Raheem, you can see it in the play on the field, and its even worse when the commentators talk about the lack of effort they witnessed in practice, especially from a team with 1 win.

After Sunday’s game, Freeman currently ranks 2nd to last in the NFL in completion percentage, only behind the great Jamarcus Russell.  He’s also 2nd to last behind Russell in QB Rating.   I don’t want to say I told you so on the lack of ability to throw accurately, but, I told you so.  He’s already 6th in the league in INT’s thrown and he has thrown 52 less passes than the next closest guy on the INT list.

I wanted to write more here, but I honestly have nothing left to say. gave me a glimmer of hope in a poll on their site that says 61% of their readers want a new coach.  At least we have that going for us.

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