Jan 3, 2014; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Clemson Tigers wide receiver Sammy Watkins (2) scores a touchdown in the first half of the 2014 Orange Bowl college football game against the Ohio State Buckeyes at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Why Drafting WR Sammy Watkins Would Be a Mistake for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished the 2013 season with the worst offense in the NFL, mainly due to possessing the worst passing attack in the league in terms of yards per game. Between the awful offensive scheme, dramatic quarterback switch and the failures at the wide receiver position, there were plenty of reasons for why the Buccaneers finished in the cellar in terms of throwing the football.

So with the NFL Draft approaching, it’s easy to pencil in an offensive weapon for the Buccaneers, because they need to upgrade their offense to return to relevance in the tough NFC South.

Because of this, a large portion of fans and media members have suggested that the Bucs will add Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins with the seventh pick of the NFL Draft. And while that seems to fit Jeff Tedford’s “speed in space” philosophy, I see it as a mistake and a waste.

Mike Glennon Can’t Use Three Great Receivers

Dec 29, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Mike Glennon (8) throws against the New Orleans Saints during the second half of a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints defeated the Buccaneers 42-17. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

During the 2013 season, one team stood out from the rest in the passing game, and they possessed a trio of excellent wide receivers who all had stellar seasons. It would be easy to point to this team as an example for the Buccaneers to follow, except that they have the greatest quarterback of all time under center.

Peyton Manning and the Broncos had a loaded wide receiver corps in 2013, but because they had Manning at quarterback, there were enough attempts, and completions, to go around. The same is not true about Mike Glennon.

Glennon missed open receivers on a regular basis in 2013, and unless the Buccaneers are willing to risk a first-round pick that he’ll instantly get over that weakness, Watkins would not be used to his greatest potential in Tampa Bay.

In fact, Glennon heavily targeted Vincent Jackson, ignoring the capable hands of Tim Wright on many occasions. The return of Mike Williams will be a test enough for Glennon’s decision-making and field reading ability, and adding a third dynamic option at receiver would likely result in one (or more) of the players being ignored by their limited quarterback.

Adding wide receivers to an otherwise lacking offense is a strategy used by the Raiders and Lions in recent history, while successful teams like the Seahawks, Saints and Patriots find unheralded contributors to round out their WR corps.

That’s not to say that the Buccaneers should ignore the third receiver position, but to spend a valuable pick in search of a third option for a questionable quarterback seems like a recipe for disaster.

Watkins Is Not a Lock to Be a Great NFL Player

Using the seventh pick on a wide receiver means that player has A.J. Green or Calvin Johnson upside. In watching Sammy Watkins, I don’t see it.

Yes, Sammy Watkins is incredibly fast, and unlike many other quick receivers, he actually has very good catching technique and strong hands. Watkins isn’t the type of guy to let the ball bounce off of his chest, because he’s snatching the ball from mid-air with his talented mitts.

But a majority of Watkins’ career at Clemson was spent catching screens, or running past helpless ACC defensive backs for big scores. In watching his tape, I saw very few plays where Watkins was called upon to make a contested catch, and on the few plays I did see where Watkins was challenged, his results were mixed at best.

In the NFL, the quick screen pass will only work until defenses press Watkins, unafraid of his speed due to equally quick defensive backs or well-placed safeties. And the unknown surrounding his ability to make a tough catch while being closely guarded means his reliability isn’t a given on crucial down and distance situations.

Watkins is therefore not a complete receiver yet, and is instead a potent mixture of potential and athleticism. I would have no problem adding Watkins later in the first round, but for the Buccaneers to take him in the top-10 in a relatively strong draft class means he’s a Pro Bowl player who will emerge alongside two other good receivers, and I don’t think that’s something anyone can say with confidence at this point.

The Buccaneers Have Two Very Good Receivers, Considering the Quarterback

Nov 17, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson (83) after scoring a touchdown in the third quarter as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Atlanta Falcons 41-28 at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

If I were any other team, I may consider Watkins in the top-10. He’s a terrific athlete, and if he does prove that he can make the tough catch, he has “bigger Percy Harvin” upside.

But the Buccaneers already have the talented and well-paid duo of Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams on the outside. And while neither of them have elite speed, they both possess a trait that is indispensable with a less than ideal quarterback like Mike Glennon.

Margin for error.

Both Jackson and Williams provide big, strong targets who can fight, leap and dive for the football. It’s true that neither player is going to catch a one-yard pass and run 90 yards for a score, but both are more likely to haul in a misplaced pass or leap for a poorly thrown back-shoulder fade.

