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Should the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Consider Trading For Darrelle Revis?

According to a report by CBSSports’s Jason La Canfora, the Jets are heading in a new direction with their new general manager John Idzik, and part of the new plan for New York may be to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis. Revis is without a doubt the best cornerback in the NFL when healthy, and is currently in the midst of rehabbing from an ACL injury. All signs point to Revis making a complete, timely recovery, so the question becomes: Should the Buccaneers consider trading for the dominant cornerback?

At first glance, it seems like a no-brainer. Revis is only 27, and is still in the prime of his career. He’s athletic, smart, and has the ability to lock down any NFL wide receiver. If you’ve watched any NFL football over the past few years, I am sure you know all about Mr. Revis. The contract situation with Revis is where you may begin to pause. In the same article linked above, La Canfora points out that Revis is entering the final year of his contract, and will likely command the biggest contract possible for a cornerback when he hits the open market. This means twice to three times as much as what the Buccaneers were paying Eric Wright, but for an obviously better player.

So should the Buccaneers consider Revis? I think it’s worth it on face value for a one year trial run, to bring in Revis alongside a rookie cornerback brought in for the future. If he likes it in Tampa Bay, he may resign for a bit less than what he’d get on the open market. If not, he can move along and the Bucs will have taken a risk and would have still received the benefit of having an excellent cornerback for a season. The cost of the trade will ultimately be the determining factor. Mark Dominik would be foolish to sacrifice draft picks in 2013 or 2014, as the Buccaneers are still building the core of their franchise and the draft has proven to be a focal point of the current front office.

The Jets will clearly want value for Revis, and unless the Buccaneers were willing to offer a great young player for Revis, it’s likely that the trade would require a high draft pick. I don’t think either scenario is in the Buccaneers’ best interest, as the team is likely still a year or two away from being a competitor. At this point, I just hope Revis doesn’t go to the NFC South, and stays away from the Buccaneers’ schedule for 2013. But if the price is right, I would love to see Revis Island as a part of the Tampa Bay area’s biggest attractions.

So what do you think, Bucs fans? Should the Buccaneers go after Revis this offseason? Leave your feedback below!

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  • Ryan Litvak

    The talent in the top end of the draft this year, especially DB, is not there. If they could give up the 2013 1st rd pick for him then I say do it unless we could somehow get Dee Milliner.

    • Leo

      This is very true, but you have to be sure you can sign Revis long term. Otherwise you’re trading one year of the best player for 4-5 years of what could be a great player.

  • Tony Brown

    The Bucs should absolutely trade for Revis. That trade alone would be enough to make us Super Bowl contenders. He alone makes our biggest weakness a strength. We especially need to make this happen because we can get him for a bargain due to his contract situation and injury. We have the cap space, we have the trade bait, and we absolutely have the need. Easy decision if you ask me. What’s even better, the Bucs appear to be the team in the best position to get him. Most potential suitors will be scared off because they know how much money he’ll want. For the Bucs, he would deserve every penny. Like I said, Revis alone raises our pass defense from 32nd to around top 10 level. Turnovers would go up too, since QBs would have to start forcing a lot more passes.

    • dan Forrest

      lets do this thing, he can mentor the young guys, it’s a win, win situation.

    • Christopher Barnett

      I have to disagree. Revis didn’t even get the Jets to a Super Bowl, so we cant be contenders for something he has yet reached. You also know the Jets were the 2nd ranked pass defense without Revis. Also the people saying for this guy to mentor them Please!! He will make them close minded, holdout every year wanting a new deal, Think i’m better than everyone player. You know how you shut out Revis. 2 TE set like the Patriots do Gronk and Hernedez and they put Welker in the slot, so what happens you have a 16 million a year guy shutting down a Brandon Stokely. With the way the offense is protected you need guys like J.J. Watt, Von Miller Aldon Smith. No one can cover a WR if they have no pressure. Even Deion couldn’t cover recievers forever when the QB has all day to throw. We give the Jags Blount and Trueblood to take the 2nd pick in the draft and take a solid pass rusher and let Bennett walk.

      • Brandon Crotchett

        i dont think we should go after revis either. but let bennett walk??? u crazy? he had a breakout year, and will get better. they just need to get a nose tackle/ outside linebacker/ defensive back either in free agency or the draft and their defense i think will be in good shape!

  • derick

    wonder if they will take blount for him straight up. They do need help in there running game.

