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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Have Discussed Trading for Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez as a Part of a Darrelle Revis Deal

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and coach Greg Schiano have expressed a desire for competition at every position this offseason, and Greg Schiano’s relationship with Josh Freeman has been a roller coaster of sorts. So it’s safe to say that an additional quarterback will be added the roster between now and the start of camp, and he’ll be brought in to provide a more competitive backup than Dan Orlovsky. Names like Matt Cassel, Carson Palmer, and John Skelton have crossed the minds of Buccaneers’ fans, but there is one source of potential quarterbacks that has been jokingly discussed, but might need to be taken more seriously.

The New York Jets.

Reports have surfaced today that the Buccaneers and Jets have been discussing the possibility of throwing in one of the Jets polarizing signal callers as a part of the Darrelle Revis deal. The idea behind the inclusion of either quarterback is similar to trades more often seen in the NBA, where a team includes a valuable player along with a player they want to get rid of but can’t cut, with hopes that the benefit of the good player (Revis, in this case) outweighs the negative of taking on the contract of a lesser player that is not a part of the team’s plans (Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow).

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So which quarterback would the Buccaneers be more interesting in bringing along in a Revis trade? Tebow seems like the casual fan’s favorite choice, with the fan bases of the Bucs and Gators overlapping and University of Florida faithful still trusting in Tim Tebow’s winning ways. Mark Sanchez seems like the ignorant choice, with the bigger contract and more recent struggles creating a perfect storm of disinterest from fans.

I have spelled out my thoughts about Tebow previously, and will not rant again about him, because he’s either loved or hated, with no middle ground amongst NFL fans. So let’s take a moment to consider Mark Sanchez as a possible addition to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback depth chart.

Sanchez was taken a dozen spots higher than Josh Freeman in the 2009 draft, and came out of college boasting an NFL-ready arm with incredible anticipation. He was highly coveted by the Jets, who maneuvered up the draft board to select him and put him right into the starting role. He did “lead” the team to two AFC Championship games, but he never posted impressive (and more importantly, consistent) numbers, struggling with his accuracy and making plenty of boneheaded mistakes.

This would all be fine, and worthy of giving the former USC standout a chance, if it weren’t for the massive contract Sanchez brings along. He is signed through 2016, and has tons of bonuses and guaranteed dollars in his contract. Bringing Sanchez in means sticking with him for at least a couple of seasons, or suffering a cap penalty for letting him go. Considering the smart spending Mark Dominik has exhibited this offseason, it would be a total surprise to see Sanchez’s massive contract and cap hit added to the team.

Tebow’s deal is very incentive driven, and has a small base number. He’d be a much smarter choice to bring in and compete with Josh Freeman, although Mark Dominik and Greg Schiano may wish to avoid the ESPN three ring circus that comes with Tebow being in town. Either way, I believe it is safe to say the Buccaneers will not be bringing Mark Sanchez to town as a part of a deal for Darrelle Revis, and that they will also not let the decision to add a quarterback into the deal distract from their goal of completing a trade to bolster the cornerback position.

So what do you think, Buccaneer fans? Do either of the Jets QB’s interest you? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ken Boehlke

    Neither. Ever.

  • Bama Buc

    Wowww, a Revis/Tebow trade makes the Bucs relevant again to the point where they actually start selling out games again, hmmmm, something to think about!

  • finishers

    Maybe if you could get Sanchez
    To sign a new deal but I don’t really see the point.neither one seams very accurate?

  • Bryan Oxley

    YES!!! Tebow is a winner and has NEVER had a real chance for a complete season. If the Bucs want to sell more tickets and win bring in Tebow!

  • Daniel

    Take Tebow and leave Revis

  • jay26mc

    Bringing in Tebow as a backup along with Revis would finally fill the stadium. No more blackouts and bring in more money. It makes good sense to me.

  • Camilo Herrera

    I am in 100% agreement to bring both Revis as well as Tebow to Tampa! In terms of Revis we truly seem to not have many options left with all other real threat CB’s having already been signed, Revis is coming off ACL surgery and even after that he is still a shutdown CB. He will be a successful player in the Bucs system and as for the money, at least the guy is only a problem with that he wants to get paid as would anybody else and has never been a problem that involves criminal charges of any sort like Talib or suspensions like we had with Wright. Revis would become such an impact on the Tampa D that ownership as well as Buccaneer faithful would become forgiving towards the expensive price tag.

    As for that Q.B. that is a former Heisman Trophy winner and won two National Championships while At Florida which I understand is “college” football but also turned a 1-3 N.F.L. team around and won a playoff game vs the #1 ranked N.F.L defense at the period in time the question is Why not Bucs? Why not? Will the guy sell seats? Of coarse, Is he a good guy? Of Coarse, we all already know this and this should not be the reason why he should come to Tampa. He should be included in this trade because he will put pressure on Freeman and if Freeman truly is good enough to be an N.F.L. QB then he should have no problem being able to succeed he has all the weapons needed something neither Sanchez or Orton had. Also if he is needed not by a fan vote but by a coaches decision I do believe he can get it done, when he started in Denver everybody said that Spread Option would never work in the N.F.L. that the N.F.L offensive systems could never change to that style , well guess what the spread option has taken over the league since then. With him at Q.B. Doug Martin would be a 1,500 yard rusher behind that O-Line that would open up the passing game without a doubt. The guy wins everywhere he has been, and isn’t that what it’s all about? At $2.1 million WHY NOT BUCS? WHY NOT?

  • John Perry Thomas

    take Revis and great Floridian.Sanchez let him stay with his daddy Rex.

  • Xavier Molina

    The bucs should trade josh freeman for tebow and revis. The jets would almost definitely accept this and it would put Tebow back in his home state. A tebow and doug martin read option would be unstoppable

  • Xavier Molina

    I think i speak for all bucs fans here-
    The jets would definitely accept this trade proposal and it would put tebow back in his home state
    The read option with tebow and doug martin would be unstoppable
    not to mention it would seel tickets like no other
    also id like to compare josh freemans playoffs record with tim tebows

  • Big J

    Noooooooo give josh a chance tebow couldnt hit water if he fell out if a boat and mark is trash josh is great throwing the ball 20 to 30 times a game he isnt tom brady or manning he cant throw 50 to 60 times a game when we run we win