August 3, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik during training camp at One Buc Place. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mock Offseason Version 1.0: Upgrading the Defense

The NFL offseason can be almost as fun as the regular season, as teams work their salary cap magic to sign and trade for the right players to bring hope and excitement to their fanbases. Mark Dominik has started to find his groove, bringing in talented veterans like Carl Nicks and Vincent Jackson, along with impact draft picks like Doug Martin and Adrian Clayborn. And while I am most certainly not Mark Dominik, allow me to do my best to project the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2013 offseason, draft, free agency, and anything else I project may come up.

Buccaneers Free Agents:

  • Michael Bennett – Re-signed for 6 million dollars per year
  • Ronde Barber – Re-signed for 2 million dollars per year
  • EJ Biggers – Allowed to sign with another team
  • Dallas Clark – Allowed to sign with another team
  • Sammie Stroughter, Roscoe Parrish – Allowed to sign with another team
  • Andrew Economos – Re-signed to 800k dollars per year.
  • Jacob Cutrera – Resigned to a cheap deal
  • Jeremy Trueblood – Allowed to sign with another team
  • LeGarrette Blount – Allowed to sign with another team
  • Roy Miller – Re-signed for 4.5 million dollars per year
  • Brandon McDonald – Resigned to a cheap deal/practice squad
  • Daniel Te’o-Nesheim – Resigned to a cheap deal

Players Released

  • Eric Wright, Released
  • Quincy Black, Released
  • Dan Orlovsky, Released

Players Signed

  • Rex Grossman, QB, signed to a cheap contract
  • Brian Leonard, RB, signed to a cheap contract
  • Devery Henderson, WR, signed to a cheap contract
  • King Dunlap, OT, signed to a 3.5 million dollars per year contract
  • Cary Williams, CB, signed to a 8 million dollars per year contract
  • Pat Chung, S, signed to a 2.5 million dollars per year contract
  • Mike Williams, WR, signed to a 6 million dollar per year contract extension

Players Drafted

  • First Round: Trade down to low first round, select CB Johnthan Banks, Mississippi State
  • Second Round: Select Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford  and Phillip Thomas, FS, Fresno State (Additional pick a result of trading down in first round)
  • Third Round: Select Chase Thomas, LB, Stanford
  • Fourth Round: Select Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M and Lavar Edwards, DE, LSU
  • Fifth Round: Select Jon Bostic, LB, Florida
  • Sixth Round: Select Ricky Wagner, OT, Wisconsin
  • Seventh Round: Select Cooper Taylor, Safety, Richmond

Quick summary: This means the defensive backfield has Johnthan Banks, Cary Williams, Ronde Barber, Leonard Johnson, and others competing for depth at corner. It would also include Mark Barron, Pat Chung, Ronde, and rookie Phillip Thomas providing a starting options at safety. Linebacker Quincy Black is replaced by Chase Thomas and competition from Bostic and possibly another free agent signing. Defensive line remains in tact with added depth in Edwards. Offensive line is rounded out with Dunlap at right tackle, or a current player could win the job as well. Wide receiver receives a slot upgrade in Swope, and running back gets depth in Leonard. Ertz becomes a franchise tight end and brings a boost to the position. Rex Grossman provides a slightly cheaper option than Orlovsky, and also provides more realistic compeition. The Buccaneers also sign a quarterback after the draft, to bring in more arms to test out.

So what do you think, Bucs fans? Would this be a successful offseason? What would you change, if you were GM? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • wmcritter

    Sounds solid. I definitely think Dominik will trade down in the first round. They would love Milliner, but there is no way he will fall to 13th, so might as well drop down, pick up an extra draft pick and still get the #2 or #3 CB at the bottom of the first round.
    My on quibble is with Cary Williams. After he shoved an official in the Super Bowl, I”m not sure he is a “Buccaneer man”. In case you have not noticed, we have been getting rid of all our trouble makers lately (Winslow, Talib, etc.)

    • Tony Brown

      3 words: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

      • Leo

        He’s not a Buccaneer man, either. And he doesn’t tackle, which is going to be a big turn off for us.

  • Tony Brown

    Good work, but needs more Revis.

