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Revis Island to Tampa Bay: Are the Rumors an Oasis or a Mirage?

The offseason is a time for wishful thinking. When grown men bookmark YouTube highlight films like children dogearing the toy section of a department store catalog. Fans run rampant on the twittersphere with lofty aspirations of reeling in that big-ticket free agent or completing the next blockbuster trade.

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Since Jets Owner Woody Johnson let it slip that the team was interested in trading all-everything cornerback Darrelle Revis at the end of January, Bucs fans have been throwing trade proposals against the proverbial wall to see what sticks.  And yesterday afternoon, something finally did.

Just after 4pm Wednesday, Ed Werder was quoted on Rotoworld saying that the Jets were “dealing from a position of obvious weakness,” and that suitors would “consider giving up a (second-round pick) or less.” Werder went on to name Tampa, San Francisco, Atlanta and Detroit as candidates for a possible trade. If Johnson indeed drops Revis’ first-round price tag, the Bucs would be crazy not to explore a deal for the soon-to-be twenty-eight year old.

When this tweet hit the fan, many Bucs’ realists, who once thought a trade would be unlikely, were suddenly lunging for a seat at the Revis trade table, myself included. Local bi-modular radio host Justin Pawlowski of 98.7 WFAN tweeted his response to Werder’s assessment: “2nd round pick? Ok!” The astute Pawlowski also pointed out that current Jets G.M. John Idzik once worked alongside Dominik in the Bucs’ front office, where he rose from a Pro Personnel Assistant to Assistant G.M. from 1993 to 2004. The Commish drew another Bucs-Revis parallel when he wrote that newly hired Dave Wanstedt and one-year Bucs asst. DB’s coach Jeff Hafley, were Revis’ head coach and positions coach, respectively, at Pittsburgh.

Revis tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee on September 23rd, during a game against Miami. He had surgery on that knee on October 16th; 142 days ago to be precise. He has started all 16 games in four seasons of his six-year career, missing three games in 2010 with a hamstring injury.  Coincidentally enough, 2010 was the year Revis held out of training camp for a four-year $32 million extension (or extortion, if you are in Johnson’s shoes). It is safe to say that Revis is a durable player, as long as he gets his reps in August. Obviously a medical examination would need to be performed on his knee by any and all teams in the hunt. It has been well documented that Bucs G.M. Mark Dominik has been no coward when it comes to evaluating knee injuries with players like Kellen Winslow Jr., Antonio Bryant and Da’Quan Bowers.

Could this be the reason that the Bucs have yet to sign Michael Bennett and Roy Miller? Did they restructure deals with Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks, in order to land arguably the best defensive back in the NFL? If the perceived trade value on Revis is in fact falling, we will more than likely see a trade happen before Tuesday, March 12th. The Jets must take advantage of the market now, before free agent cornerbacks are fair game.

The Bucs have been used to drive the price up on players in the past, but if this trade were to happen, Schiano and Dominik would be making a major statement about how close they perceive this team to be from being serious contenders.

So what do you think, Buccaneer fans? Is Revis seriously a possibility for the Buccaneers? Or is it all just a smoke screen? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Leo

    I really worry about putting so much money and so much draft value into an injured corner with a big salary. ACL’s are still serious, even if AP made his injury look meaningless. It’s different for a corner, they do so much more with their legs and knees. I’m just not sure he’s worth the risk.

    • Tony Brown

      There is certainly a risk with trading for Revis, but there’s always risks involved in trades of this magnitude. The reward by far outweighs the risk here. Yes, there is a chance that he isn’t the same guy, but there’s also a chance that he has an AP like comeback and almost singlehandedly turns our pathetic pass defense into a respectable unit.

      • Leo

        That’s the thing tho. You need at least 2 corners. He literall cannot single handedly change the team from that position. He benefited from Cromartie across from him, ya know?

        • Drew Hamilton

          I agree. I’m not a big fan of investing so much money into a player who has yet to record a single stat in a Bucs uniform, much less a guy coming off an ACL tear. And you’re completely correct about inaccurately drawing comparisons between Revis’ recovery and AP’s recovery. But medical science is improving each and every year.

          Tying up too much money in a player can sink an organization. I’ve been against this trade from the start. If what Werder says is true though, I couldn’t argue against it pending a medical evaluation.

          • Normis

            AP is the exception, the ONLY exception to the rule, and the rule stats that it takes 2 seasons to recover fully from an ACL tear. Having said that Dom does have a very respectable track record with past knee injuries..

