Thoughts From Bucs v Jags

  • First and foremost, Jeff Garcia played like shit.  I do not how to put it more succintly than that.  I do not know whether his time off (injury and that ridiculous Junior College Reunion thing) has had anything to do with it or not, but I hope it has.  He was horrid. 
  • Brian Griese on the other hand was awesome.  He looked comfortable, fluid and in sync with the offense. 
  • Our running game was pretty paltry.  Michael Bennett looked solid, but Warrick Dunn and Ernest Graham got nothing going.   I don’t think this is a revelation to anyone, but Graham is sllllloooooowww. 
  • I love Jimmy Wilkerson.  The guy is a lock to make the team at this point.  He seemingly can play 3 spots on our defensive line, and play them all well.  Getting out of hell (Kansas City) and into some new scenery might have been the ticket. 
  • "“[Jimmy Wilkerson] had a great preseason and that makes me believe he can have a real good regular season. He’s a hard-working guy that can play inside and out. He’s really in the mix and he’s really firing a lot of people up in our organization.” – Jon Gruden"

  • Aqib Talib is going to be a STUD.  Guy looks like he will see plenty of time, and be a key contributor to this defense.  His deflection of a pass to Reggie Williams in the end zone was perfection.
  • Michael Clayton seems to have his swagger back after the big drop last week.  CRUCIAL PART OF OUR TEAMS’ SUCCESS THIS SEASON WILL BE CLAYTONS PRODUCTION.
  • "“We did go to Mike [Clayton] a lot. We tried to toss him a reverse on third-and-1. He made a big play in the end zone. I thought one ball got away from him. He’s a heck of a receiver and he’s going to be a big part of our football team.” – Jon Gruden"

  • The run blocking was horrid at the start of the game.  The Jags do have a freak of nature on the other side of the line in John Henderson, but we got dominated at the point of attack.
  • Anthony Davis looked horrible.  This guy used to be a starter for us, and now he looks incapable of being a backup offensive lineman. 
  • I said Elbert Mack’s name at least a few times to the people sitting around me in the stadium.  The guy understands how to tackle, and that should endear him with secondary coach Raheem Morris and DC Monte Kiffin.   He is making a strong case for being on the final 53.
  • "“Everybody talks about Elbert, I told [cornerback Aqib Talib, ‘What’s the deal, man?’ Aqib made some big plays against a fine receiver in Reggie Williams tonight. Elbert’s in the mix. He’s in the mix, and as we said earlier, it will be a tough call for us. He’s got some good film out there and I’m sure that there are people in the league that like him.” – Jon Gruden"

  • I’m glad to read today that Antoine Cash was released from the hospital.  That play was scary and I thought something very severe had just occured. 
  • Too bad we took Dexter Jackson.   We could have easily moved up in Round 2 as opposed to moving down and taken Desean Jackson (who looks studly) over Dexter.  Stephen Holder from the St Pete Times summed it up perfectly:
  • "I’m really starting to question the choice of Dexter Jackson myself. Here’s the thing: if he can’t help them at receiver right now, he better damn well be Devin Hester on special teams. So far, that is absolutely not the case. I’ll give him some time before making up my mind, but I have huge questions at the moment."

  • Matt Bryant missed another field goal…ring the freaking alarms, that was a chip shot.  We missed a playoff appearance once almost entirely because of a shit season by a kicker (Grammatica 2003), I hope that scenario doesn’t repeat itself. 
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