Talib needs to step up his game and check his attitude and ego at the stadium doors

Midweek Gameplan 10-26-11

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I have pretty much had enough of Aqib Talib.  This is not just because of his personal foul at the end of this week’s game, that is just the icing on the cake.  It is more about his me first attitude and how he thinks he is more important to the team.  I have held off on writing about him and his legal troubles, but his on field performance has been so bad that I think the Bucs are better without him rather than with him.

He currently has one interception on the year and while it was for a touchdown he also got beat for multiple touchdowns by Calvin Johnson in the same game.  Otherwise, he has not been a playmaker this year and has actually given up on multiple plays this year.  If you don’t agree, watch the highlights of other teams’ long runs and scores this year. Talib is almost always being blocked like he is on roller-skates or is giving up on the play and not even running after the ball carrier.  I know that players are not perfect and will get beat or make mistakes, but not making an effort and giving up is inexcusable.

In the past, Talib made plays and that kept him on the field, now he is hurting the team as much as he is helping it.  The worst part is that Morris continues to defend him, and allows him to continue to make bonehead decisions on the field.  Talib may not be able to control his emotions, but Morris can control his playing time and I bet his emotions are much more controllable if he is benched a couple of times.  Too bad we can’t trade him to the MEagles, where Talib’s selfish ego-centric attitude would fit right in.

Injury Updates and Commentary

Earnest Graham suffered an Achilles tendon injury this week and this is a huge blow to the team.  These injuries very often need surgery and are not only season ending, but can be career threatening, especially for a running back over thirty.  When an Achilles tendon ruptures, it often shreds apart and this makes it difficult to repair.  Some surgeons will actually use another tendon in the ankle to augment the repair if it is really severe.  In addition, people will also get scarring around the area limiting motion of the foot and decreasing push off strength.

Gerald McCoy (ankle), LeGarette Blount (knee-MCL), and Tenard Jackson (hamstring) should all be able to return after the bye week.  I am more certain about McCoy and  Jackson as those injuries should be better and not have much of a lasting effect.  Blount is less of a guarantee, but given the fact that the Bucs have not been too excited about picking up another running back, he must be showing enough promise that he will return.  MCL injuries often take about 4-5 weeks to heal also, so if not for the Saints, then very likely the week after.

NFL Matters

The Packers are still undefeated and easily the best team in the league but they are vulnerable. Their defense has not been as good as last year in terms of game changing sacks and turnovers.  This alone will keep opponents in games as they are not good enough on their own to win games.

While the offense under Aaron Rodgers is quite prolific and he may be the best decision maker in the game, but they still are unbalanced.  Starks and Grant have not been good power runners and thus the offense cannot sustain drives in the second half and eat the clock.  This gives their opponents ample opportunities to score later in games.  Starks was able to do this for them last postseason and showed some of this at the very end of this weeks game, but he needs to be consistent. These factors combine to make their games close and may come to haunt them in the late season and playoffs.     

Fantasy Focus

Since I have only been mediocre at predicting on who to play, I am going to take a different direction this week.  This is the time of year when some people are essentially out of the running due to injuries, bad luck with opponent’s scoring or bad decisions.  Unfortunately in my league, like many others, we have a member who has given up, does not set a lineup and made a couple of questionable trades.  Of course this got some people in the league upset and has really stirred up some emotions.

My point is don’t be that guy or girl.  Continue to play and set a lineup every week.  At least respond to trades and make you team better if possible.  If for nothing else, do it for pride.  If you signed up for the league than finish it out.

At The End of the Day

I just don’t get why Terrell Owens continues to think that he is a prize to be won by teams in the NFL.  If teams thought he was worth the headache, they would have been monitoring his rehab more closely.  He is an undeniable talent, but the negative things he does for the team is just not worth what he gives you on the field anymore.  What is even worse is that the NFL network is making a spectacle of his workout and had him on set to discuss this with him.

Until next week, get healthy, there are still 9 games to play.

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