          • Tony Brown

            Here’s the thing, though. You’re not necessarily investing any money in Revis. If for some reason, he doesn’t perform well this season, we can just let him go and at least get a compensatory pick back and we don’t have to pay him anything after this year. (Eric Wright signing was more financially risky.)
            But again, look at the other side of it. He could also come back and still be a great corner and Mark Dominik ends up looking like a genius for taking that risk. If you’re Mark Dominik, why would you not take that chance? It’s not like drafting someone is a sure thing either.

        • Tony Brown

          I know. But we have the resources to pursue a 2nd and maybe even a 3rd corner. Revis will pretty much take up all of the cap space we get from releasing Wright, and we’ll still have plenty of cap room. Especially if Michael Bennett leaves in free agency.
          We could bring in a proven starter in free agency (I’d love to see Brent Grimes in a Bucs uni) who can be a good 2nd corner for Revis (or 1st if something happens to Revis). And then we could enter the draft without any needs, free to use the 13th pick on the BPA. We could even pick up a 3rd potentially starting caliber corner like Milliner, Rhodes, or Banks.

    • Westen Hassels

      they will get a doctor examination before they make a desicion if he is making great progress then you cant complain about the bucs getting him. so what hes big contract, he is the best corner in the nfl, and all of you are complaining about price. you guys are outraguos

      • Leo

        I don’t think it’s unreasonable to not want to spend the combined cost of Sean Smith and Dashon Goldson just to get ONE player. Two Pro Bowl level talents, or one All-Pro talent coming off an injury? And we’d still need a second corner, who we’d have less money to spend on. Revis can’t cover the whole field!

        • Westen Hassels

          its called the draft and we will have about 40 mill in cap space so if revis is lets say 15 we could get jenkins from dallas CB and draft the honey badger in the third and still have at least 22 mill to spend but i do understand your point and think that getting sean smith and goldson with the bennet brothers is a better option along with cribbs

          • Westen Hassels

            in slot without giving any draft picks instead

          • Leo

            To get Revis we’d have to give up a large portion of our draft. We’ve got a team that’s building to be good for a long time (Martin, David, Barron, Mike Will, Bowers, Clayborn). Adding more from this draft, rather than sending picks to the Jets, will set us up more long term. And Revis is going to want more than 15. He might not get it, but he’s gonna want it.

            Plus there’s no way Mark Dominik drafts the Honey Badger. Schiano would kick him out of camp within 2 or 3 days. I think the kid could impress in the NFL but I’m 99.99% sure it won’t be in Tampa Bay.

  • Ken Boehlke

    The pick doesn’t both me at all. Revis will be better than anyone we could possibly grab in the second round. It’s the price of the contract and the circus. I agree 100% to explore it. Just not so sure he’s a “Buccaneer man”

  • Normis

    I’d love love love to have “Revis Island” make Tampa Bay his home town, but that statement does come with a few “if’s” such as:

    - Id love to have Revis on the Bucs if he is clear of his injury and able to perform like the Revis who I have been terrified of starting my WR;s in my fantasy league against.

    - Id love to have Revis if he doesn’t cause long term damage to our salary cap with demands of being the highest paid defensive player of all time and then raising the stakes if/when we have to rework Freemans deal. No way would Freemans agent let him take less pay then a cb on the team.

    - Id love to have Revis if he can be a team first player and not a ME FIRST diva that is going to want to hold out after a good/great season

    -Id love to have Revis if the Jets price tag isn’t too high and puts a halt on our build through the draft youth movement a la the Packers, Steelers, Pats, and basically how every year in year out competitive teams gets it done

    If all of those conditions are met then I would be all aboard with Revis Island, GO BUCS!

    • Leo

      I think those qualifiers mean you don’t want him. Haha. I don’t think he meets those requirements. Could be proven wrong, tho!

  • Tyson Beauregard

    Of course I would love to see Revis as a Buc, and for a 2nd round pick are you kidding me?! The 49ers got a 2nd and more for friggin Alex Smith. With the exception of Lavonte David, the Bucs have been less than impressive with their 2nd rounders in the last several years. Anyone would be a fool not to want Revis but the question is, at what cost. I suspect we’ll find that out in the next few days.

    Obviously a trade for Revis would demand more. And as the author pointed out, all the dots connect and clearly we have the cap space but ultimately, I just can’t convince myself it will actually happen.
    Not that Dominik is afraid to spend money – he’s already proven that he is not. I think we are still learning the tendencies of the Dominik/Schiano era. But what they’ve showed us so far in moving around in the draft and spending big money on top FA’s, I think the Bucs are back on the path to be a consistent force in the NFC. Revis, or no Revis.

    • Leo

      Well put.


    No way in Hell. It would be right up there with parting the Red Sea!!! And he is definitely not Moses.


    Can’t see paying him what he wants.Rather have Smith or CromartieR