    • Leo

      Haha, probably not straight up. Plus, Blount is a restricted free agent. So it would be a tricky proposition to turn him into a trade asset. The main thing the Bucs have to offer is cash and no state sales tax.

      • Gabriel

        I like your take on our team! I was thinking maybe a 4th n possibly a 6th. We def need to get a beast in on our dline or a lb that can make plays. The 2nd rd has potential at cb I like trufant n poyer have sum potential! Leaves sum valuable picks to get other needs! What do you think? I feel like you have our teams best interest in mind n like to shoot sum ideas around!

        • Leo

          I honestly think it will take a first round pick to get Revis. Possibly a first and a fourth for Revis and a 6th, something like that. But if we get Revis knowing that he’d sign long term, we could get a pass rusher in round 2, a linebacker in round 3, and so on. Plus we’d still have some free agent cash, even after all that, because we’ll have a good amount this offseason. The concern is that if Revis wants too much, things add up too quickly.

  • Tony Brown

    Also, we have plenty to offer for him. Don’t expect anyone to offer the Jets a 1st round pick for a guy that just came off major knee surgery. Most teams probably couldn’t even afford to sign him as a free agent. Money’s definitely not an issue for us. Cutting Eric Wright and Quincy Black will open up A LOT of cap room (not to mention we already have plenty).
    Not to mention, this would be great for Mark Barron too, who would become free to stay in the box and play to his strengths a lot more often.

    • Leo

      Plus carried over cap space, the Bucs will have plenty of room to work with. However, would signing Cary Williams and a Dee Milliner for 5 years each be better than spending all that money and more on Revis? Just something else to consider. I think Revis is amazing, just playing devils advocate

  • EJay18

    Why would you not try to get the best player available (period). If you are sitting there with the 13th overall pick and cannot get help for your secondary trade that pick for Revis. Here is the overall trade that I would propose to the Jets:
    Buccs first, fourth (from the Pats) and seventh for Jets Revis and a 2nd or 3rd rounder especially if you can make sure that Revis signs an extension before the trade goes through

    • Leo

      That’s the key. Make sure you can sign him. If you can sign him for a decent contract long term, it would maybe be worth it. He is better than any player in the draft, that’s for sure.

  • The Great Leon

    A 2nd or a 3rd. He is coming off injury and is a complainer. Whatever ATL gave up for Samuels but add something extra,

    • Leo

      Samuel was a bit older at the time of the trade, and was dealt for only a 7th rounder. Bucs would need to give up a lot more than that. 2nd or 3rd might be reasonable, depends on what the market dictates and what the Jets are willing to take.

  • Axel Lugo

    Make it happen… I dont care what it takes. Make. It. Happen.

  • Christopher Barnett

    Revis would be nice, but i’m not trading a 1st. We need Pass Rush more than we need CB’s. Yes our CB’s our horrible, but we spent high draft picks on a D-line that was 2 spots away from having the least amount of sacks in the NFL. I could see us moving up in this draft mabey trade with Jacksonville to take mabey a Damontre Moore,Bjoern Werner, Star Lotulelei.We need pass rush. I’d take Luke Joeckel if anything . We could trade Blount and a 4th to move up. Then in the 2nd round. take a CB and get one in Free Agency. I don’t like any of the CB’s in the first round. Milliner is overrated.

  • bigmikebuc89

    If the the glazers want seats sold and buc fans back he would get him

  • chris

    Trade down in the first round with St. Louis (also giving them our 3rd round next year) and pick up both of the first round picks 16 and 22 and then trade blount and the 16th pick to Jets for the Island of Revis. Then use then 22nd pick to draft CB Rhodes from FSU. Revis, Rhodes, and L.Johnson. Revis teaches both how to be shutdown CB’s.

    • Jason Mcfarland

      Wow, you got it all figured out.

  • Jason Mcfarland

    Yes! Pick him up. Hes still most likely got 4 or 5 years left in him. Its a bit of a risk but what a pay off if it works out.

  • Shawn

    The pass rush will be fine, Claborn, are best pass rusher, will be back next year, and Bowers was starting to look strong the last couple of games as he is making a good recovery.

  • Guest

    I definitely think they should, but they can’t get carried away. A 2013 first round pick would be worth it. An weakness would instantly become a strength.

  • Gary Beahan Jr.

    Though having a Revis-caliber player on the Bucs sounds great, I don’t think he’d click with Schiano.