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Report: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Consider Trading First Round Pick for Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis is clearly the number one choice to be brought in play cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at this point of the offseason, having passed on all virtually all other starting caliber corners on the market. But the Buccaneers previously seemed reluctant to trade their first round pick to the Jets in exchange for the All-Pro cornerback. Oh how quickly things can change.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times has reported that the Buccaneers are now quite willing to entertain any offer from the Jets, including those including the 13th overall pick in the 2012 draft. This report comes right from General Manager Mark Dominik, who told Stroud this about his willingness to deal his first round pick:

“There’s only one (team) that knows who they’re taking,’’ Dominik said of the draft. “The thing I’d say is I feel really good about the success we’ve had drafting players. At the same point, I’m not going to sit there and be bull-headed and not think, “what’s the best thing for the team going forward?” That’s the only way you can build it right.’’

In other words, the Buccaneers don’t know who will be there to take at number 13, and for every great first round pick you can think of, there’s Kenyatta Walker. For every success story in the middle of the first round, there’s Reidel Anthony. So Dominik is letting it be known that, while he trusts himself in the draft, he isn’t going to hold on to the pick stubbornly and ignore an opportunity to get a proven commodity at cornerback.

So while the Buccaneers certainly have needs this offseason, the ability to turn the 13th pick into the best cornerback in the NFL may prove too good of an offer to pass up. Being able to hold onto second and third round picks would help the Buccaneers build affordable depth, as the second and third rounds certainly hold potential starters at need positions like defensive end, defensive tackle, and cornerback.

It is encouraging to hear that the Buccaneers’ front office is keeping an open mind about a deal for Revis. But this willingness to make a trade does not translate into the rapid execution of a trade. More and more media outlets are indicating the trade process will likely drag on over the course of the next month, as the Buccaneers work with both the Jets and Revis to make sure proper compensation is in place. So be patient, Bucs fans, because the Jets know the list of teams who have the combination of interest in Revis and capability of paying him is short, and the Buccaneers are at the top of that list. In fact, they might be the only team on that list. This deal looks very likely to get done. It’s a matter of when, and when could be any time before the NFL Draft.

Just keep an open mind, like Mark Dominik has elected to do with his draft picks. The plan is clearly underway, and the front office knows what it wants. The deal will work itself out.

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  • Tony Brown

    I can’t say I’m thrilled about giving up such a valuable pick, but I’d still support the move. The only player I really wanted in the first round is Dee Milliner, and he probably won’t be there at #13 anyway. It may be a lot to give up, but you’re essentially “drafting” Revis by giving away that pick for him. I know he’s a risk because of his knee injury, but I’d take the only true shutdown corner in the league over a rookie. You’re taking a risk whenever you draft someone anyway.
    Dominik seems to be determined to fill the #2 corner spot in the draft instead of free agency (makes sense when you think about it, considering the contract Revis will want). Though the CB class may not have a lot of star power, there is plenty of depth, and the dropoff in talent from all the 1st rounders (except Dee) to the 2nd rounders is not that steep.
    Considering how good Revis is and how desperately we need a cornerback of his caliber (no one else near his level is available), the 13th pick in a weak draft class is a price I’d be willing to pay. Please, Mark. Do whatever it takes to get this guy. We can’t afford not to.

    • Leo

      I don’t think we “have” to get it done, but with these terms being tossed around, it should be something we focus on. If we don’t get Revis there are still options, but not close to as big of an impact, obviously.

      • Tony Brown

        The more I follow this soap opera (we’re trying to make a trade with the Jets, what else can you expect?), the more I’m convinced that this trade is pretty much a done deal.
        -We have not pursued any corners despite our cap space and the depth at the position.
        -There really are no other potential trade partners for the Jets. They can’t really be dumb enough to keep him and let him walk for nothing next year. (In which case, there’s a good chance he’d sign with us anyway.)
        -There are reports that the Bucs are willing to break the bank for Revis’ contract (not that it should be surprising).
        -Dominik is willing to up the ante on our offer, per multiple reports. I think he knows the significance of this trade.

        Two things are still holding the trade back.
        The pick dillema. I think Dom is likely eyeing Dee Milliner in the draft, but since he’s willing to trade the 13th pick, he’s probably willing to settle for a Banks or Amerson in the 2nd.
        The waiting game. The Jets are getting greedy right now. They are trying to squeeze every pick they can out of us. I don’t know how long they intend to keep this up, but they’re playing a dangerous game right now.

        I expect this trade to happen sometime before the draft. Probably the 13th pick and our 2nd for Revis and their 2nd or something like that.

        • Leo

          Yeah, I’m in the 70% to 80% range on likelihood this gets done.

  • RussMillerWY

    If the Jets gave the Bucs some pocket change back for their dollar bill pick, if Revis wants to play for the Bucs, and if his knee doesn’t keep him from playing like his old self, I think the trade will be a good thing. Pocket change has been a sweetener in the Bucs two most recent trades. They got a 4th round pick for Talib but had to kick in a 7th round pick as change. They got a 6th round for Benn but kicked back another 7th round as change. If they have to give up their middle of the first round pick for Revis, they should hold out for a second or third round pick as change. They could bundle that with their existing second round to move up and grab someone who falls to an attractive spot like Lavonte David and Doug Martin did last year.

    According to the draft pick value chart that most teams use as a reference, the 13th pick in the draft is worth 1,150 points. The 43rd pick of the draft (the rumored Bucs’ first offer to the Jets) is worth less than half that at 470 points. If the Jets gave the Bucs their 2nd round pick (41st overall, valued at 490 points), the Jets would net 660 points (equivalent to the 28th pick in the 1st round). Doug Martin made it to pick 31 last year. Theoretically, the Bucs could trade that 41st and their 43rd picks to go up as high as 17th pick of the 1st round (where they once found Josh Freeman). If they got the Jets 3rd round pick (74th overall), that’s worth 220 points. That and their 43rd pick would be worth a theoretical leap to the 27th spot.

    The Jets are fools to trade any player as good as Revis for a draft pick that could turn out to be the next Mark Sanchez, especially considering Revis’s heartfelt desire to re-up and stay in New York. Never give a sucker an even break.

    • Leo

      I think you’re on the right page here. Give them the premium pick they want, but ask for more depth options in return.

  • finishers

    Yes! We need to get at least a 3rd from them this yr.

  • finishers

    I don’t want a guy you have too pay 14 mil. A yr. Unless he’s a qb