Apr 22, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano talks as cornerback Darrelle Revis (not pictured) is introduced at the press conference at One Buccaneer Place. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Schiano Tells Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Fans That The Team Needed Greg Schiano

On the same day he finally got his wish and ran incumbent starting quarterback Josh Freeman out of town, Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano revealed just how he feels about his role and his status with the Buccaneers.

During a breakfast meeting with suite ticket holders, Schiano dropped this nugget of insight into his mindset as the leader of the Buccaneers.

And why did the situation “need Greg Schiano?”


Referring to himself in third person? Referring to a departing coach who won a similar amount of games (Editor’s note: I did some bad math here, and corrected this statement. The sentiment remains the same.) as him through the same amount of games as a laughingstock?

This is out of control, and it has to end immediately.

If Raheem Morris had the franchise in the state of “laughingstock,” Schiano has it in the state of “object of burning hatred and distrust.” Fans and media members in Tampa Bay and across the nation have a generally negative perception of Schiano, and his comments to Bucs’ fans who pay a lot of money for the seats they sit in won’t help his image.

If Schiano truly believes he’s helped this franchise since he’s arrived, he’s sadly mistaken. He’s received a huge influx of talent over the last two seasons (although he says it’s impossible to load a roster in two seasons). And with that increase talent, he tripped and fell into a decent start to his first year.

Sep 8, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano looks on before the first half against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

But since the last part of his first season in Tampa Bay, he’s led a team that’s tied with Jacksonville for the worst record in the NFL over the last 10 weeks of play.  Compare the rosters in Tampa Bay and Jacksonville, and there should be absolutely no reason for those teams to be mentioned in the same breath.

So if Schiano’s job was to come in and simply “be better than Raheem Morris,” it’s arguable that he’s even reached that goal. Because Morris started just as strong (with less talent), and didn’t lose the locker room until later in his tenure.

And if you (the reader) believe that Schiano is doing okay because he’s not losing as badly as Raheem did, then you have very low standards, and you’re relying on moral victories. Moral victories are okay for a Big East school with a lower football budget than many bigger rivals and a lack of recent success.

But in the NFL, moral victories are meaningless. Head coaches should coach teams to victories, not to “improved performances compared to the last head coach.”

The Buccaneers removed half of the drama by releasing Josh Freeman. It’s time to remove the other half and fire Greg Schiano.

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  • Tiredofreadingyourstories

    Your posts make me dumber. You need to get behind the scenes more before ranting. Players will tell you that Schiano is better for them, better than party hard Raheem. Do you not have access to players?

    • LeoTPP

      No, I don’t have access to the players. Full disclosure.

      But I can watch a team that has lost 9 of 10 games, and with an absolute media circus going on around it, and tell you no one is better off than they were before he arrived.

      If you have specific examples, cite them.

  • chris

    Looks like Schiano is working very hard to be the next person to follow Freeman out the door. Nice work, jerk.

  • gdsampson2012

    “this situation needed Greg Schiano.”

    Greg Schiano doesn’t do what Greg Schiano does for Greg Schiano. Greg Schiano does what Greg Schiano does because Greg Schiano IS…Greg Schiano.

  • Centrale

    I’m not a Schiano fan either at this point, but you’re wrong that the team is worse at this point in his tenure than it was with Raheem. This season, if the Bucs scored just a few more points, they’d be 3-1. With Raheem, opponents were putting up 30-40 points regularly.

    • LeoTPP

      (Edit: I brain-lapsed and totally forgot about 2009. Regardless, Morris got the team to 10-6 in his second season, and showed improvement. Schiano has regressed.)

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  • tian Ly

    I’ve been a fan since 1979. Have seen a lot of bad in Tampa. But this is really bad. I am questioning my loyalty to this team for the first time in 35 years. With the MRSA scandell, mistreating Tynes, to the Freeman debacle, the management/coaching issues etc. I have never disliked a coach like I do Schiano. Arrogant, smug, selfish. Why did Talib leave? “Not a Buc man”. ??? He is an amazing CB. Blount is good too. Winslow??. All 3 have bitten him in the butt too.
    Tampa needs a new coach, period.

    • RussMillerWY

      Wow, we must be long lost twin brothers. I started watching NFL games that same year when I was nine and I’ve been a Bucs fan ever since. My feelings exactly, across the board on everything you just said. It’s like we’ve entered some kind of parallel universe where owners stand by and let their coaches burn their teams to the ground and run all their best players out of town. Truly, truly, historically Twilight Zone bizarre. This is the kinda stuff that’s supposed to happen to the Raiders and the Lions. Not our Bucs.

  • RussMillerWY

    I couldn’t agree more, and I wish more of the rank and file journalists would join you and stop pandering for the next public relations job that opens up at One Buc Place. Schiano is the kinda guy who trims trees by starting forest fires. Through the first four weeks of this year Aqib Talib is now tied for the league lead in interceptions. Legarette Blount has led the Pats in rushing for the past two games. Morris got the most out of a crew no one would give any credit to. Some of the players, like Tannard Jackson, let him down. Morris never let them down, though. With every press conference Rah had, I liked him more and more. If he had a problem with a player, like Brian Price, he confronted them, was straight with them, and got them back on track. Schiano schemes endlessly for how to get rid of every player he secretly despises. Even when they were 3-12 and heading into his last game I was still pulling for Rah. He couldn’t help the fact that the owners locked his team, a team with no experience and no pay, out of OTAs for months. The Rams, another young team that year who many picked to get into the playoffs, had the same kind of collapse the Bucs did. The lockout crippled them. Schiano, on the other hand, is just a self-aggrandizing, scapegoating, arrogant, transparently deceitful, narrow minded, condescending, stubborn, and downright stupid coach. He’s on the Lane Kiffin track to nowhere fast. Bucs fans should vote with their feet on Sundays. With games as painful to watch as the last 10 have been, that should be an easy decision to make.

  • Craig James

    This idiot can count his days as a NFL head coach as he will not be a head coach by the time the next season rolls around. Is there a more inept poor leader in the entire NFL who opens his mouth and inserts foot with such regularity, as this guy. Freeman wasn’t perfect but he was handled very poorly by this blowhard “college” coach.

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  • Jeff Röskens

    YES YES YES! I couldn’t have said it better myself! How does this jackass not trip over his GIANT BALLS?
    He may have the ownership fooled, he may have the GM fooled, he may even have a few ignorant fans fooled. But the majority of us who do not live in his reality distortion bubble are not fooled!

  • John Gruden

    Do it! Fire him!

  • Kyle


  • RepOurChiefs

    RepOurChiefs cant believe the nads on this guy. RepOurChiefs will do whats best for RepOurChiefs and scratch his eyes out for reading bout this jerk.

  • johnensch

    Schiano is a legend in his own mind.

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