Dec 22, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams defensive end Robert Quinn (94) sacks Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Mike Glennon (8) during the first half at the Edward Jones Dome. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Glennon Monday: Ranking the Buccaneers’ First-Year QB Against Current and Former Players

Mike Glennon is a really popular guy in the national media at the moment.

Earlier today, The Pewter Plank pointed out a quote from Matt Miller of Bleacher Report which stated that the first-year quarterback for the Buccaneers is still being evaluated. So with the quarterback’s future in the balance, let’s take a look at two evaluations of Glennon done by members of the media.

NFL 1000

The first evaluation comes from the very same Matt Miller of Bleacher Report, who as a part of the NFL 1000 series, ranked Glennon as the 18th best quarterback in the league. He cites good ball placement on underneath throws, sound decision-making, and strong arm strength and mechanics as the reasons behind his ranking.

Here at the Pewter Plank, we see things a bit differently on Glennon, questioning his arm strength, decision-making, and especially his ball placement. But Miller and the NFL 1000 team determined that he ranks ahead of promising young starters like Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill and Andy Dalton, so there’s certainly reason for optimism based on their evaluation.

Free agent quarterbacks Josh McCown, Kellen Clemens and Michael Vick ranked 22nd, 29th and 43rd, respectively.

Football Perspective

In direct contrast to the NFL 1000 scouting report on Glennon, we have Chase Stuart of Football Perspective, who provided a statistical look at Geno Smith and Mike Glennon using advanced metrics.

This section isn’t quite as favorable for Glennon as the one above.

Stuart points out that Glennon’s numbers were rather unconventional, as he finished with a very low Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt number due to poor per-completion and per-attempt averages.

But the most interesting part of this article are the comparisons that Stuart makes using a similarity score algorithm. Similarity scores scan through historical statistics to find the players most like a current player, to give an idea as to where the current player’s career may go.

For Glennon, the most similar player among successful, under-24 quarterbacks in recent history was Bruce Gradkowski in 2006 with the Buccaneers. If that wasn’t discouraging enough, the next players in line are Jeff George and Tim Couch with Blaine Gabbert not far behind.

So while Glennon’s 19:9 TD/INT ratio seems appealing, the underlying statistics don’t speak highly of the NC State product. Ken Anderson is the only quarterback with a remotely similar statistical profile to Glennon to achieve much success later in his career.

The jury is definitely still out on Mike Glennon, although there is reason for optimism. But as we’ve said all along, don’t be shocked if one or two new passers are added to the fold by the time training camp opens up.

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  • RussMillerWY

    One has to wonder how many of Glennon’s games Miller actually watched. I don’t recognize the qb he describes at all, although I have heard color commentators, watching Glennon play for the first time, who said similar hopeful but inaccuratd things when they feared fans might change the channel after the Bucs fell behind by multiple scores. Must be what the Bucs put in ttheir media guide, along with “has a devoted wife, two proud parents, and a dog named Hoagie.”

  • Steve Batchelor

    Leo…You really need to move on to other topics and get over your pessimistic worthless rants about Glennon…Seems lately there have been far more good things coming out of the media about Glennon then what you always have to say…When I first started reading your articles I liked them but now with your persistent pessimistic views which seems to be all you write lately I think I will view other sights and leave you to your pessimism…Oh…And I’ll be laughing at you when Glennon makes you eat your words.

    • LeoTPP

      Your opinion is just as valid as mine. What else is there to talk about? Quarterback is the most important position on the field. Your strong opinions on Glennon are as valid mine.

      The point of this article is that I disagree with most of the positive things about Glennon. By now, you know my thoughts on Glennon, so it’s safe to say we disagree. That’s fine. I don’t find it to be pessimistic though. I find it to be fair analysis about a player.

      I’m not dragging his name through the mud. I’ve even presented some positives about him. I just think this is a discussion that the media and fans are having, and it deserves more coverage. That’s all.

      • Steve Batchelor

        OK Leo…I get your point and I am not in love with the QB situation either but there are 21 other positions in the starting lineups plus 32 backups you can write articles about. There are just so many ways you can bring out Mike’s deficiencies and writing article after article in the same vein is getting tiresome…

        How about some articles about your takes on how Lovie will use Darelle…What you think about how Lovie can use Khalil Mack(as that seems to be a popular pick at 7, though I think it is a terrible selection)…How Lovie and Leslie are going to harness Goldson and his stupid decisions…What we are going to do at FS because it really seems to me that Goldson and Barron are more SS’s…Your take on drafting an OT(Matthews, preferably) and either trading Penn or releasing him and saving 8Mil on the Cap….Which by the way would allow us enough cap space to pursue Hardy…

        Look Leo…I like reading your articles but a little more diversity and an in-depth look at other things beside Glennon would make you a better reporter…

        I’ll repeat this one more time and you can mull it over because it’s my take on trying to erroneously critique Glennon…1 WR, a rookie WR playing TE…a turnstile for an OL, a very inconsistent RB situation….But the real thing to look at which is the nucleus of the problem…An IDIOT for a HC and an OC that never knew what he was doing.

        Do your readers proud Leo and give us articles on your take on the questions we want answered.

        • LeoTPP

          I write about plenty of other positions. All the time. But QB is the most important, and QB articles are the ones that stand out to you most, obviously.

          I don’t know how Lovie will use Revis, nor do I know how he’d potentially use Mack. I don’t like to speak on areas where I don’t consider myself to be informed. Lovie Smith was a Tampa 2 coach who shifted his views later in his career and started to present multiple defenses. But he took a year off, and could have decided to change any number of facets of his approach.