Mike Glennon’s ball placement and accuracy are suspect, so having bigger, stronger receivers is a valuable asset. Glennon would have no trouble finding Watkins on a quick screen, but if Watkins is covered downfield, Glennon hasn’t shown the ability to throw an accurate ball on a “go” or “9″ route. That’s where Watkins wins, and that’s not where Glennon wins.

The quarterback is the most important position on the field, and if the quarterback has weaknesses, the team must cater to those.

The WR Class is Deep, and the Top of the Draft Holds Plenty of Options

There are so many options for the Buccaneers at wide receiver this offseason, that simply selecting Sammy Watkins because he’s a wide receiver doesn’t make sense.

The 2014 NFL Draft is loaded with options, including the good chance that a very good, first-round talent receiver will be available at the top of the second round. But even if the Buccaneers pass on receiver in the first two rounds, the fourth, fifth, and seventh rounds will feature capable receivers who will be able to step in to the slot right away.

The Bucs can also add a free agent to address their need for a slot receiver, to further increase the odds of getting the right guy to complete the offense.

Not only is wide receiver deep, but the top-10 of the draft will feature so many players that would provide upgrades to starters for the Buccaneers. Tackles Jake Matthews and Greg Robinson would represent long-term solutions at the left tackle spot, while pass rushers Jadeveon Clowney and Khalil Mack would give the Buccaneers a boost on defense and give Lovie Smith the quarterback pressure he wants. And obviously, quarterbacks Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater represent an upgrade from Mike Glennon, and may be available at seven despite the incredible amount of mock drafts saying otherwise.

And even if these players are all gone, a trade down to recoup the picks lost in the Darrelle Revis and Gabe Carimi trades while targeting a middle-of-the-first-round pass rusher, tight end, or offensive lineman would be a better use of the valuable seventh pick than adding a slot receiver and kick returner who isn’t guaranteed to be an elite player.

I understand that a lot of Buccaneer fans like the idea of Sammy Watkins, and I see the reasons why fans might fall in love with his prospects. But for the way the Buccaneers are constructed, there are better uses of the seventh pick in the draft.

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  • Rafael Alves Lima


  • daddyjax .

    this is the biggest load of b******* that I have seen on here and I have seen a lot of b******* come from here. Williams is going to continue to disappoint, Jackson can’t outrun a linebacker and there is no one other than Clowney that is worth taking at 7. he would make an immediate impact and continue to perform for many years to come

    • LeoTPP

      You provide no reason as to why Williams will disappoint, and no reason why Watkins will succeed. What’s your argument?

      Also, Jackson can, and does, outrun linebackers and defensive backs. Underrate him all you want.

      • daddyjax .

        Have you watched any bucs games? Jackson is a great receiver but has no top gear left. He is strong and can go get the ball but we have all watched him get ran down from behind by LB’s and safeties. Williams hasn’t done anything since his contract but try to draw flags. He half asses routs and rarely goes after balls. His off field antics are surfacing as well as his lack of work ethic and he never possessed any break away speed.

        • LeoTPP

          Not every player needs a top gear. Not every play needs to be a touchdown. Receivers with elite speed always have a drawback, each guy has their own skillset. Vincent is nearly un-defendable, so I’ll take that reliability over a guy who is fast but might not be able to make the kind of catches needed in the NFL.

          And Williams was hurt all season “after getting his contract.” That’s an awfully small sample size to judge by. And if “off the field antics” you mean being a rapper, then I’m guessing you thought Shaq and Deion Sanders lacked worth ethic, too?

          Breakaway speed isn’t a requirement in the NFL.

          • daddyjax .

            Every team needs to have a WR that can take the top off of a defense. A vertical threat. I am not trying to remove Jackson or replace him, just give the team a impact player that is going to help us win games and put points on the board.
            As far as off field I am referring to the many people I know in the hospitality industry along with callers on the radio talking about Williams partying and hanging out all night and then not showing for practice on time and being late for meetings and so on. This was talked about in an article on this website.

            “Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams was placed on the injured reserve in Week 9 with a hamstring injury, and he averaged just 36 receiving yards per game in the first season of a six-year, $40.25 million that was team-friendly but risky due to the length of the deal. The Pewter Report’s Scott Reynolds reports that the old Buccaneers regime of Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik- you know, not the most lenient- became frustrated with Williams for his partying. Reynolds states that he was also busy posting photos to his Instagram account and rapping, which may have contributed to the meetings and rehab sessions he missed.