    • Leo

      No way. The more I think about it, the less I like it. He’s just not worth it with all the assets we have. we’re building for the long term and he’s the ultimate kneejerk short term move.

  • RussMillerWY

    I like the Banks move. Heard Roy Miller got a bad score at PFF. I think the Bucs like Biggers enough to re-sign him, unless he’s looking to catch on with a team whose pass defense has a better rep. PFF liked Biggers a lot better than Cary Williams. I hope the Bucs hear your earlier suggestion and go after Toler instead. $2 mil and $6 mil seem low to retain Barber and Bennett– Barber would be taking a 33% pay cut after having a shiny year and Bennett is beloved by PFF. They say he and McCoy are our only good pass rushers. OT is a need but not an emergency– ideal for a dirt cheap mid-to-late round draft pick. Rexy is an interception machine, bless his Floridian heart. I prefer Matt Moore but he’s hunting to start. With Flacco out of range and Drew Stanton following Arians to AZ, there ain’t much left. What about Garrard, if healthy? He’s a cautious and a credible stopgap should Freeman walk next year. I don’t think they need another 3rd down back, but I see where you’re going with Leonard (Rutgers). Why not speedy scatback Stephens-Howling (McNulty connection), and get a good KR to boot? How about Domenik Hixon for WR (Sullivan connection)?

    • Leo

      Yeah, Miller didn’t grade out well, but neither did Adrian or Mason. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Miller go, but for this version of the mock offseason, I stuck with him.

      The Cary Williams idea is not my favorite, but it works. I prefer Toler, Sheldon Brown, etc.

      Bennett shouldn’t command more than 8 mil. He’s not a top 10 defensive end in this league. He’s solid but he’s not elite. I’d be willing to let him go if it comes to that kind of cash. As far as Barber goes, i figured a bit of a cut would be in order as he gets older, but i agree it could be his usual 4ish million.

      I love Grossman. Not gonna lie. I’m biased. He’s started a Super Bowl, for goodness sake haha. But yeah, it’s unlikely that he’ll be in Tampa. But it’s possible. Not a fan of Garrard but if he comes cheap enough he’s better than Orlovsky!

      Hixon was a guy i considered. As far as running backs go, I figure Smith and Ware will be able to fill most of the snaps Blount would have got, so you just need a super cheap guy. LSH will be too costly for a guy on the fringe of the roster.

      • RussMillerWY

        I have a similar fixation with Marvin Lewis. I experiment with different ways to use him in Madden 13 (run-stopping corner, free safety in the prevent defense, etc), not that that’s any kind of real world predictor of success. Both he and Rexy have the tools. It’s just those split-second, disastrous judgement calls that land them on the bench. But they could be giants…

        Ertz sounds like a good pick for a receiving tight end. Every time I see Luke Stocker moving around on the field, even when he makes great catches, there’s just this… almost… shocking… Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robot lack of agility. He’s the anti-K2. Ertz could be the opposite and therefore the perfect complement.

    • Leo

      Also, you should really consider applying to write for the site! I always enjoy your reasonable and informed opinions.

      • RussMillerWY

        Wow, thanks! I was worried I might be getting too long winded. I really enjoy getting my Bucs fix from your column almost every day. I’ve been grumbling all season long about how shallow and lazy the local TB sports coverage has been. All most of those guys do is show up for press conferences, as a question, and spin the stock answer into a cookie cutter, Mad Libs-esque story. Pewter Plank has rejuvenated the content with lots of great film-based and deep stats-based analysis. It’s like having PFF, Football Outsiders, or Mike Tanier cover the Bucs exclusively. Obviously, I’m hooked :)

        • Leo

          Well, check out the post on the front page about getting involved if you’d be interested in adding your own thoughts to the blog. You’re definitely not too long winded, and with a few more words, your comments would make nice articles for the blog. Even if they’re just to disagree with me!

          • RussMillerWY

            Will do!


    Love Ansah and Mingo..Drooling over the posibilities. Throw Tyrrann Mathieu and I will quit complaining. All three are raw but playmakers.


    Feel like a kid in a candy store. Too many goodies and not enogh money to buy it all,