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Point Plank: Josh Freeman Is Content Because He Has Faith, Not Because He Has Doubts

As staff writer Ken pointed out, the job of the media over the summer in the NFL world is to get quotes to generate buzz and make controversy out of nothing. The Buccaneers already suffered from this earlier in the offseason when Greg Schiano “told reporters” that he was looking to start Mike Glennon over Josh Freeman, or at least that’s what was drawn from an innocent quote about inspiring competition across the team.

So why wouldn’t the Buccaneers keep the routine going, and have another prominent member of the franchise giving a quote that can be twisted and abused by the media? Josh Freeman did just that on local Tampa radio this week, telling the Ron and Ian show that he’d be “content” if he were to leave the Buccaneers next summer.

Or at least that’s what’s being quoted in convenient, social media sized bites of misinformation.

Here is the full quote, as posted to NFL.com’s Around the League:

“I’m excited about getting this year going,” Freeman told WDAE-FM. “It has nothing to do with … a contract year, finding out, oh, is he signed for this? What happened? I know God has got a plan for me, it’s all going to work out in the end.

“If I just give it the best I’ve got regardless … if I give it the best I’ve got and the Buccaneers say, ‘Ah, we don’t think he can play for us,’ at the end of the year and every other team in the NFL does and I end up wherever I end up doing whatever, I’ll be content because I’ll know I gave it the best I had.”

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This is not the proper venue to share religious beliefs, but if you subscribe to a religion or faith that worships or follows a deity that you believe has control of everything that happens, this kind of comment is much, much more metaphysical than just talking about depth charts and contracts. Josh Freeman is stating the same thing that many Americans say when they’re unsure about their future job situation. Job security isn’t up to the employee, because ultimately the status of Josh’s Buccaneers’ future is up to Mark Dominik and Greg Schiano.

Josh Freeman is confident that he’s going to give the Buccaneers his best effort in 2013, and I have every reason to believe him. Freeman gives a glimpse into his faith in these comments, but allow me to quote the wise philosopher Drake who once said “I’m the type to say a prayer, and then go get what I just prayed for.” In Freeman’s case, the starting job for the Buccaneers and a huge contract are a season away, and he can have all the faith he wants, but he also has the talent and skill to prove his own faith correct.

But I don’t see anything in this quote that implies Freeman wants to leave. I just see a young man who is confident that his life is about more than just being a football player. So in the media circus of the NFL offseason, don’t allow the clown with the big red nose to distract you from the actual talent on display. Josh Freeman has talent and he has confidence. He has to put those together on the field in 2013, so all of this offseason chatter proves to be nothing more than traffic for websites and ratings for TV shows.

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  • RussMillerWY

    Totally right. Of course, it could also happen that Schiano and Dominik decide they want to keep Freeman, but he is turned off by their vascillation and finds a team that truly values him more. That’s why it’s called free agency.

    • LeoTPP

      Indeed. But there is also the leverage of the franchise tag. And the fact that Josh may actually be quite happy in this situation after the following season.

      • RussMillerWY

        It’s possible that the franchise tag may exceed the cap room the Bucs have left next off-season, too. Yes, it is possible that Freeman will still be in a positive situation, but there will be other teams with greater admiration for him, more cap space, and a greater sense of desperation at QB. Average starter QB free agents are always welcomed into a sellers’ market, because even average young NFL quarterbacks with upside so rarely become available. Tennessee, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Arizona, Oakland, and maybe even New England and New Orleans will be competing with the Bucs for him.

        • LeoTPP

          Other guys can be cut and moved, if you want to keep a QB, you keep him. The Ravens were in the WORST KIND of cap hell when they brought back Flacco.

  • PINN

    No one forced Freeman to say anything of the like. It wasn’t a loaded question. This is one of the reasons why a lot of the BUCS fan base has little patience with Freeman nowadays.

    • LeoTPP

      What did he say wrong?

      • PINN

        Technically, he said nothing wrong. He just gave a quote that lends itself to criticism and questionable drive. The word “content” isn’t something most fans would endear when coming from a player that’s still needing to prove himself.

        • LeoTPP

          I agree, especially out of context. But he’s talking about his life, not his football career. I don’t have a problem with that. But none of the chatter over the offseason matters at all, he’ll only be as good as his play on the field, ultimately.

          • PINN

            Well, the piece about being content was actually about football as I read it. His overall image as a “Winner” was already in question by many. That quote just added fuel to the fire.