            The Buccaneers fined Williams a total of $200,000 for being late or missing meetings and rehab sessions, and they viewed his antics as unprofessional. It will be interesting to see what Lovie Smith and Jason Licht think, since Schiano and Dominik obviously aren’t making the decisions anymore. I think Williams is safe, but the Buccaneers set up the contract wisely so that they could easily release Williams if he had a disappointing 2013 campaign. It would be unfair to cut him now, though, since he was only a disappointment due to his injury and shouldn’t be cut just for excessive partying.

            Smith has a reputation for working well with players, but there’s also a new regime in Tampa Bay that could be willing to cut ties with Williams and be more inclined to use a first-round pick on top-notch prospect Sammy Watkins. My belief is that Williams will most likely stay, but this report still gives us something to chew on even if the Schiano Order is mercifully out.

            What really struck me as odd was the part in Reynold’s piece that stated the Buccaneers under Schiano and Dominik were prepared to release Williams in favor of Rutgers product Kenny Britt, who is a much, much bigger headcase than Williams.”

          • LeoTPP

            “Along with callers on the radio.” Gotta love your sources. As long as Williams is still on the roster, everything I wrote about is my stance.

          • William R. Murray

            “Might not be able to make the kind of catches needed in the NFL”?? I
            guess you hadn’t seen Sammy’s career, the Combine, or Pro Day. Here we
            have the top receiver going into the draft and you’re wondering if he
            can catch a ball? Wow. #haternation

        • Joe

          He got injured right after the contact you idiot. He rarely goes after balls? Have you seen him bail out Josh Freeman’s bad throws many times. You sir are an idiot

          • daddyjax .

            So we are at name calling now? What are you twelve? In the past 3 years Williams is 3rd in the most dropped passes according to ProFootballFocus. As stated he is always looking for a flag after every incomplete where he half ass goes after a ball. His rookie year was a good one and I was excited but then it started to tail off. 2011 he had 3 TD’s and the buc’s led the league in dropped passes when he was the #1 WR. He is looking more like Micheal Clayton each year.

        • LeoTPP

          Yes, I’ve watched every Bucs game at least twice over the past two seasons. I won’t have a conversation with you if that’s how you choose to debate. You cursed about my article, talked down on it, and question whether I watch the game. That’s not the way to have a discussion about a topic.

        • 65yt

          William HASNT done anything, i agree. And I have not seen any speed out of either lately. But i havent seen many GOOD Offensive Plays either. The last OC sucked.

    • Jayson Kaplan

      You say “he would make an immediate impact and continue to perform for many years to come”

      Now tell me based on what? He’s a prospect. He’s never played a single NFL snap. There is absolutely nothing on his or anyone else’s college tape that shows them as a lock for NFL success. Despite your claims (which are not grounded in reality) Jackson and Williams are already successes in the NFL.

      As for Williams being a failure? I love how people will trash Freeman up one side and down the other and acknowledge that Glennon wasn’t all that great but still expect the WRs to put up Jerry Rice numbers.

      Only an imbecile wastes a #7 overall pick on a guy bound to be the #3 receiver.

      • daddyjax .

        He would be a #2 and then a #1 when Jackson retires. Williams does nothing any more but look for a flag. He got his contract and now wants to rap and party and has no work ethic and it shows on the field. Only an imbecile would pass up on a talent like Watkins given the chance at #7.

        • Jayson Kaplan

          Jackson is 31 and unlikely to be retiring until Watkins rookie contract would run out in which case the guarantee he would return here would be what exactly?

          As for Williams, show me a single example of where his interest in music “shows on the field.” Can you provide an actual example of is it all your subjective interpretation of a black man being lazy now that he has money?

          Yeah, I went there. Show me one legitimate example of Williams’ being a rapper affecting his play and I’ll apologize. Until then, you know what you are and so do I.

          • daddyjax .

            Wtf? If he was on time and didnt miss meetings and skip out on rehab while recording albums it wouldnt be an issue. I guess getting arrested is just ok too then huh? What do you mean “Until then, you know what you are and so do I.”? Why would you bring up race in this? Are you a racists? Are you an apologist? Do you go around jumping at the chance to try and stir a racial conflict where there is none?

          • Jayson Kaplan

            You know for a fact he missed meetings BECAUSE of the music or are you putting two and two together to get 22? You mention the arrests. That has what to do with the rap career or his abilities as a football player? But hey, go ahead and equate the two and still try to tell yourself it’s me that’s interjecting race into this.

