Thoughts From Bucs vs Texans

  • Chris Simms, you are garbage…You’re not a hostage, your’e just not a good football player anymore and we can’t trade you anymore.  Go away. 
  • I wasn’t sure why Michael Bennett was playing so much last night, it was one of my main questions throughout the game.  I think it assures Clifton Smith and Kenneth Darby not making the team. 
  • DEXTER JACKSON.  My man.  He took the criticism he had been receiving all week from numerous outlets, and showed us why we should shut the hell up.  I loved Gruden’s quote at halftime about him.
  • "“That guy is fast.” – Jon Gruden“I don’t know how fast he was running but it looked like Forrest Gump to me and we’re excited about it,” Gruden said. “You know he’s got a long way to go to figure everything out, the big picture, but he does have tremendous speed and a lot of talent and he’s very confident in what he is doing. That was huge tonight.” – Jon Gruden"

  • One return after Dexter takes his to the house, Michael Spurlock fumbled a punt, sealing his status….NOT GONNA MAKE IT. 
  • I know we were playing backups once again, but for the third time in 4 games, we truly dominated both lines of scrimmage.  Hats off to the coaching staff on both sides of the ball for a productive preseason and training camp.

  • Fellow reader Mike J’s boy Dre Moore, actually showed up and did something in a game.  I remember at least one QB pressure and a batted ball in the 2nd half of the game. 
  • I hope Sabby Piscatelli is ok.  Watching this guy storm up and down the sidelines pissed off after his injury shows you the passion he has for the game. 
  • What in earth’s name is wrong with Matt Bryant.  He missed two first half field goals, albeit one from 54, but the other was from freaking 36 yards.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we signed Jay Feely today to put some pressure on Matt Bryant to step up. 
  • "“I don’t know if I was disappointed or just shocked because Matt doesn’t miss field goals and I just feel it’s unbelievable, so I was shocked and I was disappointed,” Gruden said after the game. “But again, I was happy to see him bang those last three field goals through the uprights and hopefully that catapults him into another great season.” – Jon Gruden"

  • I definetly enjoyed the play of all 3 starting linebackers in last nights game, Geno Hayes, Adam Hayward and Quincy Black.  I’ve been saying since right after the draft I don’t know how Geno Hayes makes this team (and I don’t think hell pass through waivers), but he is going to be a solid football player for someone.  Black is definetely a lock and I think Hayward defintely has a spot as well. 
  • Guys Who Helped Their Cause

    1. Michael Bennett
    2. Kenneth Darby
    3. Dexter Jackson
    4. Ben Troupe
    5. Dan Buenning
    6. Patrick Chuckwurah
    7. Dre Moore
    8. Quincy Black
    9. Adam Heyward
    10. Geno Hayes
    11. Eugene Wilson