Fan-Sided Fantasy Football League Pewter Plank Debut


In a highly anticipated event last night, 16 members of the


blogosphere got together for our very first fantasy football draft.  There were many trades leading up to the draft, but only one involving the team representing the Pewter Plank.  We sent the 8th and 72nd picks to our friend from


in return for the 2nd pick of the draft and their 7th round pick, number 98.

This league is very QB heavy as far as the points are concerned.  The top 8 players points wise for last season based on this scoring system were all QB’s.  It made my move up to number 2 an easy choice, and I had a very specific target at that spot.

Here are the Pewter Plank’s selections:

Round 1, Pick 2 – QB Tom Brady – Best QB in the league, in a QB weighted league, easy choice

Round 2, Pick 25 – WR Marques Colston – This offense should be explosive, and Colston is one of the best receivers in the game (I hate having him, but, it is fantasy)

Round 3, Pick 40 – WR Marvin Harrison  – Was looking for Houshmanzili, Andre Johnson, Roy Williams, Chad Johnson or Braylan Edwards, but all went in picks 27-39

Round 4, Pick 57 – TE Jason Witten – Best TE in the game, explosive offense, easy choice

Round 6, Pick 89 –

RB DeAngelo Williams

– I was catching a lot of heat for not taking a RB up to this point, but the value was just not there.  I would rather take the best TE in the game, than an average back who splits carries.  I have been big on Williams for two years now, and think he will finally have the chance to thrive with Deshaun Foster gone.  Jonathan Stewart went before Williams, which was baffling to me since he is hurt and a rookie.

Round 7, Pick 98 – RB Ricky Williams – A definite target for me in this draft, especially considering my lack of early round RB selections.  I have said it before, but I think Ricky is back and should have a good year for Parcells and the Phins.

Round 7, Pick 104 – WR Vincent Jackson Chris Johnson and Rashard Mendenhall were the two players who were on my Q for this pick, they went in picks 102 and 103….burn…I was scrambling, but took a player who showed enormous progress in the playoffs last year, and could be a valuable red zone target for Phillip Rivers, if either them are healthy!

Round 8, Pick 121 – RB Leon WashingtonThomas Jones was a definite target of mine in this draft, but he went before I was ready to take him.  The Jets have improved their line, and got some guy named Favre as their QB.  If Jones goes down (and even if he doesn’t) I expect Leon to get some carries.  More of an insurance pick at this point.

Round 9, Pick 136- D/ST Buccaneers Defense – A few D’s had come off the board, and I had to make this choice, we will be dominant on D.

Round 10, Pick 153 –

K Nate Kaeding

– Kind of the same situation as the D, a couple kickers had come off of the board and wanted to get my number one guy at the position.

Round 11, Pick 168 – RB Warrick Dunn – My run on backup/split time backs continues.

Round 12, Pick 185 – TE Dustin Keller – This guy has apparently looked great in Jets camp.  Chris Baker is average.  Favre and Keller could be a big redzone combo if the Jets are succesful.

Round 13, Pick 199 – RB Cadillac Williams – Even for someone who writes about the Bucs constantly, I do not know the status of the Caddy.  He says he feels good, Gruden says he has made amazing progress, but I had to take a gamble at this point in the draft.

Round 14, Pick 215 – WR Kevin Walter – Was kind of surprised this guy was still around.  This could be a decent sleeper team this season, and this guy caught 65 passes and starts. 

Round 15, Pick 229 – QB Kyle Boller – Needed a backup QB, although this spot will probably get modified once I know who starts for the Ravens or Bears, gross!!

 My first matchup is against Zach Best, the Fan-Sided mastermind and writer for ArrowheadAddict.  Let the shit talking begin!