          • daddyjax .

            It is you interjecting race and zeroing in on the rap career. Could care less what type of music or any other extra curricular activities a player makes. But doing it during the season and missing meetings and rehab and getting fined for it and still not changing your behavior and posting pics of yourself working on your music career at the same time, that shows that you care more about the music than football. You can hold on all you want to this idea that because of his race I am calling him out but it has everything to do with lack of dedication. When Gronk was out dancing on his busted ankle and partying it up it was headline news and he was crucified for it, but I guess that was because he was white.

            Btw, the arrest has nothing to do with rap music but has to go into question of character and into the reports of his off field issues.

      • Steven Eric Wynne

        Do you think a reciever who has the potential to be a better percy harvin is not worth a 7th overall pick?


    Have NO idea how Watkins will do in the NFL, nor do ddjax, Kaplan, Leo or anyone else. We also don’t have a clue how many 3 receiver sets the Bucs will use, how Tedford would use a guy like Watkins (or a similar player), what WR’s will get injured, etc. Do know that the guy is a talent and most think he will have a stellar career, though history shows there are no guarantees. Obviously think everyone should have an opinion on things, just think it should be an informed one. Don’t think this article qualifies, as there are WAY too many unknowns about the offense and roster at this point in time.

    • LeoTPP

      I think the article clearly states the things I am assuming about the offense (Glennon still being there, mainly) that allow a discussion about what the offense would look like.

      I’d say it’s more dangerous and uninformed to just assume a guy should have a good career because “most think” it. Groupthink doesn’t make an opinion informed. And note that only 1/4 of this article was discussing any potential weaknesses with Watkins, while 3/4 discuss issues with the Buccaneers (the wide receivers we already have and Mike Glennon,things unlikely to change under Tedford), along with a section discussing the facts and opinions based on them that I have about this offseason.

      I never claimed to know how good Sammy Watkins will be. I have questions about him, but those are simply questions. My bigger issue with drafting him has to do with team construction and questions about Glennon, who we have 13 games of tape on and know a lot about.

      • daddyjax .

        The reason I cant focus on the bucs offense is we havent seen it. All we know is Tedford is a recievers in space guy and likes to use multiple sets and spread it out along with a strong running game. Watkins is tailor made for that in my opinion. He shows alot of similarities to Fitzgerald with more speed.

        • Steve Batchelor

          My initial take on Watkins is he reminds me of Desean Jackson but with a more solid frame and with more upside…Tedford had Jackson at Cal so I can definitely see Tedford wanting Watkins here. Saw a vid today of Watkins training in Tampa for the combine…He’s got huge hands and was snaring balls out of thin air like he had stickem…Plus they did an interview with him and his attitude is he wants to succeed and be the best.

          • daddyjax .

            I think if you took Desean Jackson and Larry Fitzgerald you would get Sammy Watkins! How could you pass up on that?


        My main point is calling him a waste at 7 is a bit over-the-top, as we have no idea how he’ll pan out. And with Williams’ latest legal issue, never know what’s going to happen between now and August. While I wouldn’t pull what little hair I have left out if they drafted him, there are definitely other needs that need to be addressed as well. Do think there are a few guys in the draft besides Watkins, as well as FA, that could be productive in the slot as well. Wouldn’t mind/be surprised if the Bucs try and trade down and recoup a pick or two either. The things I’m most interested to see is what happens with the OL and what the team does at MLB (article? hint, hint). Curious how they’ll grade Foster and wouldn’t be surprised if competition is drafted.

        • LeoTPP

          It’s true that we have no idea, but we can make informed predictions. My informed prediction is that he’s not a lock to be a premier, number one guy. I know many disagree. That’s fine.

          And if Williams is let go, all bets are off. The Bucs would then badly need a young receiver with upside, as they’d be a Vincent Jackson retirement away from having no number one receiver (not that Williams would be a great number one, but he’d be something.)

          And I’ve mentioned the Mason Foster thing, but it’s so tough to know what Frazier and Lovie are going to do with this defense. I have predicted C.J. Mosley as the pick at 7 in the past, as that allows the Bucs to move Mason to SAM and have a better MIKE in Mosley. But if they’re able to adapt the defense to Mason, he’s still a solid starter in the NFL at his position.

