Last Ditch Effort for 21-25 Players


Tonight’s final preseason game marks the last chance for around 21-25 members of the team to strut there stuff in front of head coach Jon Gruden and staff.  With rosters at 74 guys right now and a need to trim down to 53 by Saturday afternoon, this will be some guys last day in a Buccaneers uniform.  Pewter Plank takes a look at those guys here.

Inevitable Cuts

T Dennis Roland

LB Jerry Mackey

C Enoka Lucas

WR Chad Lucas

TE C.J. Leak

LB Leon Joe

CB Carlos Hendricks

TE Keith Heinrich

DT Darrell Cambell

DE Greg White

FB Bryan Storer

RB Lionel Gates

After those cuts the roster will be trimmed down to 62.  We will now look a little more in depth at the last 9 potential cuts and the last few guys who will possibly make the team, and rate there chances of making that 53 man roster.

CB Sammy Davis

     This guy looks pretty crappy if you ask me.  He was a high pick by the Chargers a few years ago but was subsequently released, and the Chargers are a team that needs some secondary help.  I don’t see how he can make the 53 man.

Chances of making team – 1 out of 10

T Chris Denman

Denman appears to be headed to the practice squad.  With the emergence of Donald Penn throughout camp and the preseason, and the versatility of such guys as Anthony Davis (who can play all 5 spots on the line) and Matt Lehr (all 3 interior spots), as well as the fact that Jeb Terry can no longer be placed on the practice squad due to years in the league, Denman appears to be the odd man out.  We took him in this years draft, so cutting him does not really appear to be an option.

Chances of making team – 2 out of 10

LS Andrew Economos

     Gruden is a coach that loves guys that can be a jack of all trades.  This guy is not one of them.  We brought him in primarily to be a long snapper and he is a good one.  The lack of being able to contribute in any other way though, will ultimately doom Andrew. 

Chance of making team – 3 out of 10

WR Chas Gessner

     Gessner is the Bucs WR version of Ernest Graham, except unlike Ernest Graham, he is not a top special teams player.  Gessner’s hands and route running abilities are not in question, but with the depth we have at WR, and the lack of being able to return the ball or contribute on special teams, it is going to be hard for Gessner to latch on with us.  I like the guy as a player, but he the same as Economos before him, he needs to be able to contribute elsewhere to be a factor on this team, and he doesn’t.

Chances of making team – 4 out of 10

CB Marcus Hamilton

This guy has been one of our better CB’s during camp, and has looked ok in the action he has received in the preseason thus far.  I think tonight will be a big stage for him if he is going to make the final team.  Ronde, Pbuc, BKel, have 3 spots locked up in the secondary, and Piscitelli, 23, Tanard Jackson and Will Allen would appear to have 4 more spots locked up.  Torrie Cox’s contributions on special teams make him tough to cut, even with a looming suspension.  For the Bucs to justify carrying that many DB’s Hamilton will have to shine in tonight’s game, not only on defense but on special teams.

Chances of making team – 6 out of 10

LB Adam Hayward

Hayward is another guy who looks bound for the practice squad.  We happen to just have too much depth at LB, and he hasn’t showed enough in camp or in the preseason to make the final cut.

Chances of making team – 3 out of 10

KR Mark Jones

     Gruden vowed that Jones would have to prove he was a capable KR as well as a PR and maybe show some signs of life on offense.  I have seen neither.  Galloway, Stovall, Hilliard, Warren and Clayton look like pretty solid candidates to make the team, and if we carry any extra guys at any position I believe it will be at CB and DL.  Jones is a capable PR but with no other real abilities I see tonight as his last chance to make the team. 

Chances of making team -5 out of 10

S Donte Nicholson

I personally was very happy when the Bucs picked Nicholson in the draft a few years back.  I have yet to see any signs from this guy that he is a capable 53 man roster player in the NFL.  With the drafting and inevitable roster spots given to Piscatelli and Tanard Jackson, Nicholsons days are numbered.

Chances of making team – 2 out of 10

T Donald Penn

     Gruden has been raving about this guy for a month.  He made a crucial error in last weeks game allowing Matt Roth to pick off a pass.  He is one of the true bubble guys we will see at this cut.  Tonight will be a true test for him.  I am torn to myself as to wether he makes the 53 man. 

Chances of making team – 7 out of 10

QB Chris Simms

     Bruce Allen resigned the injured sims with little liability to us salary cap wise if he were cut.  This might prove to be a prudent move as Simms has yet to show he has recovered from his injuries albeit mentally or physically.  Garcia, McCown and BruceG are locks to make the team so unless Gruden carries 4 QB’s to avoid a disaster like last year, Simms days in Tampa are numbered. 

Chances of making team – 4 out of 10

C John Wade

     There is one reason that Wade will make the team, if Buenning hasn’t proved to Gruden that he can make the transition to C.  Lehr seems like the perfect interior line backup, so if Buenning has made the transition smooth enough in Gruden’s eyes, Wade will be handed his pink slip in the next few days.  He is an average to below average Olinemen, but doesn’t fit the bullish gaurd style center that Gruden is seeking.

Chances of making team – 5 out of 10

CB Alan Zemaitis

     The Bucs had high hopes for Zemaitis after getting drafted out of Penn State last year.  He does not show the ability to play safety or cornerback at a high level, and that doesn’t bode well for him.  He lacks elite speed or elite coverage ability. 

Chances of making team – 3 out of 10