          I’ll get to discussing the safeties in the team review articles, I have almost certainly talked about taking an offensive lineman in the draft, and if not it’s been on Twitter and will eventually come to the site. I’ve almost certainly talked about Penn, as well, but that will come as a part of that team review article as well.

          I’m not a reporter. I’m a blogger. I have been hired to share my thoughts on the Bucs, not break news or pass along stories and tidbits of information. I try to do that, as well, so that a reader can get everything they need from this site, but my main job is to provide opinions and insight, rather than news.

          I’m fully aware of the circumstances for Glennon, and I’ve written that he could see improvement with Tedford (on multiple occasions). But I also have the utmost confidence in my evaluations of him despite the many factors you cite as being reasons for his struggles.

          The QB discussion will rage on all offseason, and as long as there’s new information to pass along, I’ll do so. I don’t feel like I’ve re-hashed anything I previously posted, and if I did, I kept it short and referred back to something I previously wrote. This article in particular presents work from two other writers, and I share my thoughts. Glennon was in the news, and I had opinions on it, so I passed them along.

          I appreciate your comments, but I have no intentions of stopping the commentary on Mike Glennon as long as I deem it to be a fresh take on the situation. QB isn’t going to come up again in the team review series, so at this point, I only have so much I can say about Glennon unless there is a headline or news story or narrative about him that I can build on. But if there’s something I feel is worthy of an article, it will be posted. This isn’t meant as a direct defiance to your opinion, but as my plan for how this site will operate. Most of my work is reactive to the conversations currently happening among Bucs fans. I don’t want to just ramble on about things that no one cares about. That doesn’t help me, nor does it help anyone else.

        • Tom Weissmann

          So you want to read an article on Gary Gibson, Anthony Gaitor or Andrew Economos? Maybe what Michael Koenen had for lunch? I agree with what Leo thinks of Glennon yet you mention in almost every draft comment section about drafting a slot receiver at number 7 when there are far more pressing needs. Cry about Glennon and how good he COULD or MAY BECOME but I can’t agree with someone who shows little knowledge of the sport from a management or coaching standpoint and grasping at straws on what YOU think will make the team better when you should be listening to what, say Leo or Lovie are saying because they’re more informed on this than you are. I’m still shaking my head about taking a no. 3 receiver at 7th overall and moving an all pro safety because he seems like a SS. Wow.

          • Steve Batchelor

            Do I believe everything I read…NO…So why should you or anyone else…I don’t believe Leo is any more informed then anyone who can read seeing as how all his articles are more or less rehashes of what someone else has said and his interpretations of said articles. Everything I have stated is the same thing, just things I have picked up by reading other blogs and articles. One such article stated that Goldson and Barron were both SS’s in theory and practice. Did I say we needed to move Goldson…No…It was just a thought provoking statement about our lack of a FS. As for Glennon…This metrics BS talked about in this article are just like everything else bandied about by Leo concerning Glennon. I’ll bet the metrics don’t take into account coaching, which Glennon had none of last year…At least any coaching that was NFL caliber…there are tons of other variables that would make the metrics thing not worth thinking about, but anything to bash Glennon seems pretty one sided. Do I think Glennon is the second coming of Joe Montana…Nope…Not even close but IMO there isn’t a QB in this draft that is an immediate upgrade either. As for drafting Watkins at 7, I believe would give the offense another dimension that they don’t have…SPEED…and an ability to make defenses game plan for him. Drafting one of the 2 top OT’s and jettsioning Penn and his 8Mil off the Cap would probably be a better way to go but if they aren’t there then Watkins is a no brainer as I don’t believe there is a better option.

          • Tom Weissmann

            I’m not believing everything I’m reading when I watch games and get conclusions from that. Coaching? You realize the best QB developer in college doesn’t believe he’s the answer? There’s a reason why the coaching and scouting staff met with Manziel and Bortles at the combine; they don’t believe in Glennon. When they don’t believe in him, neither should the fans and they are professionals who scout and develop these guys. I never did he was Montana nor need him to be the next one but he’s the one leading the worst passing offense in the league. I thought you said you don’t believe everything you read when you READ that Goldson was a SS. He’s played FS is entire career and basically plays centerfield meaning he plays pass coverage and gets lots of picks. Obviously he had a down year after two pro bowl years. Quick to dismiss him much? Many draft pundits believe either Robinson or Matthews will still be there but the only way I would want Watkins is if Williams is released by then. But if he isn’t then there’s no point in drafting him because that would mean he’s the new slot receiver or moving him to number two and paying $8 million a year to a slot receiver in Williams. It doesn’t matter if the offense has speed if it’s a run first offense which is likely the case with Lovie and Tedford (stating he loves having two or three backs like he did at Cal). The only three options for the spot if they don’t trade it are tackle, Mack or if Manziel or Bortles fall there. Receiver is deep in this draft so that can solidified either in free agency or in the later rounds, not 7th overall.

          • LeoTPP

            Very disappointing set of attacks to me and my work. I appreciate a bit of disagreement in the comments, but I don’t respect attacking my work because you don’t agree and are trying to make a point.

          • Tom Weissmann

            Absolutely. I sometimes have disagreements with some of your stances but I know you get your information before posting an article. It’s sad that instead of not reading the article, he has to belittle you for not believing his points. I, on the other hand, enjoy reading your articles and actually receiving an argument or agreement. This guy is pathetic so don’t mind what he says and keep doing your thing Leo.