          • JOHN SCHMIDT

            Really like Mosley as well, at this point though 7 seems a bit high for him. Lovie mentioned some guys by name on the roster that he has to make this defense run, but did say you need a special Mike as well without naming Foster. If they trade down definitely think Mosley would be an option. Jones or Shazier (if he adds some weight) might be a couple options as well. Not sure if Borland or Skoz have the speed/coverage skills Lovie/Frazier would ideally want. Someone similar to Urlacher with the ability to cover and hit might be a model to look for.

          • PINN

            I just worked with Mosley on an ESPN shoot. That guy is gonna be an intense player. He’s very much like Lavonte David in personna. Two like-minded guys playing LB for us would be an awesome feat. I told him to get comfortable being in Tampa. He smiled and said “Okay”.

          • Steve Batchelor

            Leo…Been reading everything I can find about Mosley and I’ll join your thinking that CJ would be nearly perfect for the “Mike” in Lovie’s D and would take the defense to another level I think…BUT…The only way I would want to see them draft CJ would be if they trade down and pick up a couple of picks, preferably a #2 and a #3. With those added picks we could get what we need for the offense…I can see it happening too, if one of the OT’s or even Watkins fall and someone like the Giants or Jets are in love with either of them or even Miami…Whatever we do we need to find more options for the offense or next year is going to look eerily like last year.

  • Ryan Hitson

    This is that story that you are gonna come back to when Watkins is a stud in the NFL.

    • LeoTPP

      I never said Watkins will be bad. Only one of the four points has to do with Watkins, and it’s simply questions I have about him.

    • William R. Murray

      Preach Ryan! I am certainly coming back to the writer on this one. It seems to me he doesn’t look much beyond a stat sheet and a few film clips.

  • Devon

    I feel like we don’t know what Watkins will turn out to be. I’m not gonna rule Glennon out just yet, we have to remember that he was a 3rd round pick and of course he’s gonna make mistakes so I didn’t expect him to be Peyton or Brady but he had the best season out of all the rookie QB’s and with the new OC (who coached up Aaron Rodgers) he can do nothing but help him. And if u have and weapon like Watkins that just spreads the defenses and they can’t just focus on VJax. I think Watkins can be like a Percy Harvin type player. And u can’t go wrong with that. Plus this the type of player that Tedford wants in his system, I wouldn’t mind having him or Cook from Oregon State on my team as a slot receiver……… And we also have to remember that our defense wasn’t the big problem, we just couldn’t score points to help out our D at times. That’s just my opinion

  • PINN

    I think the knock on Glennon’s accuracy is a bit overblown by a few too many BUCS blog writers. The kid can put the ball the receivers and lead them when need be. I’ve seen it. Every pass isn’t a “Hall Of Fame throw”, but he’s not continuously throwing balls behind players and making receivers become acrobats for simple completions. And to write as if we’re talking about a 3rd year player is a just a bit off, in my opinion. A rookie QB with a double-teamed #1WR and a rookie WR-turned-TE as his primary options being somewhat criticized for “missing” receivers is kinda funny. It was so rare that a 2nd receiver was open that I honestly can’t blame him for targeting anything other that the primary target for whichever terribly constructed route was open. Especially if/when the open receiver wasn’t past the first down marks. And Glennon was definitely seen going through his progressions and looking for options. That’s how he ended up dumping the ball off on so many checkdowns. Another overblown criticism. That’s play design..not QB limitation.

    I hope to see what Mike Glennon does with 3 capable WRs. And I agree that this is a deep WR draft class and that we don’t have to have Watkins at #7. But I don’t think he should be a scratch because the QB can’t properly utilize his capabilities. There’s really nothing to suggest that other than the Groupthink mentality that the current doesn’t throw the “perfect” pass on every single snap. And Glennon has NEVER had many options in the passing game. From NC State to his VERY FIRST YEAR in the NFL. So, we’ll see what he can actually do if/when he does get a stable group of WRs/TEs and an NFL playbook in front of him.
    ***both Williams(hamstring) and Jackson(ribs) were hurt during Glennon’s first few weeks as a starter

    • Steve Batchelor

      Great comment…I too believe everything you stated…Glennon with Watkins in the slot or even as the #2 would open up the offense. We don’t know what Tedford is going do though we have some idea from the comments he has made about “in space” being something we need. While drafting one of the top 2 OT’s would be a great option I keep wondering what happens when one of either Vjac or Williams are hurt again. Seems to me that Glennon and the offense will look exactly like it did last year.

