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Sunday Camp Tidbits From Orlando

  • Funny story about Tanard Jackson.   Apparently, after celebrating a pass breakup near the sidelines, Jackson ran off the field with his arms raised and ran toward his next drill.  While continuing to run with his hands up, he fell and landed on his ass!  Take a peek at it, pretty funny stuff…since TJax is ok!
  • "“It was cool for a minute,” Jackson laughed later that afternoon. “The runaway was cool…until I slipped! I tried to play it off as best I could.”"

  • Rookie Aqib Talib intercepted two passes during practice today.  While that is a positive sign, the praise Ronde Barber subsequently heaped on him was more exciting to me. 
  • "“Aqib is definitely a different guy than me.  Physically, I think he’s ready to play.  When I came in I don’t know if I was necessarily ready to play.  His expectations are that he’ll play.  I think our expectation is that he’ll be able to play.  I think that was a little bit different for me, but I pass as much knowledge on as I can to Aqib.  I tell him about my struggles at the beginning.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but you know, it’s my experience and that’s how I share it with him.  Aqib will be fine.  He’s a talented player.  He’ll show up for us.”"

  • While not actually at camp because he’s at some junior college championship reunion (huh!), Carmella Garcia finally had something to say about the Brett Favre situation. 
  • "You know, I really can’t even think about it,” Garcia told reporter Josh Koehn of the Gilroy Dispatch Saturday night. “There are only certain things I can control and that’s really what I want to focus upon. I can’t control what’s being said in the media. I can’t control what upper management or what people are talking about or what they’re thinking about. All I know is that I have a job to do with Tampa."

  • Torrie Cox hurt his knee.  The main blogger at who attends minicamp (I think, if not the guy is well connected) says the injury could be serious.  I have yet to find a definitive piece of literature confirming or refuting this. 
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    Some quotes from Chuckie (obtained from

    "On the running game:“Well, we can run the ball in different backfield sets. We can run it from a one-back set with two tight ends, we can run it from a two-back set with two tight ends or we can have no tight ends. We’re getting a lot of guys in position to play, learn the system, but from a running back standpoint we’ve got some good backs. And we think we’ve got a tremendous fullback here, B.J. Askew. So we’re working our two-back running attack at times and we’re also working our single-back attack, and you have to practice that.” On Torrie Cox’s health:“Don’t know. He’s going to be evaluated here carefully in the next couple days. Whether he sprained his knee or it’s more than that, we’ll have to find out and get it to you as soon as we can. We’re looking into it and as soon as I get the information I’ll give it to you.” On Michael Clayton:“He looks really good. Mike looks good and we’re going to try to see those young guys string days together. Hopefully we can say this every day for 14, 15, 20 straight days, that they’re looking good. We want to try to keep them healthy and keep them rolling because they’re two young talented guys that are very physical.”"