Game Preview




BJ Askew – Questionable

Jeff Garcia – Questionable

Kevin Carter – Questionable

Brian Kelly – Questionable


Pierre Thomas – Questionable

McKinley Boykin – Questionable

Key Matchup

Trainers’ table vs 4 of our Starters

Kevin Carter – 33 tackles, 3 sacks

BJ Askew – The most underated offseason acquisition for the Bucs. He is a far superior blocker to Mike Alstott, and run with that same possessed look in his eyes as he tries to run through people.

Brian Kelly – Would be responsible for covering Marques Colston, who has been stellar the past few weeks.

Jeff Garcia – I have said this already, we can not be a viable playoff team if Garcia is hurt.

I think that pretty much sums up our key matchup right there. If all of those guys don’t dress, we will have a long day.

Pregame Quick Hits

  • Tommorow is my birthday, and if God loves me, even just a little bit, Garcia will be healthy.
  • If you would have asked me two years ago, how much money it would take for me to say that last statement, I would have said at least a million dollars.
  • Our defense has looked inspired lately.
  • Is there any way that Tanard Jackson does not make the Pro Bowl.
  • Speaking of Jackson, and the safeties, too bad we drafted Piscatelli last year. JP and Tanard are sick. Our most consistent, fearsome unit on the field.
  • Josh Bidwell is on pace for the most inside 20 kicks of his career. He has allowed a measly 4 yards per return on his kicks.
  • Where has Ike Hilliard gone?
  • I hope tonight, I don’t see Cato June at the bar.
  • Since I just got my playoff invoice this morning, we need to win this game. Barring monkeys flying out of my ass upon passing out tonight, If we win tommorow, we win the division.
  • Colston scares me. At least 7 catches and 85+ yards in his last 5 games.
  • Ronder Barber set a team record with 32 career picks last week.
  • We should be able to dominate there running game with our dline. We have been playing 7 guys regularly lately.
  • Houston, Atlanta, San Fran, Carolina after this game………..We need to win, we won the SB with the same kind of hot streak to end the year, and a soft schedule does not hurt.
  • The offense has to be more productive this week, we can not expect the D to cause 6 turnovers every week.
  • If I have not mentioned this yet…

"Please god…..Please let Jeff play. Bruce Gradkowski made me want to vomit a little in my throat last week. You know, the kind where you mean to burp, but then kind of throw up, and your mouth tastes like shit. Jeff doesn’t make me do this God. If Gruden had to play Bruce last week, how crappy must McCown be. I need the playoffs God…..PLEASE!"

Game Previews




Haye on the potential to go up three games in the division:

"“Everyone knows that it’s a big game and we’re 3-0 in the division, we would love to be 4-0, especially playing the Saints on the road. It’s a very big game for us this week.”"

Hovan on the opportunity this week:

"“Huge opportunity, the Saints are coming back. They had a little bit of a slow start, but now their offense is really getting into rhythm. Drew Brees has really taken control of that offense, even with Deuce out, they still have Reggie Bush, but you really see Drew Brees taking over and really making the right calls for the offense.”"

DT Chris Hovan on getting QB Jeff Garcia to play:

"“If there is one guy that I really don’t have to talk to, it is Jeff. Jeff has proven it year in and year out on tape, and the guy is a warrior, I don’t need to say anything to him, and Jeff motivates himself. You are going to have to force him to sit out, he is a warrior.”"

QB Jeff Garcia on if any players have urged him to play:

"“Players are just concerned and they know that I am a tough player, that physically and mentally I am tough, and that they know that I must be in a little bit of pain if I am dragging around like I am right now. They are very supportive, they know how important it is for me to be out there, and I know how important it is for me to be out there. I am very supportive of this team, the players, and the other quarterbacks if they are given the opportunity to play. I want to be out there for these guys. I know that this is a big game for us, the team, and the city. I want to be out there helping this team with a football game. That is really where my emphasis is and just trying to get back where I can be able to help.”"

Garcia on his confidence level:

"“I feel really confident in our system, and what I have to do as far as running this system, and I will stay mentally on top. Obviously, you are affected as far as your timing is concerned, and just your flat out speed of the game. You are going to have to adjust in a different way, due to the fact that you haven’t had the reps in practice. I feel like because of all the experience that I do have, I will be able to adjust, that I would be able to take all the necessary steps in order to be prepared come Sunday if I feel good and ready to go.”"

Hilliard on Sean Taylor:

"“It breaks my heart, Sean lived down the street from me. It hits close to home, with me and the guys that played with him and knew him on a personal level. Security is what it is; you try to take care of yourself and your family. Sometimes you are just dealt a bad hand and we are all going to miss him. I send my love and prayers to his family.”"