      I am a firm believer that what Lovie has to do is fix the few minor problems on D in FA and fix the offense in the draft. There are only 2 WR’s that I think, or I should say slot receivers, can succeed and they are Watkins and Cooks. If Watkins is there at 7 we have to take him because I don’t believe Cooks will be there when we select in the 2nd.

      • PINN

        There are few WRs in this upcoming draft that may fit our slot needs: Herron(Wyoming), Gallon(Michigan),Montcrief(Ole Miss),Ward(Texas Tech)Saunders(Oklahoma)….
        there are options.

        • LeoTPP

          An incredible amount of options. Even more than the ones you listed. For a third receiver, they’d all be capable.

          • PINN

            Indeed. There a lots of options at WR in this draft. But there are only a few with the capability to challenge for the #1or #2 spot right away. Watkins, in my opinion is one of those guys.
            My thoughts on WR: your #3 should be capable of being your #2….and your #2 should be capable of being your #1. I don’t think Williams is capable of being a #1 at this stage of his career.

            **hoping we can get Brandon Coleman of RUTGERS***

          • LeoTPP

            Williams is not capable of being a #1. But I have my doubts that Watkins can, as well. I see a ton of speed, but speed doesn’t make a WR a #1. See DHB, among others, as proof.

            It will be interesting to see what they do. If they take Watkins, I’ll be excited to see what they do with him, but I can see it being something they may regret later, as well.

          • LeoTPP

            I should say a “great” number one. I’m sure he could be a number one, just not a great one, or even a very good one.

          • PINN

            Watkins looks pretty good running routes. At the very least, he’s on par with Mike Williams. It’s his running of routes together with his speed that makes him such a threat. Similar to Julio Jones. And Watkins shows a knack for taking contact and making plays after the catch. This is what separates him from many other WRs and makes him such an intriguing prospect.

        • Steve Batchelor

          Yes but how many of them have produced against top competition like Watkins and Cooks and also have the upside that Watkins and Cooks have. I’m not against drafting any of them in the later rounds but I think passing on Watkins in the first,if he is there, will be a big mistake because I don’t believe Cooks will be there in the 2nd when we select.

          Even after saying that I believe our best option would be to trade down and reacquire the picks we lost in the Revis and Carimi trades. If we can do that we could get one of the top TE’s, Ebron or Amaro, and still get one of the players you mentioned to man the slot. The problem there is I really can’t see any teams wanting our pick at 7 with this draft being so deep unless one of the teams are just so in love with one of guys that will be available.

          • PINN

            The need for OG and QBs are gonna make some teams desperate to jump.

          • Steve Batchelor

            I think you meant OT’s because I’d LMAO to see a team trade up to the #7 for a OG…but wouldn’t be too surprised to see Jerry Jones do it…lol

    • LeoTPP

      Go back and read my film breakdowns of Glennon, along with those at Bucs Nation. He missed plenty of receivers, especially Tim Wright. I watched the All-22 for every game, and I saw opportunities left on the field on a regular basis.

      It’s possible to evaluate his ability without a fully healthy team. Tape is tape. I encourage you to read those articles and see where Glennon fails.


        Agree Glennon is a work in progress, but definitely believe he has the ability to improve. Really anxious to see how he performs after working with Tedford and Arroyo. Still think the team grabs a vet in FA and drafts another QB as well. Think Brett Smith might be an interesting pickup in the later rounds.

        • PINN

          Damn right!!! Brett Smith would be my favourite pick of any of the QBs not named Bridgewater.

      • PINN

        I’ve read those articles where every weekend the author pointed out every throw that didn’t look like a highlight reel completion was a fault of the QB and evidence that he wasn’t an NFL caliber starter. There were compliments with a caveat sprinkled in, but overall they were just opinion pieces with selective stills that enforced their observations. Not knocking you or Gur, but access to All-22 film tape is comedically turning some into armchair Offensive coordinators and QB gurus.
        Every QB in this League or any other leaves opportunities left on the field. EVERY ONE of them. There’s only one football and more than one receiver(hopefully) and one set of eyes that matters. Mike Glennon definitely missed some opportunities to the ball to a receiver capable of making an offensive gain of some kind. But to suggest that he missed TD opportunities with regularity or he overthrew wide open receivers so often that it cost the Team victories is simply untrue. No matter how many bloggers write it or how many low level former BUCS tweet it. Mike Glennon, in my opinion, didn’t do much to jump of the stat sheets or blow you away, but he didn’t cost the Team by being unreliable or give the ball away at a disturbing rate that would make him a liability.
        And while it’s possible to evaluate Glennon’s ability without a fully healthy team, it’s not wise. You can evaluate every position on the football field with one-on-one opposition but the QB. Far too many variables with his dependency on protection, probability caused by play calling,route running/timing by receivers and receiver’s catching abilities. All of those factor into evaluating a QB fairly. You can only truly judge a QBs physical abilities and limitations as an individual.

      • Steve Batchelor

        Here’s the thing with that Leo…You’re criticizing a rookie that came in after the season started. No real time with the first team…No time to begin a rapport with any of the receivers except maybe VJac because for 1 they stank and for 2 they changed every game. Doesn’t know any of their tendencies when things break down or when they break off their route because of the coverage…I see where you and others might be down on Glennon because he didn’t win 12 games but the thing I see is that he had as good or even better stats than Peyton Manning or Tom Brady for the same amount of work and didn’t turn the ball over. I’m not saying Glennon is as good or even will be as good but for the body of work he demonstrated last year he seems the logical choice to be the starting QB. Whether or not he succeeds will br up to him, Tedford and getting him better options than just 1 WR, a rookie WR turned TE, an OL that doesn’t act like a turnstile and a competent and consistent ground game.

        • shane

          Wrong… after Williams got hurt all the receivers Glennon was working with on the 2bd team each gave their shot on the field. And also when defense s were playing us they would double even triple cover vhax and Glennon would still try to throw his way half the time underwood would be a decent pass away from a TD. Glennon never looked his way. He’s a poor man’s Stafford (who with out Calvin is trash)

          • Steve Batchelor

            No…You’re wrong…Underwood sucks and so did ever other WR put on the field by worthless Sciano…If everyone is covered which they always were seeing as how the turnstile of an OL gave Glennon 3 secs I would look for Vjac 99% of the time too…At least then there was chance of a completion. The only WR we had last year that would have even been on any other active roster in the NFL was Vincent Jackson and Wright wouldn’t have even been given a chance for any other team.

        • Tom Weissmann

          You’re kidding right? You did not just say Glennon did better than Brady or Manning this year? Your comment is void after saying something like that. You try to justify reasons why fans don’t like him while there is clear video evidence of his accuracy, or lack thereof. If he would’ve won 12 games, my stance wouldn’t change how I think of him as a QB if he had the same season. He’s a stronger-armed, slower, little more intelligent version of Freeman. He can stay in the building as long as he wants but he never really seemed to progress or regress. You would think he would be getting better as the games went along but he would get spanked with the same receiving core from the previous six games leading up to the final three. They got crushed in each one. You’ll probably at it was the defense’s fault but the funny thing is that the defense out performed the offense weekly all year. Who’s the guy leading the offense?

          • Steve Batchelor

            Obviously not this year…I was referring to Manning and Brady’s rookie seasons…Look, I know Glennon didn’t ball lights out but for the position he was forced into with Greg “Toe the Line” Schiano and the rest of his worthless staff plus 1 WR, a rookie WR playing TE…a turnstile for an OL and an inconsistent carousel at running back what did you and everyone else expect. For a rookie he didn’t turn the ball over which is a good indication that he has a brain on his shoulders. That’s 90% of what I look for in NFL QB. I don’t know what he did at NC State so I have no idea what he learned there in reading defenses but I believe he can get better.

            With the defense Lovie will put on the field and hopefully getting more and better options on the offense, Glennon will be fine. All he really needs is to be a game manager…ala Brad Johnson…Who wasn’t one of my favorite QB’s ever but was the winning QB for us in 2002.

            Where we are right now going into next season I don’t see any alternatives because we don’t need to draft a QB in this draft because we need to get more explosive options on both sides of the ball and if Glennon doesn’t work out, though I think he will, we can draft one next year when there should be a draft saturated with QB talent.

          • Tom Weissmann

            You are right. He didn’t turn the ball over but he held the offense back (32nd in passing yards/game) and to say Williams would’ve helped is just pure speculation. Just because he didn’t turn the ball over shouldn’t be his main skill. He was ineffective in keeping drives moving and while Brad Johnson had the same kind of talent, he was still able to drive the team down the field. And blaming his ineffectiveness on him being a rookie is just an excuse. Mike James was a sixth rounder last year and performed well in the two games he played behind the same line as well as castoff Bobby Rainey. I understand is two different positions but being a rookie really has no bearing on how they play. Nick Foles played great in limited time last year with less talent in his receivers than Tampa. I respect your opinion of what you think of Glennon but I just don’t share or see it. The worst for me in this is that he proves me wrong. The worst for you in this is that he stinks it up and it’s another double digit loss season in Tampa. We’re at a crossroads with this but I just don’t see him leading the Bucs to a super bowl which is what we both want. I hope he’s reading this to get extra motivation to play at a higher level meaning more consistent on third downs, not always forcing passes to V-Jax or Wright and building more confidence with the rest of his offense. Until then, I won’t completely agree with him as the starting QB.

          • Steve Batchelor

            I understand your opinion but can’t agree with a few of your statements…For 1…Are you trying to tell me that Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper and Brent Celek have less talent than anyone on the Bucs roster at receiver except Vjac…Oh please…That argument is way off…While I will admit Foles looked good against us he didn’t play all that great until this past year..

            James was damn good when he played but holding up a rookie running back to a rookie QB is preposterous…Running the ball isn’t any different going from college to the NFL but QB is entirely different. There are tons of RB’s that make a difference early…even ones drafted in the later rounds but not so with QB’s especially if the coaching staff puts the QB in bad situations with play calling and scheme.

            I guess I’m seeing pretty much worthless talent around Glennon last year except Jackson while everyone else seems to think he had all pros at every position…Not even close…I bet to wager that Brady and or Manning couldn’t have done all that much with what we had on offense…I know I’m exaggerating a little there but it’s the way I see it.

            So if not Glennon then what is your remedy at QB? Because if we don’t upgrade the offense around whomever starts at QB by drafting Watkins and maybe Seferian- Jenkins then we are setting the offense up to fail.

          • Tom Weissmann

            Which is why I said it’s not fair to compare rbs to QBs but you said he played behind a poor line and the line did fine blocking for the backs and would’ve done better had Glennon not been indecisive and holding on to the ball for as long as he did. Those guys fit for their offense. Put them in Tampa’s and they’re not that good. Put V-Jax or Williams in their offense and there’s not much of a drop off so yes, V-Jax is better than their Jackson and Williams is better than Cooper or Maclin. I don’t have a remedy but I had one in the draft last year: NOT DRAFTING HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE! I would’ve rather had Freeman start because they’d be in the same place with maybe more picks but at least he moved the ball. I’m not saying I want him as the QB but he got far more out of the offense than Glennon has since his first snap. There is no remedy this year but I’d want Mariota or Hundley rather than a few more years of Glennon. I think you’re putting blind faith into this guy when you probably did with Freeman too. He doesn’t have character issues, just an inability to lead a franchise issue.

          • Steve Batchelor

            I really think Freeman got the shaft from dumbass Schiano…Schiano was out to get Freeman from the start and I think it got to Josh’s head and he let it screw him up…Freeman was a good QB at one time and can be again under the right circumstances…I wasn’t happy when we drafted Glennon either…For one there were better options at QB still left in the draft and Glennon would have still been there in the 4th,5th or maybe even the 6th.I’d love to see Mariota here too…Great QB talent..Not sold on Hundley yet, though he would be a better option than Glennon.

            Maclin is better than Williams…easily…I have never really liked Williams…He reminds me too much of Michael Clayton.

            All we can do at this point is hope and pray that Tedford is as good of a QB guru as it seems and he can get the most out of Glennon or whomever Lovie and Tedford decide on just as long as it isn’t a high draft choice this year.

          • Steve Batchelor

            One other point…Brad Johnson had lots more experience with much more talent …Keyshawn,McCardell,Pittman,Dilger,Jurevicius,Alstott…A HC that actually knew what how to call plays and run a franchise…and one of the greatest defenses ever that scored 9 TD’s and always put the offense into favorable situations.

      • 65yt

        I recorded the games too. And you CAN see open Players on the field FURTHER down field. But is he being told who to throw to by Coach? Or is he just ah Rookie?

  • Nick White

    1000000% agree with daddyjax. he is a must grab at 7 if hes there and no clowney. Leo has no clue what hes talking about who cares if glennon doesnt need him? GLENNON ISNT THE FUTURE. this guy is a playmaker which we have 0! i repeat 0 of. This guy is the best reciever in the last couple years.

  • 65yt

    I like what ur saying Leo. I agree about them picking a wide out first. defense must be S*** hot before you can try to fix the Offense. Sorry, but Watkins hasnt proven to me and neither has Johnny Football. To Fix your Offense you need quality you have seen on tape. Cooper is getting cut, and Decker is probably gonne be free just to name a few WR whow are PROVEN. But the bucs gotta be able to get the Ball there. QB iz an issue.